Delhi won by 67 runs in ipl match vs Rajasthan

Delhi Dare Devils made their 3rd best victory of 67 runs against the IPL T20 match with Rajasthan Royals

Ipl score DD vs RR

Dd 188/6 RR -121/10 DARE DEVILS WON BY 67 RUNS

Dd vs Rr ipl score

Dd 188/6 Rr 113/9 oves 16.2

Dd vs Rr ipl score

Dd 188/6 runs in 20 overs

Delhi vs Rajasthan ipl score

Dd - 168/5 runs 18 overs karthik on 61

Ipl score Dd vs Rr

Dd - 104/4 runs 13.4 overs

Delhi VS Rajasthan

Delhi Dare Devils -82/4 runs in 10.4 overs

Ipl score Delhi Vs Rajasthan

Dd- runs 72/4 in 9.2 overs

Delhi vs Rajasthan

Dd-52/3 6 overs ipl match DD vs RR

Ipl score CSK VS RCB

RCB -161/4 CSK won by 5 wickets in hand

Ipl score CSK vs RCB

RCB -161/4 CSK 142/3 RUNS OVERS 17.1 last wicket Dhoni

Ipl score CSK vs RCB

RCB- 161/4 CSK -136/2 OVERS 16

Ipl score CSK vs RCB

RCB-161/4 CSK-107/2 OVERS 12 last wicket vijay

Ipl score CSK vs RCB

RCB -161/4 CSK-89/1 OVERS 10 vijay on 64(34)

Ipl match CSK vs RCB

Rcb -161/4 CSK - 72/1 OVERS 8.2 vijay- 50(29)

IPL score - RCB vs CSK- new

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB -161/4 IN 20 OVERS CSK 68/1 runs over- 7.30 Hayden out vijay batting on 48

IPL score - RCB vs CSK

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB -161/4 CSK-54/0 OVERS-5.3 viyay on 43(22)

ipl score rcb 161/4 in 20

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB 161/4 IN 20 OVERS

ipl score rcb 132/4

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - 132 Runs Overs -18 Wickets- 4

ipl score- RCB vs CSK 4 wicket

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - 117 Runs Overs - 15.3 Wicket- 4. Bangalore lost 4 main batsman

ipl Bangalore vs Channai

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - 115 Runs Overs -14 Wicket- 2 kalis batting on 51 (42)

ipl score - RCB vs CSK

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - 97 Runs Overs -12.2 Wicket- 20 kalis bating on 44

rcb vs csk

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - 90 Runs Overs -11.2 Wicket-2

ipl score

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - 84 Runs Overs -10.1 Wicket- 2 kalis batting on 40

ipl score rcb vs csk

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 67 Overs - 9 Wicket- 2 kallis bating on 32 runs last wicket Uthappa

ipl score - live

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 64 Overs -8.2 Wicket- 2

ipl match

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 52 Overs -6 Wicket- 1

ipl score rcb vs csk

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 33 Overs -5 Wicket-1

ipl - rcb - csk

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 29 Overs -4.3 Wicket- 1 kalis bating on 23 (16)

ipl - rcb - csk

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 29 Overs -4.3 Wicket- 1 kalis bating on 23 (16)

ipl score

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 12 Overs -2.3 Wicket- 1

ipl score rcb vs csk

IPL score - RCB vs CSK RCB - Runs 11 overs -2 Wicket- 0

IPl score - Bangalore vs Chennai

Bangalore elected to bat first in the match agains Super Kungs of Channai

IPL Kerala Team

In the Indian Premier Leage a team for the Kerala the God's own country in a price of 1533 core. For last 2 IPL seasons it was a dream of every Keralits to get a IPL Team. By the efforts made by Film Director Priyadarsan, Actor Mohanlal, Union Minister Sasi Taroor Keralites are happy with the achivements of IPL Team. In the IPL season 4 matches the Team of Kochi will be makes steps of making the name of Kerala in the Cricket world too. It is now under discussion to appoint Srishanth as the Team Captain to Kerala IPL T20 Team. If the team can include and attract nationally and internally importance criketers, will be a competing Team like other IPL Teams. With the opportunities available for the team it is said to be a golden chance to the talended youth of Kerala. If more youngsters can do  hardwork for their matches with in the state and National matches, they will get more golden chances to be included in the Kerala Team. One included and played means suddenly can show their tallent in the internationally accepted game like IPL T20 matches.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik to settle at Dubai

Sania Mirza obtained Pakistan VISA. The family members of Malik are trying to get Indian VISA to attend the marriage function at Hyderabad. Reports says that about 20 persons from Malik's close relatives will come to Hyderabad. Malik is to arrange a grand reception at Dubai. Yesterday Malik scorded 90 runs from a Twenty 20 match. Sania called Malick over phone and congradulated him in his avhievement of 90 runs in 20 20 match.

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Ricky Martin revealed that he is Homosexual

The pop singer Ricky Martin said that he is homosexual person. Ricky Martin in his website revealed that he has been loving gays for last some years. He also said that due to fear of public he has kept secret the matter due to the advise of his boyfriends that the society may look down upon Ricky he revealed the truth. Pop singer Michael Jackso also was having sexual relationship with gays of his troup.

Sania mirza applied for Pakistan VISA

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza applied for Pakistan VISA. There was news about her marriage engagement and relationship with Pakistan cricket captain. The recent news about the marriage fixing or Sania Mirza with Pakistan Criket Captian was hit in the internet media. The reports says that the marriage of sania mirza with Malik may in the middle of April 2010.

There are possibilities for political comments to the sania's move.

