Again a Election Mood

New dramatic scenes are started in the Districts of Ernakulam, Alappuzha, & Kannur. The campaigns with flexes, posters and door to door visits have been started in these three districts. In Eranakulam, the holidays are covered with the members of Election campaign persons as in the working days most of the homes will be locked........
In Kannur there may take place any kind of problems which are very common to the people of Kannur. The political criminals of Kannur already made several situation in past elections.

In Alappuzha the peoples are very much campaigned with the lack of facilities with compared to other near by districts. ....

In coming Days there will be more and more dramas will played before the common people......

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Why Rahul Gandhi Came to Kerala ?

The mail columns of the major News Papers shared the different news about the visit of Rahul Gandhi in different colleges of Kerala. Why the the young person of Gandhi family who is the main focus point of Indian Politics and political world. Certainly there were so many criticisms about the visit of Rahul Gandhi to Kerala. Some of the news papers were in the opinion that as a part of political campaign and strengthen the Youth Congress, Rahul came to Kerala and visited some colleges. The reports says that there was several number of politicians in different parties in Kerala and some of the senior members of Congress party itself criticized the visit seriously. The expenditure and security & and mass arrangements made were the most of the criticisms aroused from public about Rahul's visit to Kerala. What are the things which frustrates the politicians . What are the cause of the main fears? Is it the murder of his father Rajiv Gandhi's in the near state of Tamil Nadu ? Is the picture of Indira Gandhi, his grand mother's murder in 1984?. The continuation of death series of From our father of Nation to Rajiv Gandhi make our approaches to Rahul sympathetically?

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The Tube light Media

The things which make a media acceptable for a client because I don’t know that are to be redefined for the case of modern TV Channels. The theories of journalism had included the importance or creative things which make more audience or more readers to media. The benefiting thing or plus point for a TV Channel or a TV news when compared to the new papers may be it covers the news and it reaches the public very fast with its video clippings and photos. For example if a terrorist attack take place in a city the public reads the news from newspaper in the next day of in the evening in the case of evening newspapers. But in the case of TV Channels, the news are shown in the TV channels with in seconds or minutes in the flash news or hourly headlines. There are news channels which brings the visuals and videos live when an incident take place – so fast the case of TV news channels. Yesterday I had seen a news in the TV Channel about the visit of Rahul Gandhi in the Colleges of Kerala State. The TV channel is demanding and concluding with the statement that Rahul Gandhi came to Kerala for his political mobilization and to increase the number of memberships to the Kerala Students Union which is a Congress party’s main students party in Colleges and Schools of Kerala. Who do not knows the inspiration behind a politician like Rahul Gandhi to visit the Colleges of Kerala. The very common man know the hidden agenda to meet the college students and avoiding the media persons from the campus during his visit. Why the TV channels highlight and says it now even a month after his visit. Is it is a latest theory in the area of journalism ?. May they can be called as Tube Light Media?. Sorry the term tube light is out of date, with the use of Electronic Chocks and CFL lights.

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Microsoft Windows 7

The new operating system of Microsoft Windows 7 about to release. The Microsoft Corporation is aiming to meet more advanced features with the new Windows Seven. The Microsoft Corporation is agreeing with new announcements about the failure and problems of Windows Vista version of Operating System. The windows seven is promising a new and innovative series of world in computing. The software companies and IT persons are in the opinion that the economic loss caused by the project of Windows Vista will be very well recouped by the Microsoft’s new Operating System Windows Seven. The IT field surveys were in the opinion that the huge fund utilized for the project of Microsoft Windows Vista and its failure were one of the major cause for Economic Recessions UN the United State of America and followed by other countries of the World. According to the reports of surveys conducted in different areas of Information technology, Software companies, internet based advertising, marketing and such other computer related business centers are very harmfully affected by the Economic dark waves from the Middle of the year 2008. The core studies and reports shows that the high peek points of Economic grafts were based on the Information Technology and Computer are and share markets. The business like share markets & stock exchange and its sudden growth and falls are very much related and is proportional to news, political changes, war, international problems, conflicts man made and massive natural disasters and calamities. The Economic recession caused may be interpreted in the way that the causative factors may be included in the unbelievable failure of well built software company and it’s so called prestigious product. The monopoly of Microsoft in the field of software production or manufacturing is that much rooted news in the world. The Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft and his reputed Microsoft Corporation and even his life stages, his works are bighearted by the world. So the reports made or published by who studied about the beginning, causes, depth, and effects of the problems leads to the current Economic Recession are very well clear in the case of Windows Vista.

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News Trends

Now a days the news coverages are mainly about the Notorious Criminals. Highlighting the crimes, with color photos of Criminals at the Main cover Pages of most of the Papers. The news spreads, the mechanism of news coverage, the publicity and mode of increasing the readers may be the new interest of modern ways of Journalism. The area of Forth Estate with most modern high definitions may compels the different news agents to compete in printing these. The logic of original life, the ways and approaches of a writer or a news editor may not at all against their ethics of profession. What they call it as a Newspaper may be differing in their activity as it bears no exclamation of what is important and good and what is not important and bad. The psychological facts which have a very high potential of being a social and responsible person in a society is limited by the surrounding and hearing supplied by the media agencies. If we think about a expert in a field of work, service or a subject, we must heard about a good index in that sense. The manner which guide us to reach that path may be from the experience or things we known before in our life. Some incidents, information, or any new about that particular thing may guide to that expert, because our mind has already recorded that corner as an approachable one. If we think about these type of pre planned set up of our mind the current affairs refereed in latest news papers are leading us to the dramatic tragic signs.

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