Election scenes

The first step election shows an amazing change from former elections held. When comparing to previous elections, situations and atmospheres were changed much and more in this election. In the case of personal gains in the elections, there are many personal gains for the common public people in previous elections. There was a huge rush in the roads with free auto rikshas service for the voters only towards the poling booth (not back from booth). There were big crowds in temperory counters oppened by all political parties. Most of the workers will be dranken and very active in campaining programmes with all voters providing elction slips with numbers. But in this election most of the gains were achived by few news reporters and small type publishers. Many small scale news papers earned bux from all candidates by providing main view coloumns and providing headings in their new papers about the biodate achievements of candidates. The liqure shops were closed due eleciton so some sort of gains were achieved by black dealers of liqure with their pre stocked brands with a good margin. Few incidents were reported about the technical falure in the voting machines. After the news about the wrong marking of voting machines most of the voters are doubted about the accuracy of voting machine. The opposition parties are blaiming against the election officials aiming the governement as responsible for the mistakes. On eleciton day, most of the political leaders tried to best among as be shown or published.

South India at the Door of Poling booth

The first step Loksabha election will be held on tomorrow 16.4.2009

Most of the candidates are in rest today. Recording the last days, the continuous campaigns and convention programmes made the restless candidates and workers weak. All media are behind these political games. There was a amazing record in the malpractices and crimes held all of the states. The crimes and illeagal activities held within last two weeks are not at all notices by the public and even by media. Thousands of loads of river sand has been illegalally transported and dealed by the river sand mafias. Many tanker lorries with laks of litters spirits were illeagally delivered by most of the notorious distleries. If we just place a simple gaze among the third rates or low classed cenema theaters, most of them are illegally showing blue films aiming their election profit. The authorities are silent as part of the election process.

Competions in Election Campaigns

The competitions in Election Campaigns becoming more tight and tight as the election date is reaching. Most of the parties have started active campaigns for their representatives. Many election stories and Election news are main cover stories of all news papers, channels and other media. The Political leaders are in busy schedule in reaching maximum public places so as to reach more people directly. All are giving promises in advance aiming the low class families. The competitions in promises are mainly about the supply of rise and wheat in Rs. 2 and Rs. 3. As the Leading Main National Parties are in talk of National and International matter in their election campaign, the most of the supporting parties are in struggle to making surety in their presence in Lokasabha Parliament. The problem of terrorism and crimes are being highlighted by some parties, but the main party in opposition are busy in stating about the present social problems prevailing in India. While thinking about the election campaigns of Northern sides, many case where reported as malpractices like giving money to people in campaigns supplying living material, goods, cloths electronic devises etc. Many incidents were were telecast in Television channels showing very important National level leaders involving in the activities directly. Many cases were regrading the communal and religious talks by few leaders. The ultimate shame facing by India, and the Indians, our constitution our social values are being observing by the world. The involvement of criminals in politics is another black mark for India. The survey held in northern states well proved that the criminals are getting their victory votes by frightening the low class people

Values of Education

Value are caught, not taught. If our desire keep changing we will know how that we are growing, otherwise we are stagnant. Education is an instrument for social change. It is a lifelong process from womb to tomb. Education has always place great importance on the ability of students to work independently and to develop their own thinking, Leaning is not a one way process in which students simply receive information from their teachers. It encourage them to read widely, to research thoroughly and to question what we learn to every opportunity.

Education can ignite the minds of the people for building a new society. It helps to work and sweat to realize the vision. Through education we get knowledge and experience. It inculcates value systems in the minds of students. Studying is a mental and physical process. It has an emotional level with aim, desire, and direction. A student must have a clear idea of the benefits of studying well. Always aim beyond our reach. According to Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam " former President and Bharat Rathna Award Winner, the missile man of India, A small aim is a crime. So through education we get a new perspective. An educated man can choose wisely and courageously under any circumstances. They have the ability to choose between wisdom and foolishness, between good and band, between virtuousness and vulgarities. It helps to feed our mind with good thoughts. Out bodies need good food every day, our minds need good thoughts everyday. Knowledge is potential power, wisdom is real power. Education is not just grades and degrees. It helps us to become positive thinkers. Through education we get self esteem-the way we feel about our selves. When we feel good within, our performance goes up, our relationship improve both at home and at work. The world looks nicer. It helps us to be good listeners. Through proper eduction a student become successful. Success does not mean the absence of failures, it means the attainment of ultimate objectives "beware, of God is the beginning of wisdom"

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Need of Education

Education is the one which contributes much to the life if an individual. It is not only meant for improving the social status of an individual but also for the welfare of the whole society. Education contributes directly for the development of a Nation

The term "Eduction is a great importance in now a days. It has great impact on a citizen's economic and social life as well as on developing his personality and character. Educate refers to great idea that donates and contributes much to human development and welfare.

The ultimate aim of all educational programs is to make an individual well versed in all aspects of knowledge and to suit him best to live in this society. In a developing country like India, education has far reaching consequences.

Character development is one of the most important destination of education. Educated citizens are the valuable wealth of a nation. Our mother land, India requires an explosive development in all our educational program.

In a busy society like ours educational deserves very importance.

News reported by AR for News Vision - Online News Paper