Complaint against Bigb is invalid

Complaint filed against Amithabh Bachan in delay of starting of a college in name of Aiswarya Rai Bachan is invalid. The district court has give time till June 10 to give appropriate report in the complaint made by the village head. The land for the starting of the college are about 16 acres have already been included for the spot for the college. The inauguration and coststation has been started.

Sri Sri Ravisankar just escaped from a gun shot: Current Indian News

Current news, Bangalore : Sri Sri Ravisankar, the founder of Art of living escaped from a bullet yesterday. An unknown gun man tried to kill Sri Sri Ravisankar. The bullet just missed the Guruji. The news reports says that a person named Vinay was injured by the bullet at his thigh who was standing near to Guruji. The incident took place at 6.15 pm on Sunday during the mega sat singing at the auditorium of Kanakapura Road. Police said to the news that the assailant used a .22 revolver. The Talagatpura police has registered a case. The home minister of Karnataka V.S Acharya said that Guruji is safe and urgent orders has given for high security measure implementation to the Ashrama of Ravisankar. The spoke person of Ashrama Charu said to media that Guruji is very much safe in this incident and the visitors to Ashrama are allowed to enter after strict screening. The police officials said that there was 8000 were present during the incident and nobody is
arrested or no gun is found till midnight.

Cricket News: India win by 7 wickets, Rohit Sharma: 101 not out

Rohit Sharma' 101 not out from 100 balls and 82 runs of Virat Kohli made a victory in the one day match against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka bated first and made 242 runs from 49.5 overs loosing 10 wickets. India win the match in the 44 th over loosing 3 wickets.

Maoists making new record in their massacre: the number about to reach 100 death in West Bangal derail World news today

The death number reached 98 in the West Bengal derail massacre made by the Maoists. The Maoists succeeded in creating a new record in their killings. The driver of filled a complaint to the Railway police with out mentioning any Maoist suspect in the train tragedy. The police officials said to news persons that the driver can note know whether the rail tracks were damaged by the Maoists. The police said to news that case the registered under the section 151 for destructing the rail properties. The driver B. K. Das noted in his complaint that he heard a blast sound and before the coaches derailed. The driver said that when he heard the blast sound he tried to apply the break and felt as it jerks. The high police officials has not confirmed the occurrence of blast before the derailing. Railway minister Mamata said that the police has fount Tri Nitro Toluene and some gelatin sticks were found by the investigators from the accident spot. The DGP of police said that the fish plates of the rail tracks were found removed. The maoists succeeded in making a new record in the number of deaths in the West Bangal derail massacre which killed 98 people.

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Sheryln Chopra 's pose to playboy is a second sale

Sheryln Chopra the model may agree to sign up with the American playboy. A signing of contract to dedicate her body beauty with the American playboy. Sheryln Chopra may become the first Indian actress to sign up to her body to American playboy. It is not a good trend. But it is only a second sale. She may or may not pose and show her body to the photographer of playboy magazine. Or she may expose her body to all the readers of the American playboy magazine. It is only a second sale of her body show. It is not a good trend to the actress. The playboy may publish her body at their cover page. Sheryln chopra's pose to the playboy can only be seen as a second sale because she had exposed her body early in a fitness DVD.

PCPA derailing - violent Attitudes to be changed

PCPA the war group claimed the responsibility of the derailing of train coaches which leads to death of 68 innocent people in West Bangal. The maoist activists should change their attitude to the government. If they needs to took part with the democratic process , they have leave the violent attitudes first. They must try to use the ideologies for their developmental process and thoughts. The wrong actions taken by the maoists are by their wrong approaches to the government and the democratic process we are following. If the leadership of these motivated ideologists are not willing to leave their violent attitudes, the government must use the maximum force to wash it out. . . Because it the government 's responsibility to give a safe and secure life all citizens.

Maoist killings again by PCPA : world today news

PCPA, People's Committee against Police Atrocities a Maoist powered naxal group derailed 13 coaches leading to a massive massacre of 68 train travelers. The kindless massive massacre by the Maoist war group named PCPA made a very tragic situation in West Bangal. The massive killing by activists motivated by the CPI Maoist war groups. The DIG (law and order) said to the news agents that two posters were left by the Maoist PCPA groups claiming their the responsibility of the massacre of 68 persons. More than 200 were injured in the incident. The Maoists asked for the withdrawal of joint action team of police. The Mumbai bound Gyaneswari Express was the train derailed by the Maoists. News reports says that 5 coaches of 13 derailed from the Gyaneswari Express by the activists hit by a goods train. Now a days the planned attacks and massacres by the Maoists are increasing. The union government as well as the state governments concerned must treat the Maoist activits as treat as the terrorists. Joined actions must be taken by both the state and governments it is the leading threat to the growth of developments of our nation. News vision report sent by Durga, West Bangal.