Earthquake in Andaman and Orissa

Earthqake marked 6.9 in Andaman and in Orissa which marked 5.6. Reports says about 2 persons injury that

Mumbai won by 4 wickets ipl vs punjab

Mumbai Indians won the game by 4 wickets punjab 163/10 (20) Mumbai 164 /6 (19.3)


Punjab 163 / 10 (20) Munbai 164/6 (19.3) Mumbai Indians won by 4 wickets Congradulations mumbai indians. insuarance

Ipl score mumbai vs punjab

Panjab 163/10 (20) mumbai 134/5 (17.1 )

Punjab vs mumbai

Punjab - 163 mumbai 101 runs in 13.4 overs in loss of 3 w

Punjab vs mumbai

Punjab - 163 mumbai 101 runs in 13.4 overs in loss of 3 w

Punjab vs mumbai

Punjab - 163 mumbai 101 runs in 13.4 overs in loss of 3 w

Panjab vs Mumbai ipl score

Panjab 163 mumbai 91 runs in 11.4 overs 3 wickets

Panjab vs Mumbai ipl score

Panjab 163 mumbai 91 runs in 11.4 overs 3 wickets

Ipl score panjab vs mumbai

Panjab 163 mi- 84 in 10.1 overs 2 wickets sachin out Dhavan on 44

Ipl score panjab vs mumbai

Panjab scored 163 in 20 overs all out mi - 32 runs in 4.1 over no w

KIXP vs MI - IPL match

Panjab scored 92 runs in 11.2 overs for 4 wickets RR: 8.12

Marsh 43 (33)

Panjab vs Mumbai - ipl score

Panjab scored 88 runs in 10.3 overs for 2 wickets RR: 8.38

KIXP vs MI - ipl score

Panjab scored 88 runs in 10.3 overs for 2 wickets RR: 8.38

Kings IX Panjab VS Mumbai Indians - IPL score

KIXP scored 84 runs in 9.5 overs for a loss of 2 wicket  - IPL score -

ipl score - KIXP vs MI

KIXP scored 76 runs in 9 six overs for a loss of 2 wicket  - IPL score -
RR 8.44
Marsh 36 (26)
Jayawardane 13 (14)

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ipls score - KIXP vs MI

KIXP scored 59 runs in 7.5 six overs for a loss of 2 wicket  - IPL score -

IPL Score Kings IX Panjab Vs Mumbai Indians

KIXP scored 48 runs in 6 six overs for a loss of 2 wicket  - IPL score -

Marsh on 22 (18)
Jayavardane -1 (4)

2 wickets

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ipl match - Mumbai Indians Vs Kings IX Panjab

Today's Match of MI vs KIXP will be having a sense of quarter final match.  The matchs played with the Teams in IPL T20 is a very Good entertinements ever since.

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The players who inssure for the victory of todays match are Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvaraj, Harbhajan Singh .................

Pennagaram Election Result, Pennagaram bye Election Results

2010 Pennagaram Election Result, Pennagaram bye Election Resultsa announced. Pennagaram made a record of 84.95 percent polling. The name of the place mean as the City of ladies. Nagara of Penn. Penn means lady. Nagara means city. The Pennagaram by election comes with new record of polling

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Today is the Birth Day of Bhagavan Hanuman - Jay Bhajiranga Bali Keee

Today is the Birth Day of Bhagavan Hanuman - Jay Bhajiranga Bali Keee

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Sania mirza to marry Shoaib Malik

Indian tennis star Sania mirza to marry Pakistan Cricket captain Shoaib Malik. They were having relationship dr last 6 six months. Reports says that Malik s mother recently visited Hyderabad and met sania s parrents and finalised the marriage. The marriage will held in the month of April. Malik to host the marriage reception on April 16 or 17 at Karachi. Malik was having relationship with a Hyderabad girl named Ayesha Siddiqui during 2002. Sania earlier was about to got engaged with her Childhood friend a Hyderabad business student Sohrab Khan.

Ipl score dd vs kkr

Dd 177 in 20 overs 4 wicket warner 107

Ipl score dd vs kkr

Dd 135 for 3 w in 15 overs warner on 91

Ipl score dd vs kkr

Dd 135 for 3 w in 15 overs warner on 91

Ipl score dd vs kkr

Dd 128 for 3 w 14 overs

Ipl score Dd vs kkr

Dd 97 for 3 w in 11 overs

Ipl score delhi vs kolkatha

Dd 21 runs for 2 wickets in 2.1 overs

Ipl score Kolkatha vs Delhi

Delhi batting scored 9 from first over

Ipl score Kolkatha vs Delhi

Delhi batting

2 Suiside Bomb blasts in Mosco - 26 persons dead several injured

In Moscow two bomb balsted happened in subway system which was filled with passengers. About 26 persons were killed in the blast. Second blast held at Park Kultury station. The suicide bobers used plastic explosive belt and they blasted when the train door opened. The Mosco subway station is the busiest stations carrying arount 7 million passengers per day.


Samajvadi party leader Mohansing said that Jayabachan is just a show piece. Recetly Samajwadi party expelled Amarsingh group from the party membership. That time Amarsingh was making the statement that Jaya Bachan is with him. Amarsingh said that now he misses Jaya Bachan. Jaya bachan negelected that she mean in her said statement as she personally miss Amarsingh. Now the statement made on Jaya by the SP leader is very rude Jaya Bachan is a sitting MP of our country. Even her period ends in July at present she is a hon ble person of our country. The sentence made by the statesman is really rude Jaya Bachan is just a showpiece? What that leader mean by it ? All actors are just actors what it is mean by ? All political party leaders need votes of public. For getting votes they can play any type of drama till they get elected. The cheap research for how to get public acceptance as votes, they will utilise the fame of important personalities. By the findings
that the film stars have more public acceptance, the leaders will simply approach them. Is it the leader mean by the word showpiece to attract more voters with her fame. With this statement everybody will understand that who is the actor and who is the best actor. Even Jaya Bachan explained that she mean it by missing Amar Singh personally, why Mohan singh made such languages. Is it a way to say about a lady who is our sitting Member of parliament. Jaya Bachan is not a ordinary person. A sitting MP of Rajyasabha, famous film actress, she is from the most reputed family. I still remember her speech when she visited my school..

