News Trends

Now a days the news coverages are mainly about the Notorious Criminals. Highlighting the crimes, with color photos of Criminals at the Main cover Pages of most of the Papers. The news spreads, the mechanism of news coverage, the publicity and mode of increasing the readers may be the new interest of modern ways of Journalism. The area of Forth Estate with most modern high definitions may compels the different news agents to compete in printing these. The logic of original life, the ways and approaches of a writer or a news editor may not at all against their ethics of profession. What they call it as a Newspaper may be differing in their activity as it bears no exclamation of what is important and good and what is not important and bad. The psychological facts which have a very high potential of being a social and responsible person in a society is limited by the surrounding and hearing supplied by the media agencies. If we think about a expert in a field of work, service or a subject, we must heard about a good index in that sense. The manner which guide us to reach that path may be from the experience or things we known before in our life. Some incidents, information, or any new about that particular thing may guide to that expert, because our mind has already recorded that corner as an approachable one. If we think about these type of pre planned set up of our mind the current affairs refereed in latest news papers are leading us to the dramatic tragic signs.

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