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Rahore gets 18 months jail for the Ruchika Molesting case done before 20 years- world today news

News vision: world today news: The Chandigarh court sentenced 18 months imprisonment to the former DGP, SPS Rathore. The crime SPS Rathore committed before 20 years ago as molesting a Teenager, Ruchika Girhotra. Rathore under custody and taken to jail. SPS Rathore a former Director General of Police challenged the earlier sentence of six months. Ruchika's family and the CBI had also filed petitions seeking enhancement of the sentence to the maximum two years. Rathore had molested teenager Ruchika Panchkula on August 12, 1990. Ruchika was a tennis player and she committed suicide after 3 years after the incident of molestation. The advocate representing Ruchika's family said that it was historic order and he added that he is satisfied with the punishment order of the court.  

Death Sentence to Aftab Ansari Stayed by Supreme Court

World today news: The Supreme Court of India stayed the Death Sentence to Aftab Ansari in the American Center attack. The Death sentence awarded by the Calcutta High Court in February 2010 is stayed by the Supreme Court of India. The underworld don Aftab Ansari was sentenced to death punishment by the Calcutta High court related to the attack on American center of Kolkata in the year 2002. The Supreme Court bench consisting Justice G.S Singhvi and C. K. Prasad asked state Government of West Bengal to respond within four months to petition filed by Ansari challenging the conviction and death sentence awarded by the High Court of Kolkata. The incident of American center attack held on January 22, 2002 in which six persons were killed and 14 persons were injured. Ansari was arrested from Dubai on February 9 2002 after a face trial. He was active worker of Terrorist group named Asif Reza Commando force which is a sub group and supporting terror group of Harkal UL Jehadi Eslam.

News vision Report by : Manoj, Newdelhi.

Ambani Brothers joined - conflicts solved -word today news

Word today news: Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani rejoined leaving their conflicts and legal cases. The billionaire brothers Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani mutually agreed to solve the 5 years old gas issue between them. They mutually agreed to follow some decisions together. The discussion about the decisions of their joining held on Sunday. According to their current decisions, Mukesh Ambani will not enter gas based power generation up to March 31 of 2022. But Mukesh can set p gas based power plants for captive consumption. The new pact signed between  the highest rich brothers is looks as good movement in Indian business world. 

<img src="" />

World today news; Fans fights of Mohanlal and Mammootty

World today news - Regional fox News
Who has made destruction  in Flex board of the Super Star Mammootty's film Pokkiriraja ?
Is the Fans of other any super star has done this. The picture was taken from Cochin - Yes the Cochin, Industrial capital of God's own country..........

Is the destruction is made in a special interest ?
The fox news frame was sent by a reporter of Cochin

The film Pokkiriraja is currently showing in the cinemas.
 The fights of fans of Mohanlal and Mammooty the super stars of Kerala film industry are in the peak. The picture is about the destruction made in a poster of Mammooty's film Pokkiriraja.

BEML Plant Inauguration in Kerala - Regional News - Kerala

BEML, Bharath Earth Movers Limited new plant is started in Palakkad. The inauguration of the new BEML plant in Kerala will be done by The Cheif Minister of Kerala V. S. Achuthananthan. The new BEML plant starting in Kerala will be a new golden feather to the Industrial Map of Kerala State. BEML, Bharath Earth Movers Limited is very famous in the production qulity equipments for Deffence, Railway, Building construction, Minning and Energy. The BEML, is a high level multi technolgory and multi location company. The New plant of BEML starting at Palakkad will be specialize in the production of high capacity six and eight wheeled military vehicles, floating bridges, component pats for metro rails coaches and train vagons for Military operations. The inauguraiton and working of new plant is only a news phase. In feature the BEML plant will be enhance its production and products for Rail construction facilties as the State Government allocated more space and area for the BEML Plant. As the BEML enters into the second phase of its prodcution, 25 tonned Aluminum coaches and 20 to 100 tonned steel coaches will be produced in the plant which can be used for High speed Train coachs, high speed goods transportation.