Ipl score mi vs dc

Mi won by 41 runs mi 173 dc 131

Ipl score mi vs dc

Mumbai scored 172 in 20 overs for 7 wickets Sachin out with 55 runs Harbhajan notout 49 from 17 balls

Ipl score mi vs dc

Mi loss 7 wicket 120 runs 17 overs sachin out 55

Ipl score rr vs csk

Rr won the match by 17 runs rr 177 for 8 csk 160 for loss of 6 wicket in 20 overs

Ipl score

Rr 177

Ipl score rr vs csk

Rr 177 csk 97 for 3 w in 13 overs

Ipl score rr vs csk

Rr 177 for 8 Csk 84 for 3 in 11 overs

Ipl score rr vs csk

Rr 177 for 8 Csk 84 for 3 in 11 overs

ipl score rr vs csk

Rr 177 csk lost 3 wickets scored 80 runs in 10 overs

Ipl score RR vs CSK

Rr 177 Csk 73 IN 8 OVERS 1 WICKET

Rr vs csk

Rr 177 for 8 w in 20 overs

Ipl score rr vs csk

Rr 174 for 8 w 19.4 overs

ipl score Rr vs Csk

RR 170 for 5 wickets 19 overs

ipl score Rr vs Csk

Rr 172 for 5 wickets 18.2 overs

Ipl score Rr vs Csk

rr 155- 4 ojha out for 80

ipl score RR VS CSK

Rr 150 in 17 overs 3 wicket ojha 78

IPL SCORE Rajasthan vs Chennai

RR scored 100 runs in 11 overs 2 w ojha 50

IPL SCORE Rajasthan vs Chennai

RR scored 100 runs in 11 overs a w ojha 50

Rajasthan vs Chennai

RR scored 86 runs in 9 overs with loss of 1 wicket ipl match vs Chennai

Rr vs Csk ipl match

Rajasthan Royals scored 68 runs in 7 overs. one wicket lost in IPL match with chennai

Rajasthan vs Chennai

Rr scored 49 r in 5 overs one wicket

Why every countries increase their weapons

why every nations increase their weapons day by fa ? If I ask this question to all it will be a real foolish question as I always use to ask. Do you think how long the earth will remains with its life, plants animals forests flower. One day all things in the earth may be distroyed. The earth itself may be vanished. Who started the way of fight dirt time ?. Why we fight. One day everybody will die once we born means we are supposed to die also. Everybody will die no every body must die if once we born. As said in a poem of William Shakespear fear no more when we all are died fear no more the heat of the sun.. . . .Why the human beings alone making weapons ? Is it due to fear ? The power of the countries are calculated according to the weapons the produced according to the number of missiles they have number of war ships they have according to the army strength any navy strength they have. Why the countries are giving more importance to their defence
systems spending more millions and trillions to increase their weapons. Is it all due to the fear about the death ?. If due to the fear of death more weapons are being invented what they will do after getting a life period for some more years ? Do they try to calculate the number of hungry deaths takesplace in their country do they open their eyes towards the poor striving fellows who dies in their nations due to hungry ? Do they try to cultivate food for themselves even ? No they will simply go for research to invent new weapons and missiles to kill more and more people. They compete to discover more weapons which kills more life. If one country spend money to discover more powerfull atom bombs the other countries will try to find another more powerfull one or will try to capture the technology. There are many horrible pictures and stories are hiding behind every bomb we created every missiles we have produced. We can relax that these weapons will not
be used in wars as at present there is no war now. But the horrible pictures and tragic explosions hiding behind these weapons high risky. We are not safe we all are with these much risks. If any terrorist groups gets its controls , if any frequsated military man operates it what will we do ? We must die if it exploded due any human or machine error. We all must die with the weapons created or constructed with our own money which we paid as tax. Go ahead all nations try to create more weapons so as possible. . . . Dig the grave for each and every persons who paid their own earnings as tax , the money even not spend to purchase a teddy bear to their dearest daughter. . . .

SBI Exam Results -

SBI Exam Results Announced - click here for more Details

Click here

Mahaveera Jayanthi

Today is Mahaveera Jayanthi. The birth day of Vardhamana Mahaveera who was the 24 th Theerthangara and founder of Jainism. Best wishes to all of you......

Sharukh Khan vs Prethy Zinda IPL MATCH

Sharukh won by 39 runs and Prethy Zinda loose

Kolkatha vs Panjab IPLmatch

Kkr scored 184 panjab scored only 145 runs in 20 overs a vitory of 39 runs to kkr sharukh khan won and prethy zinda lost

Kolkatha vs Panjab

Kkr loss 4 w

Kolkatha vs Panjab ipl score

Kkr 126 for 3 wickets in 15 overs ganguly out

Kkr vs panjab

Kkr lost 2 wickets and scored 75 runs from 10 overs

Kolkatha vs Panjab

Kkr scored 66 runs in 9 overs with loss of 2 wickets

Kkr vs panjab

Kkr lost one wicket and scored 29 in 3.2 overs

Professional courses will start in July- M A Baby

M.A. Baby the Kerala minister for education said that all professional courses will start in the month of Juyl after completing all the admission procedure by the month of June


I wish to ask you all that Doy have a heart? A loving heart? if the answer is yes, please keep loving..... And please give a little love to our earth, our nature, our atmosphere which keeps all of us alive with the air and water. Please observe Earth Hour 2010 with prayer to Earth and nature to give all its blessings of fresh air and fresh water to all of us and to our next generations. Please observe Earth Hour 2010 by making swich off all light from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Please be with us... To obseve .... To pray....To keep in mind... Please be in touch with our earth and our nature today so that The Earth and nature will keep in touch with all of us tomarrow........ Make sure that the tomarrow never die for all of us

Observation of Earth Hour 2010

Famous personalities including film stars, political leaders of all over the world are giving their own ways for the promotion and observation of earth hour 2010. All the campaign and promotion programes are related to make insure the preservation of our nature and our Earth for ower coming generation. We all must think about the current problems like global warming, skin cancer due the ultra violet rays from sun, sunburn cases deforestation etc. If the campaigns can make a strog feeling in the mind of whole humanity about our earth we live, the air we breath, water we drinks the earth hour we spend will be a great success. Warm regards to the film stars and great personalities who lead the campaigns and programs of Earth Hour 2010. It would be very effective if some campaign programs including painting competitions, essay writing etc can be conducted for students all over the world





Michael Jackson Used High whitening skin creams

High whitening skin creams were found at Michael Jakson's House by the investigating team. Earlier it was found that he has been using high quanity of drugs after finding many drugs stocks by the investigators.

