Earth Quake Hits in South India; world today news

News reports : A 6.1. Magnitude Earth Quake hits in Southern State of India. There are also some reports about the Earth quake hits at Japan also. Some reports says that the Earthquake hits at Chennai range 7.7. in the richer scale. The Earth quake hited in the areas of cost of Nickobar Island and Chennai. The Earth quake took place at Early morning on Sunday and people ran out in the places of Koyambedu, Santhome, Thiruvanmiyur and Chulaimedu regions. Apart from some damages to house and buildings, no other damages to life were reported yet. Like the Channai and Nickobar islands, some sides of Sri Lanka also felt some quakes.

Breaking News by Vasudev, Meenampakkam

Foot ball world cup song starts today : sports news report . . . . .

The foot ball fever starts today at South Africa. The biggest events which comes in every four years, the real charm of foot ball game, yes the world cup starts today. About 30 billion of the world population will be waiting to watch the kick off. The fans of the players has already placed their banners and flex boards with the wishes to their favourite teams. The warm up match between Japan and Zimbawe ends draw. . . . .

How the Bhopal Tragedy happened : News Report

The Bhopal gas tragedy held before 26 years causing death of several people and made many peeple affected with deceases like cancer. The tragedy occured due to the leakage of highly toxic methyl iso sinade. Later the investigation agencies fund that the lack of serious care by the officials of the union carbide company leads to the terrific massacre. The gas leakage take place in the Union Carbide pesticide company was due to the carelessness of the company authorities.

Bhopal tragedy memories

The tragedy of killing many innocent people due the carelessness of technical officials of Union Carbide company. The renaming people affected by the toxic methyl iso cynade. The people affected with non curable deceases striving to live with out any help from any agencies. Today the court has given bail to 7 of 8 Indian officials convicted. The tragic figure or the picture placed in India history can not be washed out .. . . . .

Pawar must lost the power

The recent news reports about the involvement the Union minister Sarat Pawar in IPL bidding, may loss his minister power. The latest news about Pawar's dealings with Vijay Mallya's United Spirits Ltd. Pawar' political outlook is burned. How a person dealing the spirit or alcohol can be continue as a minister ?. Pawar's involvement in the Baramathi grape Ltd. and Lap Finance, has came out with the news reports. The UPA Government and Sonia Gandhi must take initiatives to confirm the resignation of NCP leader Sarat Pawar.

Spend some for Green life ; World Environment Day

June 5 World Environment day. Let us live for some time to see the green remains in our earth. May it boosts our green life. world environment day is for observing the greenish life surround to us. Cleverly think to protect our environment. If we loose them it is sure that we all will lost our life too. Protect our plants trees and environment. Protect our self. Start with a pray for the remaining green the remaining love and affection protect them for our future. Keep these things for our followers. Today is World Environment day. Keep in mind we all need this environment. We must protect it otherwise we all may lost many things . . . Let the every coming days are Environment days for us. . . .

Pawar is the third wicket to fall in IPL game ?

The union minister Sarat Pavar is the third wicket to fall in the IPL game ? The first wicket fall was of Shasi Tharoor. The second wicket was of Lalith Modi. Is the third wicket is of Sarat Pavar the hon'ble union minister of India ? If the news about the involvement of Pawar' relatives in the IPL bidding surely make a wicket out. If the National level NCP leader fails to prove his innocence, The wicket fall of Sarat Pawap is a sure one.

Dalai Lama Tweeted - world today news

Dalai Lama Tweeted today- news - world today news

The most important thing is transforming our minds, for a new way of thinking, a new outlook: we should strive to develop a new inner world.

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