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Yahoo! India News Story - IPL parties: the inside story - Yahoo! India News tvm ( has sent you a news article.
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Personal message:
The IPL Hidden stories
IPL parties: the inside story - Yahoo! India News
Yahoo! India News

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It was Not Team India's Day - T20 world cup 2010 India vs W. Indies

The failure in the T20 world cup match against West Indies was due to some mistakes in Indian fielding. The only batsman made the better score in the West Indies squad was Cris Gayle.  The catch drop made by R. Jadeja was major mistake from the side of Team India. R. Jadeja played the match with out any confidence. The loss of early wickets from Indian side and poor shot selection of main Indian batsmen allowed the West Indies to win over India. They did not lost any wicket till they reach the sore of 80. So they are able to play very confidently and scored a better total of 169. For Indian team chasing the score of 169 was not a heavy task. But the high ranked starred batmen of India failed to chase the score of 169 build up by West Indies batsmen. During the last overs Team India was able to reach 170 if Dhoni could run a little more speed. The West Indies players worked hard with the seriousness as they are playing the World cup match. The Team India was not much serious in this match so they failed. Instead of R. Jadeja if there was Dhavan, Tiwary, we can be able to enter into semi final easily. 

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Ajmal Amir Kasab is Sentenced to Death

news vision ajmal kasabAjmal Amir Kasab, the terrorist captuered in the Mumbai terrorist attack is sentensed to Death by the Court. The juegement agaist Kasab says that he has no right to live. The crimes counted aginst Kasab by the Court are waging war againist India, murder and terrorist activities including conspiracy. By the Judgement made by Justice M. L Tahaliyani, the 23 aged Pakisthan national Ajmal Kasab to be hanged by the neck till his death. The Judgement says that Ajmal Kasab had lost the right of getting huminitarian benefits. Ajamal Kasab did not have the right to live a human being. According to the legal formalities of India, the Prisident is the final authority for the death panishment.

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AG workers mutual auto Insurance

AG workers mutual auto Insurance provides the best auto insurance coverage for you. The Mutual fund works better than the Unit Linked Insurance Policy is AG workers mutual auto insurance policy. The usages and ways for getting a policy is available with this link. The new approach brought by the AG workers mutual auto insurance gives a new way of standard life. The happy life by the subscription to the policy of AG workers mutual auto insurance is very nice one. This not only the new trend but is a new step in the insurance sector

Terror Threats to Commonwealth Games in India

The Intelligence agencies of Assam found about 140 Al - Quida terrorists have entered into India. The Government have given for security alerts in all cities. Earlier there was some reports about the entering of terrorists into India through Western Cost. The intelligence reports is about the entering of 140 Al-Quida terrorists entered through west cost using Srilankan boats. The Naval officials reported that there is least possibility of the even because entering of these much number of terrorist are not possible easily. The terror groups like Al-Quida is trying to make threats to the Commonwealth games scheduled to be held in New Delhi.

Raina got his First Century in T20 world cup from 61 balls

India scored 186 runs from 20 overs loosing 5 wickets ICC T20 world cup match between India and South Afric. Suresh Raina Made his first century in International Twenty 20 match. 


Karthik 15
Murali Vijay 0
Suresh Raina 101
Yuvaraj 37
Y. Pathan 11
M. Dhoni 16
Harbhajan Singh 0

Total 186/5 

South Africa have to make   187 runs from 20 overs 

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SSLC results 2010 will be announced on 3.5.2010

Swamy Nithyananda challenged Police saying He is not male.

 New interesting words in the case of Swami Nithyananda. Swami Nithyananda said to the investigating officials that he is not a male. He made challenging statements about his sex. The investigating officials are in the opinion that Nithyananda is trying to deviate the attention of the police officials. The police department have full confidence that Nithyananda is a man because they have already seen the sex videos of swami Nithyananda. The police department have forwarded 36 sex video CDs of swami Nithyananda to the forensic  laboratory department of Hyderabad for further investigations. Swami Nithyananda s sex videos contains his sexual relationship with about 6 ladies. The investigating team is also checking the details of his luggage material in his foreign trips. There are many reports about his smuggling of gold and many things from America. Nithyananda used to travel America and some European countries with gold platted goods like chapels, kamandalas etc and he brought 24 ct. Golden goods. The police is also investigating about a lady named Nithya Gopika who was the close lady to Nithyananda. According to police officials Nithya Gopika is missing. The reports relating to the Ashrama of Swami says that Nithya Gopika was the closest lady to Swami and she was having  enough freedom even to handle the personal articles of swami Nithyananda.  By making statement that Nithyananda is not a man trying to escape from the sex video issue. While the case registered against Swamy Nithyananda for violating the wild protection act is to be considered seriously by the Court. The police officials said that in his passport it is marked as Nithyananda is a male and the god man is making new tricks to escape from the sex video case. There are also some reports about the lady named Nithya Gopika has kept a hidden camera to record his sexual activities. The investigating teams are in the findings that many ladies who were regular visitors of Nithyananda have informed their willingness to have sex with Swamy Nithyananda with written willingness letters. The missing lady Nithya Gopika is one of among them. Earlier there was reports that Swamy Nithyananda s driver Lenin Karuppa had made the sex video with hidden cameras. Another story was that the actress Renjitha had made the video to blackmail the swami.