After the investigators reveal about the catch of drugs and medicines like Hydroquinone and Benoquin, from Machael Jacson's room, there was reports that his father has filed petition against MJ's physician.

During the period of MJ's death, His sister and family members had moved with petitions as MJs was killed by his doctor. 

Most of MJs albums are highly selling recently after his death. Sony has done a new contract of about $245 billion dollors for some albums of MJs. Reports says there are so many collections of MJs yet to bring to the Music lovers.

Hot Kissing photos of Bilawal Butto - Pakisthan President's son

Hot Kissing photos of Bilawal Butto are in the net - Pakisthan President's son . Pakistan President's photos with cute sexy girls in a car caught by hidden cameras are in widely spresading through net


for details click here

Modi may appear before Special Investigation Team Today

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi may appear before the Special Investigation Team today. In the 2002 post godra riot case Modi must have to appear before the Investigation Team. Narendra Modi's layer Mahesh Jethmalani had said that he has agreed to apprear on 27th March. Earlier SIT had sommoned Modi to depose in connection with a complaint of Zakia Jaffery, widow of Eshan Jaffery, former Congress MP who was killed in the riot at Gulburg society with other 69 persons.

Ban of veil of Muslims in france

France to ban the veil of Muslims. There is at present 6 million muslims live in France. The new movement of ban on the veil may arise new protests agains the French Government

Save Electric Power, Save the World Be a part of Earth Hour 2010

Save the Electricity, Save the World Please Be the part of Earth Hour 2010

I am switching off - Are you?

Please switch off for the Planet

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DAV Board 8th Class Results Announced

DAV Board 8th Class Results Announced

Click here for DAV Board 8th Class Results Announced

A person with a vision of Non violence and stress free world - Ravi Sankar

A person with a vision of Non violence and stress free world - Ravi Sankar

click here for more detials

Gujarat University Results


Click here for Gujarat University Results

Anju Gupta Againist Advani

IPS officer Anju Gupta oposed against L.K Advani in Babari Msjid case

Dd vs Rr

Dd 148 for 9
Rr52 in 5 overs


Dd scored 148 runs RR reached 23 runs in 3.1 overs


Decan chargers scored 148 in 20 overs with loss of 9 wickets


Decan chargers scored 128 in 17 overs with 6 wicket loss

Dd vs RR

Decan chargers scored 108 in 15 overs against Rajasthan Royals in ipl match


Dc scored 57 runs in 6.2 overs with loss of 2 wickets run rate 9

Vinay Kumar, Karnataka Player is the new player in T20 world cup

Vinay Kumar Karnadaka player selected in the T20 world cup team Sreesanth out

T20 worldcup team- most of ipl players were avoided

In the new team for T20 world cup cricket, most of the ipl best players were avoided Gotham Gambir, Sewahg, Yuvaraj, Suresh Raina are the specialist batsmen. Sreesanth, R. P. Singh, irshant are out

Beware of Emails

Beware of emails you receive

Recently the emails regarding bulk fund transfer and lottery are more

All are fake and hackers options to lute money from innocent public persons

see this mail. If these type of emails are coming to your in box please don't respond. They will lute your money ............

I sent you emails but you did not reply. However, I have instructed my attorney, Kelvin walter to give you the 10 million pounds because doctor said I may not survive this final surgery. Call +447024053809 or email him on for help. Margie


Nagma will marry this year - End of all gossips

Famous south indian actress Nagma about to marry in this year. Recently Nagma was in new by entering into politics. Nagma as actress well shined in the Film Kadhalan with Prabhudeva. Her role with Action Hero Rajanikanth in the film Basha was very famous. Her film "Hey Hero " with Prjarajyam Leader Chiranjeevi was a mega hit in South India. Nagma was having good friendship with Sourav Ganguly the bangal criket Dada. Nagma recently said about her marriage that will takeplace in this year. The gossip stories aboug Acress Nagma and Sourav Gandhly and with Actor Ravi Kishan was in the media few time before. 

Jyothika sister of Nagma made her film life with the super hit film Khushi and became the favourite actor of Tamil Nadu. Tamil super Actor Surya married Jyothika after their super duper hit film Kakka Kakka.

Videocon Lanched GSM Mobile service

Videocon Company Lanched its GSM Mobile service in India. The Videocon become 13th Mobile service in India. Initially the company will start service in 100 cities.Videocon is targeting 100 million customers.

NID - National Institute of Design - Results

NID - National Institute of Design - Results- NID results 2010

Click here for NID

Click here

nid, NID

At Ghost House inn - Releasing Today

The third part of the film In Hariharnagar, At Ghost House inn is releasing today. The first part and the second part To Hariharnagar was super hits. The famouse qutation "Thomas Kuttiye Vittoda" is coming again with the film At Ghost House Inn

Maoist blow up the police station in Bihar

Maoist blow up the police station in Bihar. Repots says that many grouped and armed Maoists  gurrillas attacked the newly-built Bheldi Police Station of Bihar in Amnaur block late Wednesday night and started firing indiscriminately.

Audio Release of Film Kite at the End of March 2010

The Audio song Release of Film Kite at the End of March 2010

Canara Bank - Probationary Officers-

Recruitment of Probationary Clerks, Probationary Officers, Investment Officers [on contract] & Specialist Officers 

For details click here

Airtel to Launch Apple iPhones on Tommorrow onwards

Airtel to Launch Apple iPhones on Tommorrow onwards. The launcing of apple iPhones at the rate or 29,500 with 3G facility will be mark a new age of 3G phones

Living Together -The Hindu- A Jainulabdeen

The opinion of the Supreme Court reserving judgment on actress Kushboo's petition, that a man and a woman living together without getting married cannot be construed as an offense and that there is no law which prohibited a live-in relationship and pre-marital sex, comes as a bolt from the blue.  There may not be a law to prohibit pre-marital sex but it is a perceived and largely accepted and practiced moral norm in India.  Even western countries hold India's ethos in high esteem.  The court's opinion is sure to send wrong signals to young men and women.

