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Regional news reports from Mumbai says that the IPL Governing Counsil meeting taking place at Mumbai may avoid IPL Kochi team due to internal between the team share holders. The cricket board has allotted 30 days time to solve all desputes and conflicts among the share holders of IPL Kochi team. The IPL governing body meeting may ask to withdraw the proposal of IPL Kochi team from the coming IPL T20 tournament. The chance to new IPL team to Ahamadabad may given to new IPL auction

Supreme Court granted Bail for SPS Rathore in Ruchika Case

SPS Rathore
Regional News, India - In Ruchika molestation case, the Supreme Court of India granted bail to SPS Rathore, former DGP of Haryana. The bail was granted to SPS Rathore based on the investigation report submitted by the CB. According the investigation reports made by CBI, Rathore was in official duty at Delhi during the time of Ruchika's suicide which held on December 28, 1993. Rathore has already completed 6 months punishment in prison. The bail was granted with several conditions like not to leave Chandigarh with permission for Chief magistrate

CBI Dashed hopes on Ruchika Case -| Regional News | India

Rathore- Ruchika caseRegional News, India: In the Ruchika suicide case, the news investigation reports from Central Bureau of Investigation, CBI shows that SPS Rathore was not in Chandigarh when Ruchika Girhotra committed suicide. Ruchika committed suicide on 28th December 1993. The case filed by family of Ruchika Girhotra as she was molested by SPS Rathore who was police chief in Hariana that time. The reports of CBI also says that the allegations about the torturing of Ashu , Ruchika's brother no value as SPS Rathore was at Delhi in official duty during the period said allegation of torturing.

In the complaint made by Girhotra, father of Ruchika said that Ruchika committed suicide due to the molestation by SPS Rathore, and unknown auto theft case was changed on his son Ashu and tortured him in custody as they made allegations against SPS Rathore. The CBI reported that there is a high difference in two reports about Ruchika's Suicide and way to taken to PGI hospital. According to CBI reports, the two reports and documentary evidence are confusing . In one report the name of Ruchika was given as Ruby. The CBI reports are well arguing about the allegations made by Ashu are baseless after following investigations and questioning witness. Two of Ashus relatives said that he was present during his sisters' cremation.

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