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Google Checkout vs Paypal

I have recently read an article on Google Checkout vs Paypal published by BizLark blog. I wish to share some my viewpoints in this regard.

All businesses run by the payments they get in business. So there should a clear payment method. Without adopting a payment method the firm can not run as they can not get the payment with a good payment method. The method adopted for their transaction need to be acceptable to both parties then only their can be a mutual understanding. And it is highly important part in keeping a relation in business. 

I know these are silly information. But it is true that there are thousands of business firms which are not rightly using the right payment method according to their business.
Most of the experienced business owners know the importance about choosing a right transaction method. Which method you uses for your business transaction. Whether you use the most popular money transaction way named Paypal. Or you uses Google Checkout. In any choice, the first need from a right person is its security. Which payment option you choose as the most secure money transaction way. Whether it is online transfer using banker's options.

Brilliant business owners know your smartness if you are using the most smartest way of transaction which is called as Paypal. It is more than a smartest way to do your business transaction to do a smartest business too. If you choose Paypal option your business sales can be increased by 14 %, the company offers it in their advertisements. Is there any business persons left who do not wand to increase their business sales growth to 14% simply by choosing a secure payment transaction way which is highly trusted by the users.
Another feature the paypal promotes in their advertizements are the easiest and quickest form of money transaction.

Most of the time people try to opt for cheap services, but in the case of money, we can not agree or go with a cheap transaction way which reduces the commission costs. But Avoiding charges like cash handling charge the main head of commission cost used to charge by banker, actually it energizes the promotion of costly payment transaction ways than Google Checkout.

Adopting a right payment method which suitable for the business is highly important. For some business the right method will be direct payment. For business firms or service providers who provide service or sell their goods outside the country, adopting online payment will be the right choice. But a payment method which is equally suitable for sellers and buyers will be an effective way.

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ICTT 2013 first conference added new values to Kerala Tourism

3 days International Conference on Travel Technology India 2013 and its seminars have added new value to the entire participants of Travel Industry. The vote of thanks and response, feedback etc from persons and companies belongs to Kerala Tourism industry have proved that the Seminar was a huge success and ICTT call it as its first season conference and willing to organize better seminars which aims boost the whole Kerala Tourism industry. ICTT 2013 first conference held at Leela hotel, Kovalam during 7th to 9th June 2013 added new values to its delegates who came from various companies of Travel and Tourism Industry. International conference on Travel Technology India organized by Association of Tourism Trade Organizations, India (ATTOI) jointly with Tourism Department, Government  of Kerala.

The International conference was inaugurated by Oommen Chandy, Chief Minister of Kerala. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State to HRD, Government of India made the keynote address in the inaugural function, A P Anilkumar  Tourism Minister of Kerala, Suman Billa IAS, Tourism Secretary to Government of Kerala were address the audience during the inaugural function. Felicitation speech were made by Subhash Goyal, President IATO, Mujeeb, President CKTI.

The international seminar provided seminar in 23 sessions including, Social Media Marketing in Travel and Tourism, Opportunities and Challenges in Tourism Marketing, Online marketing, Revenue Management and Business Intelligence, Generating leads and Conversions, Mobile application in Tourism Marketing, Pricing and Distribution, Revenue Management and handling competition, Future of Travel Technology etc.
International speakers like Selina Power, Social media specialist from Australia, Chad Wiebesick, Social Media Director, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, USA, Philip Calvert, Social Networking Entrepreneur, UK, were lead the sessions connected with Social media marketing in travel business.

Adam Franklin, Marketing manager, Bluewire Media, Australia lead the seminar sessions of online marketing in Travel and tourism Industry.
Tarun Lakhanpal, Lemon Tree Company, Shantanu Ghosh, Professor of Marketing and Social Media Coach and Suresh Babu, founder, Web Marketing Academy, India lead the seminar sessions connected with Revenue Management and Business intelligence.

Siddharthe Dabhade, Industry Manager, Google, India and Karthick Prabu General Manager Tnooz, India co-ordinated the seminar sessions connected with Mobile applications in Travel and Tourism Marketing.

Namrita Sehgal, Director of Internet Marketing, Taj Hotels Resorts, India and Bicky Carlra, Group President, TraVision, UAE lead the seminar sessions connected with pricing and distribution.

Seminar session connected with Revenue Management and Handling competition were conducted under the leadership of Avijith Arya, Founder and CEO, Internet Moguals India, Shiela Scarborough, writer and speaker specializing in Tourism, USA, Himmat Anad, founder, Tree of Life Resort, Jaydip Parikh, CEO, Tej Solpro, India.

Subhasish Ghosh, Aditi Technologies have given a great speech on Generating leads and Conversion to the delegates participated in International Conference on Travel Technology India 2013.

Sheila Scarborough, Tourism Marketing speaker, USA and Bicky Carlra, Group president of Travision UAE interacted with the participants of International Travel Technology conference ICTT 2013 about the future of Travel Technology.