It is not to late for the judges to reverse their opinion, taking into account the ground realities.

A. Jainulabdeen

Who is Joe Johns's Girlsfriend?

Somebody says that Kelly is the girl friend of Joe John.

Actress Yuvarani Denied the News of Relationship with Nithyananda

 Actress Yuvarani Denied the News of Relationship with Nithyananda. She had filed a case against the website which reported about the relationship between Actress Yuvarani and Swami Nithyananda. Some website reported that the actress present in the Sex vedio of Swami Nithyananda which was shown in a Tamil News Channel is Actress Yuvarani. Reports says that Yuvarani may come with a press conference to clear her statnd about the news.

Some reports says that Ranjitha who was supected as the lady shown in the vedio with Swami Nithyananda which was caught by a hidden camera was in a shooting set at Thrissur, Kerala  for 25 days.

Sree Rama Navami - Wishes to all - SMS Sree Rama Navami Wishes

Sree Rama Navami - Wishes to all - SMS Sree Rama Navami Wishes. The 24th March- The Birth date of Sree Rama Chandra, one of avatar of Mahavishnu celebrated as Sree Rama Navami. Sending Sree Rama Navami Wishing SMS

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Bus Accedent at Kottayam - 7 died and several people injured

Pazhangadi nead Kottayam, A passenger bus fall into a river. Seven persons died including two ladies. Reports stays that the number of dead may increase. During the rescue two ropes connected to the cranes were broken and damaged. A person named Rajan who escaped from the bus said that more persons may be be dead and trapped inside the bus. Electric shock occured during the Accedent when the bus hited in an Electric post and fall into the deep river.

2 dead and seven injured in Kolkatha Fire tragedy

2 dead and seven injured in Kolkatha Fire tragedy. Fire started from a lift of high stories building. Reports says that more people are in trouble.

Kings XI Panjab scored 30 runs in five overs- IPL - Pathan one fire

In IPL Match with Kings XI Panjab and Chennai Super Kings, First bating KXIP scored 30 runs in 5 over with a loss of one wicket. Pathan bating with 29 from 17 balls. Sangakara with zero run from 5 balls.

Decan Charges Beat Delhi Dare Devils by 10 runs

In IPL Match between Deccan Chargers and Delhi Dare Devils, Deccan Charges won the match of 10 runs.

The amazing bowling and fielding of Mathew Symonds made the victory. Dinesh Karthik made 46 runs for Delhi. In the final stage in which Delhi loss its major wickets. in the 19th Over Mathew Symonds took two wickets and bring the victory to Decan Charges.

Decan Chargers made 171 runs

Delhi only scored 161 in 20 overs.

New IPL Team for Kerala and Sahara

New IPL teams were allotted for Kerala State and Sahara Group. The news regarding the announcement of new teams will be made by Lalit Modi soon.

Rajasthan Royals Made 168 Runs in IPL Match

Rajasthan Royals made 168 runs in 20 over in the IPL Match against Kolkatha Night Riders.

Sehwag on File Delhi Dare Devils reach 63 for 1 in 6.3. overs

With the firing of Sehwang the Hero of Delhi Dare Devils reached 64 runs in 6.4 over Sehwag made his 50 with 22 balls in the Match against the Chennai Super Kings.

Justice Jasti Chelameswar - New Chief Justice of Kerala

Jasti Chelameswar become the new Chief Justice of Kerala High Court. Mr. J Chelameswar was serving a Chief Justice of the Guhati High Court. J Chelameswar aged 57 is a Physics Graduate from Layola College, Madras. He got Law degree from Andhra University, Visakha Pattanam in the year 1976. In 1995 he was posted as Additional Advocate General. He has also served as Additional Judge of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. In 2007 he was posted as the Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court.

Shri. Jasti Chelameswar is a simple person. His practice of wishing the cow (gomatha) after his asignment as Chief Justice of Kerala High Court was quite amazing to the people of Kerala

Husband Sold Wife for Rs.40,000/-

In Azad Nagar of Aurangabad a man named Irfan Mian sold his wife Rehna Beevi at Mumbai for Rs.40,000/- Where goes the Women fighter of India who apear with lip sticks and vanity bags in social clubs. Irfan Mian was a daily waged person who bring his wife to Mumbai telling that he has arranges some job for his wife Rehna Beevi. After reaching Mumbai Man left his wife in a home saying that he will come back with in few minutes. When the lady become desperate after a long waiting for her husband, known from the house owner that her husband had sold her for Rs.40,000/- The lady informed her family by phone. The family members came from Aurangabad and buy back by paying 40,000/- The Aurangabad police has registered case.

Few of such cases are bringing out by the media. Many of Rehna Beevies and Irfan Mians are keeping quite and mum in our Nation. Why these type of incidents takes place in our society where we live in most modern world and leading the life of advanced technologies. Is our cultural lag is widening more?.

Yuvaraj and Anchal Kumar in IPL Party - Bangalure

Yuvraj once again in the news about his new girl friend. The Hero Kings IX  Panjab Yuvraj and Anchal Kumar the Model and former gril friend of CEO appeared in the IPL party held at Bangalore. The party scenes made by the Star croketer and Sexy Model Anchal Kumar are the hot centers of Media. The IPL Party tossed for new Innnings Yuvraj VS Anchal Kumar............

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War at Firosha Kotla Stadium - IPL Match Delhi Dare Devils VS Mumbai Indians

The IPL Match with Delhi Dare Devils VS Mumbai Indians at Firosha Kotla Stadium, Delhi will be a War

A Real War

CSK made 164 runs with the support of Dhoni

In IPL Match against KKR in the Match No. 8,  CSK made 164 runs with the support of Dhoni

IPL Score - CSK Vs KKR - Mach No. 8 on 16.3.2010

Chennai Super Kings Made 59 runs with a loss of 3 wickets in 10 overs in the Mach against Kolkatha Knight Rigers

IPL Match CSK VS KKR Match No- 8 on 16.3.2010 Score

Kajol is the Best

In a voting poll conducted by as part of International Women's day programs 48.08 % of women have selected Kajol as their favorite daughter in law. Other eminent stars included in the persons were Aishwarya Rai, Gauri Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora, Twinkle Khanna and Kiran Rao

Sports Persons Honoured

Sports persons Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Abibav Bindra were felicitated in the award function organized by a Sports Magazing in Mumbai.

Sexy Genelia D'souza very beautiful Cosmopolitan

In the cover page of March issue 2010 Cosmopolitan Magazine, Genelia appeared very beautiful
She poss for the cover page photo wearing denim skirt and white colored wrist watch. The stylish lady was so charming with her lovely smile- simply and sexy

Big B said - Avatar Lost its soul

Amithabh Bachan the Bollywood king said the film Avatar losts its soul. Bachan was commenting about the Oscar Award details.

Rahul Mahajan Plans Honeymoon in Maldives

Recently Married Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly plans to spend their honeymoon in Maldives. Dimpy wants to make Rahul Mahajan a Politician

Kareena Kapoor for Pakistan

Kareena become the First Actress who shoot in Pakistan. Bollywood stylish lady recently shot for Pakistan's Fireguards Fashion Show. Kareena Kapoor sister of Karishma Kapoor made a record in this session. She become the first Indian Actress who has shot for Fashion House in Pakistan.

Joined for Study Yoga and came out with Sex vedio

Tamil Actress Ranjitha who was suspected lady with Nithyanada in the video caught by hidden camera kept in Nithyanada's Bed room was a regular visitor the Nithyanada's Ashrama. She used to visit Ashrama for studying Yoga.

Nithyananda's New Vedio

Swami Nithyananda whose sex videos telecast in TV Channles 

Media reported Swami Nithyananda'a new Video. A Private Tamil Channel Telecasted Ninthyananda's new video in which Nithyananda speaks about the recent sex scandal video which was telecast few days before in Sun News Channel. In the new video Nithyanada from an unknown place says that he had nothing done against the law. The issue of sex scandal case of Nithyananda hit very widely in the internet and other media. Nithyanada become the most searched person in the internet after his video has telecast and spread the news about it. The Tamil/ Malayalam film actress Ranjitha also called as Ragasudha. In the recent video Swami Nithyanada did not denied anything shown in the video. He told about hos thousands of devotees and their supports. But he said that he did nothing illegal. In the video uploaded in his organization website, he said that he and his organizations are facing many allegations. The police department of Chennai said that the issue took place at Bidadi which comes under Bangalore so the Bangalore police is responsible for arrest and tracing the hidden swami. The swami video is till super hit in the internet. The developer of swami Nithyanada video game Lenin Karuppa approached Police for protection for his life. The co actor Ranjitha is hiding. The is another reports that Actress Ranjitha attempted suicide due to the swami Nithyananda video game issue.

Nithyananda will Come back on 18

The Advocate of Nithyanada said that Swamijee is attending the Maha Kumba Mela with more than 4000 devotees. He also said that Nithyananda will Come back on 18. The Advocate had also claimed that the total story is manipulated. Some Reports says that the Sex scandal story of Swami Nithyananda was created by Some Politicians due to some depute with Swami Nithyananda over some lands.

Swami Nithyananda was Trapped by Ranjitha and Lenin Karuppa

Swami Nithyananda was Trapped by Ranjitha and Lenin Karuppa together. Swami Nithyananda' sex scandal video was created by the Actress Ranjitha and Lelin Karuppa. Leninin Karuppa was Nithyananda's devote. Actress Ranjith who got married by an Army man was divorced some years before. Due to the depression of divorce Ranjitha become a continuous visitor to Nithyananda's Ashramam. Reports says that Actress K. R. Vijayas Niece Sudha introduced Ranjitha to Swami Nithyananda. For last few years, the relationship between Ranjitha and Nithyananda become more closers and Ranjitha asked swami to marry her. But Nithyanada tried to avoid marrying Ranjitha by saying he will marry Ranjitha Later. But when Ranjitha understand that Nithyanada was cheating her and not going to marry her and does not like to share his crores of property to Ranjitha, She become more depressed and with the Help of Lenin Karupa decided to copy video of Swami with hidden camera. Ranjith Created the video using a hidden camera in order to black mail Swami Nithyananda. But when the Sun TV networks got the CD containing videos of Swami Nithyanada and Actress, They telecast as some of Tamil Politicians are against Swami Nithaynada in some land matters.

Women's Day Special - SP and RJD protested against passing Women's Bill

Women's Day Special - SP and RJD protested against passing Women's Bill. This is the forth time the Women's reservation Bills came for discussion in the Indian Parliament. First time it introduced in the September 16 1996 during the period of Deva Gouda Government. 

Last time the BJP Government tried to pass the Women's reservation Bill during their period. Today the Samajvadi Party (SP) and Rashtriya Janatha Dal (RJD) is against the bill. Subhash Yadav, Samajvadi Party MP lead the protest against the Women bill. Both the Samajvadi party and RJD MPs made ugly scene in the Rajayasabha against the Women's bill. The MPs through paper bits against the Chairman and disturbed the Chair person to lead the session.

Will Sonia Gandhi and her team will succeed in passing the women's bill today ?

Vidya Balan in Sari cost just Rs.650 ?

Viidya Balan in Sari cost just Rs.650. Recently in a fashon show, Divya Balan the most busiest Actress in Indian Cenema, appeared before camera wearing Handloom sari which cost just Rs.650. She become the the brand ambassador of Bangali Handloom Industry.
Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan again in news by her simplicity.

Samaj Vadi Party and RJD withdraw support to the UPA Government

Samaj Vadi Party and RJD withdraw support to the UPA Government. In the Indian Loksabha during the session while discussing about the Women's Reservation Bill SP and RJD opposed the Government in passing the women's reservation bill.Samajwadi Party (SP) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) opposed the Government in passing the Women Reservation Bill. SP & RJD disrupted the question hour in Rajya Sabha in implementation of Ranganath Mishra Commission Report on minority welfare, and it leads to the adjournment of the House till noon.

Distance from Phone Sex to The Oscar Award

Mo'Nique the Oscar Award Winner got eh best supporting actress revealed her painful life. Her willpower to become a star and get recognition like Oscar Award one of the the world most highest award Mon 'Nique traveled a painful ways in her life. She worked in Phone sex company as supervisor in the age of 23 as married and mother. The distance she traveled from Phone Sex to The Oscar Award winning is the most important news among the 82nd Oscar Award announcements.
 She starred on the UPN urban comedy The Parkers for five years and appeared in film Soul Plane and Phat Girlz

She had also worked with director of Precious Lee Daniels in his 2005 thriller- Shadowboxer

82 nd Oscar Awards Goes to

82nd Oscar Awards Announced

Six awards in Nine goes to "The Hurt Locker"

The Hurt Locler sweeps six oscar awards when the 82nd Oscar Awards were announced.Which included Sound mixing, film Editing, Original Screenplay Direction and Motion Picture.

82nd Oscar Award for Best Picture goes to The Hurt Locker

82nd Oscar Award for Best Director goes to: Kathryn Bigelow for the film The Hurt Locker and Kathryn Bigelow become the first woman ever got the oscar award for best director

                                                              Kathryn Bigelow

82nd Oscar Award for  Best Acress goes to: Sean Penn announces the winner of best actress. And it is Sandra Bullock for "The Blind side"

Sandra Bullock

82nd Oscar Award for the Best Actor is Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges

82nd Oscar Award for Best foreign language film is The Secret in their eyes

82nd Oscar Award for Best film editing goes to The Hurt Locker

82nd Oscar Award for Best Documentary Feature film goes to: The Cove

82nd Oscar Award for Best vsual effects goest to: Avatar

82nd Oscar Award for Best original score goes to: Michael Gachinao for "UP"

82nd Oscar Award for Best Cenematography goes to: Mauro Flore for the film Avatar

82nd Oscar Award for Best Sound Mixing goes to: Ray Beckett and Ottossan for the film The Hurt Locker

82nd Oscar Award for Best Sound Editing goes to: The Hurt Locker

82nd Oscar Award for Best costume design goes to: Sandy Powell for the film Young Victoria She got two oscar awards for the Aviator and Shakespeare in love With her award for the film The Yough Victoria she got total three oscar awards for costume design
Sandy Powell

82nd Oscar Award for Best Art Direction goes to Avatar

82nd Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actress won by Mo'Nique for her role in Precious

82nd Oscar Award for Best Adapted screenplay won by Precious. The film Precious was based on the novel Push written by Sapphire

82nd Oscar Award for Best Makeup goes to Srar Treck

82nd Oscar Award for Best Short film goes to Joachim Back and Tivi Magusson for the film The new Tenants

82nd Oscar Award for Best Short Documentary film goes to Music by Predence

82nd Oscar Award for Best Animated short film goes to Logorama which was a 16 minute film made by efforts of 16 years.

82nd Oscar Award for Best Original Screenplay: The Hurt Locker

82nd Oscar Award for Best original song: The weary kind, the Theam from Crazy Heart

82nd Oscar Award for Best Animated film: Up

82nd Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz for the film Inglourious Basterds

Where is Swamy Nithyananda

In the sex video case of Swamy Nithyananda Chennai police had registered several case against the Godman.  A person employed in the Swami Nithyananda's Ashram named Lenin seek Police protection. Reports says that a person named Lenin who leaked the video to sun News, had handed over more DVDs which includes  Swami Nithyananda's Video games with several ladies. The reports says that the telecast video was caught in a hidden camera at Bidadi Ashram near Bangalore Karnataka. As the person who had leaked the video tapes had handed over more DVDs with more videos of Swami Nithyananda, the investigation officials may arrest Nithyananda soon. According to the Police department, Lenin was employed in the Nithyanada's Ashram doing Technical duties in recording Swami Nithyananda's speech to issue and sale to the devotees. Lenin said to police that he had leaked the video of Nithyananda's sexual acts who has been cheating the public and innocent woman devotees. 

Meanwhile Nithyananda is missing after the reports of his video games with ladies. Nithyananda's Advocate said that Swami is now attending the Kumabamela

Rape victim can choose to Marry the Rapist

Chief Justice of India Justice K.G.Balakrishnan said that Judges, lawyers and social activists should give due regard to the wishes of the rape victim if the victim chooses to marry the rapist or a baby conceived from the Rape.

Justice K. G. Balakrishnan, Chief justice of Indian Supreme Court also said that Judges, lawers and social activists should also ensure that they do not take an overtly paternalist approach when they have to make decisions for the welfare of rape victims.

Chief Justice made his statements while address in a  seminar.

In a Seminar on Access to Justice, relief and rehabilitation of Rape victims which was organized by Ministry of women and child development as part of International Woman's day programmer,the Chief Justice added that Due Regard must be given to their personal autonomy since in some cases the victim may choose to marry the perpetrator or choose to give birth to a child conceived through forced intercourse.

Veerappa Moili, Hon'ble Union Minister & Krishna Hon'ble Union minister for State women and child development were also addressed the participants of the Seminar.

Bigb will be the Brand Ambassador to Kerala Tourism

Bigb in Kerala address the Kerela People 
Amitabh Bachan during his visit to Kerala expressed his willingness to become the Brand Ambassador to Kerala Tourism. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan the Minister for Tourism had send a letter to Amitabh Bachan requesting Bigb to become the Brand Ambassador to Kerala Tourism Department, Government of Kerala Bigb will be the Brand Ambassador to Kerala Tourism.

Surprising Climax to Balika Vadhu

Avika Gor, the surprising girl acted in the Balika Vadhu about to act in big projects like Sasi Kapoor's Padhasala, may not continue in the Balika Vadhu. The views may expect a Surprising Climax to Balika Vadhu soon as she died or something else. The fans of Balika Vadhu may get sad to see the sudden climax due to the quitting of charming girl from the Balika Vadhu Project.

Is Nithyanada Swami was Trapped?

Reports says that the video of Swami Nithyananda with a film actress was created and popularized by telecasting in a TV Channel by Power politicians. There were so many reports which says about the deputes of Swami Nithyananda and popular Tamil Politicians. How the self proclaimed Swami Nithyananda caught in the video?. What the role of Actress in the Video Game? who is suspected as famanout Tamil/ Malayalam film actress Ranjitha. Who made the Swami Video Game? Most of the devotees of Sami Nithyananda is in the opinion that the video is manipulated with morphing. Some of persons says that the Swami Nithyanada is trapped by some Tamil political leaders due to their depute with Swami in some land matters. At Bidadi Ashram near to Bangalore there were several issues and deputes with local leaders and land mafia to Swami Nithyananda.

Recent reports says that, Ranjitha who is suspected as the lady in the video caught with Swami Nithyanada attempted suicide. Some reports says that Ranjitha had made the video with swami Nithaynanda with hidden camera. At the end of the video clip shown in the TV Channel, when Nithyanada tries to switch off the light the lady do not allow to switch off the light it means, the lady herself may be knowing the camera kept in the room or she may kept the camera. 

Few reports says that the sun TV is keeping more videos of Swami Nithayananda which may be telecast in the channel or handed over to the Government for further investigation in the case.

Raid in Swmai Nithyananda's Ashramam - illegally stored Sandalwood found

After the video tape issue of Swami Nithyananda with a Film actress, there was strong protests from the public side to arrest Swami Nithyananda. The sun TV news telecast the video tape of Sami Nithyananda in which the so called god-man doing hot kisses with a lady in the bed who is suspected a Film actress Ranjitha. In the video the Swami kisses the actress in his bed and massages at her body. After the incident of telecast of the video in the popular TV Channel news, several protesters destroyed different ashramas of Nithyananda. At Bidadi Ashram near to Bangalore the Forest Officials raided under the Leadership of DFO Geethanjali and caught several materials illegally kept in the Ashram. There was complaints that the Ashrama at Bidadi about the Forest Act violations. The forest officials raided the ashram and catch Sandalwood, snake etc kept illegally. Some persons were arrested from the Ashrama and a case is registered under Forest Act. The Officials said that the sandal wood kept illegally in the ashrama may be stolen or got from the poachers.

Ranjitha Suspected Actress in Swami NIthyananda sex tape attempts suicide

The Tamil/ Malayalam Film actress Ranjitha who is suspected in the bedroom video caught in a hidden camera with Swami Nithyananda attempted suicide.

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Swami Nithyananda in Kumbamela

Swami Nithyananda whose video with a popular film actress caught in a hidden camera and telecaster by the Tamil TV Channel Sun News is now attending the Kumbamela. The Advocate of Samy Nithyananda said that Swami is now attending the Kumbamela. Most of Ashramas of Swami Nithyananda of Pondichery, Coimbathor, Chennai were destroyed by the public. The devotees of Nithyananda were in the opinion that the vedios shown in TV Channels were manupulated with morphing. There is case registered in this matter. The Tamil Nadu Government and Police Department has given protection to the Ashramas of Nithyanada. The suspected actress who was shown in the video with Swami Nithyananda in his bed doing hot kisses with him, is popular Tamil/ Malayalam Film Actress Ranjitha. She is also know as Ragaprada. Reports says that Actress Ranjitha  got Married recently and due to some family problems, she is a regular visitor to Swami Nithyananda's ashrma.

Some reports says that Ranjitha herself had recorded the video with hidden camera to blackmail Nithayananda.

Indian Businessman G.P Birla Died

Indian Automobile Industry Businessman G.P Birla Died at his home. He was 86 year old and was ill for last few days

Ram Janki temple tragedy - About 50 persons Died

The number of dead increased about to 50 in the tragedy held at Ram Janki temple in Paratapgarh District of Uthar Pradesh Brij Lal, Additional Director General of Police said about 48-50 people have been killed in the tragedy in Mangarh area of Kunda town, about 180 km from New Delhi. The stampede occurred after the main gate of the temple collapsed. More than 30 people are reported to be trapped in the debris.It is said that most of the people taped in the tragedy are Women and Children. Police force and Voluntary organizations are engaged in the relief activities.

Swami Nithyanand'a Sex Vedio with Ranjitha

Actress Renjitha also called as Ragasudha in Tamil

News Reports revealed that the Tamil actress caught in a hidden Camera at Swami Nithyananda Paramahamsa's Bed Room. The video shows two session one which a lady wearing silk saree and giving foreign liqueur to Swami Nithyananda. It includes hot kissing session with the Nithyananda Swami. The second scene includes a lady wearing White Churidhar. The lady lying with Nithananda Swami and doing hot kiss and doing sexy hugs in bed and rolling together in the bed. Then the light offs. The video also includes try of  Nithyananda to switch of the light then the lady not allowing Swami to switch off the light. The followers of the Swami Nithyananda have gone for a compliant to Police Department claiming that the video is manipulated with morphing. The Ashrama branches of Swami NIthyananda were destroyed by the public yesterday after the telecasting his bed scenes with Actress. Many of the reports says that the Lady shown in the video is similar to Film / Tele Serial Acress Ranjitha / Ragasudha.

Swami Nithayanantha Sex Vedio with Ranjitha

Reports says that the sex vedio of Swami Nithyananda with a Tamil Film/ Serial actress shown in TV Channels yesterday is of Famous Tamil Film/ Tele Serial Actress Ranjitha

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For vedios of Swami Nithyanantha with Ranjitha

Swami Nithyananda's sex video with Film actress

Tamil Channed telecast sex video of Swami Nithyananda with a Tamil Film Actress. Videos caught by hidden camera placed in the bed room of Swami Nithyananda shown by the TV Channel. Reports says that More videos of Nithyananda is with TV Channel and related reporters.