Unit linked insurance plan benefit details to be published : IRDA

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) asked the private insurance companies to publish the agent benefits details in the Unit linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) dealings. According to IRDA the insurance company must detail about the ULIP program agent charges with the benefit certificate to the policy owners. The IRDA aims to bring more transparency in the insurance field. There was some conflict in opinion of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and IRDA regarding the ULIP agent commissions. With in a short period there was a massive acceptance to the ULIP program. The insurance program which invests the money in share market and gives the benefits to the customers. Most of the private insurance companies are using ULIP program. SEBI interfered in the ULIP programe policies of Insurance companies as the introduction of ULIP affects the mutual funds a large. The mutual fund dealing companies approached the SEBI as the allowed very lowest commission to Mutual Fund agents. The Bajaj Alliance company which deals ULIP reported that they have no objection to publish about the benefits given to ULIP agents.

Heavy fall in the usage of credit card due to high interest rates and fines.

A heavy fall marked in the number of credit card users. Reports says that the strong decrease in the number of credit card users is due to the unknown charges and high interest rates imposed by the commercial banks. The ordinary people are unable to afored the charges and interest rates of the commercial banks. According to the Reserve Bank of India there is a decrease of more than 50 lakhs credit card users. During the last financial period the purchases using credit card were also fall a lot. During 2008-2009 there was a 5400 crore rupees business took place while during 2009- 2010 it fall into 5000 crore. According to the reports there are only 1.9 crore credit card users in March 2010. During the last year same time it was 2.5 crore. According to the Reserve Bank of India the customers are fearing to use the credit cards even during the festival seasons, due to the fear of high interest rates and fines imposing by commercial banks. The number of credit card customers decreased into 50 lakhs from 85 lakhs with in one year. In State Bank of India the fall in the number of credit case customers is 8 lakhs The banking experts says that due to the fear of high interest rates and unknown fines imposing by the commercial banks the common people are diverting from the usage of credit cards.

2 more crore mobile customers added

2 crore more been added as mobile phone customers during the month of March. According to reports of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India the total number of mobile customers in India is 58.43 crores. In February it was 56.4 crores. Including the land phone customer, the total phone customers in India is 62.12 crores

7.2 % increase in industrial growth

The growth rate of domestic production in Industrial sector marked a 7.2% increase. During last year the growth rate was just 3.3%. The sudden increase in the growth rate of Industrial sector shows release and strong coming back from the global financial crisis. The increment in the growth mainly shown in the areas of production of crude oil, petroleum, products, coal, electricity, cement, steel etc. The increase of growth in the month of February was 4.7 %. Financial steel products marked a growth rate of 9.2% in March. During the last year in same time there was a 1.8% decrease of production. The growth rate of production like coal, electricity, cement etc. In the month of March was 7.8%. During last year the growth rate in the production of these were 5.3%. The growth in case industrial production gives a good hope for the total financial sector. During last financial year the growth it the case industrial sector was 5.5%. The reports says that minimum of 7.2% financial growth can be achieved in the current financial year.

India and China got more power in World Bank

The world bank approved the shining of India and China in the Global finance. The annual meeting of world bank and International Monitoring Fund (IMF) held at washington on 25th April Sunday decided to increase the number of voting capacity of India and China. The 3rd developing country which got more voting power is Brazil. The voting power of India in world bank was 2.77%. Now with the new decisions, it is increased to 2.91 %. India reached in 7th position in the world bank s partnership just after the countries America, Japan, China, Germany, France and United Kingdom. Increment in India s percentage of voting power in the world bank can be considered as an award given for its total higher financial achievemants gained globaly in the last 10 years. By this increment of percentage of voting power in the world bank, India and China will get more power in decisions of world bank. For last many years the decision power of world bank were vested in developed countries. China got a increment of 4.42 % from 2.77 % in the voting power improvement and reached in the 3rd positon just after America and Japan. China reached the position of 3rd after defeating highly financially sounded western countries like Germany, France, and United Kingdom. India, China and Brazil got more voting power and financial influences among 186 countries in the world bank. The annual meeting held at Washington on 25 has also decided to increase the amount of capital investment to a total of 350 crore dollars. During last 20 years world bank increased its capital investment for the first time. The president of world bank Robert B Solik said that the decision of world bank in the increment of voting powers can be viewed as best awards given to the developing countries. He said that the decision will give more partnership to developing countries. The developing countries can practically involve in the decision power of  world bank. The decisions in the annual meet increased the share of developing countries of world bank to 47%.

Money of banks flows to Mutual Funds

Most of the commercial banks are increasing the money investment to mutual funds. According to the records of Reserve Bank of India, the commercial banks have invested more than 50016 crore Rupees. With these amount the total investments in Mutual funds by the commercial banks become 105519 crore rupees. According to economic experts due to the money rules, proceeded in 20 April by the Reserve Bank of India the banks will increase the interest rates and it will create high problems in the Financial area.

57 banks closed in America this year

The closing of banks in America is becoming a continuous story. The seriousness of the story shows the number of American banks stopped its working. 57 banks closed in first 4 months. The reports says that the movements and efforts made for the welfare of the small scale banks are not favourable. A total of 16 banks were stopped in the month of April. The total cost loss created to Federal Deposit Insurance Company of America by the 7 banks closed in the last Friday is more than 97.39 crore dollars. New Century Bank, Broadway Bank, Wheat land Bank, Peoton Bank, Citizen Bank are the major banks closed during last few days.

Finally Lalit Modi Suspended

The IPL commissioner Lalit Modi suspended by BCCI. The proceedings of suspension made very late might after the IPL final. The BCCI has scheduled a meeting on Monday for discussing about the allegations againist Modi. Early Modi said that he will not attend the meeting. But yesterday he has changed his opinion through Twitter. The main agenda of the monday s meeting was to punish Modi. Shashank Manohar issued a sudden suspension notice late might againist Modi to prevent modi attend the meeting with his further crafty efforts. The BCCI has also issued a explanation notice to Modi. A panel including Shashank Manohar, Arun Jaitley, Rajiv Shukla and Retnakar Shetty will be acting body of IPL. Meanwhile during the price distribution ceremony Modi said that he is innocent and ready to be responsible if all of allegations can be proved.

Pawar asked Modi to resign

Reports shows that Sharat Pawar asked IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi to resign from the post. The only support to Lalit Modi was from Union Minister Sharat Pawar. Now with this movement from Pawar Modi have no other option than resigning from the IPL commissioner post. Meanwhile the letter send by BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla to the president Shashank Manohar leaked today. In the letter the vice president has detailed that Lalit Modi has signed many important contracts with out any knowledge  and sanction of IPL ruling committee. The letter was send in last January. The details in the letter are very harmful to Lalit Modi. Day by day the allegations against Lalit Modi is increasing. So Modi will be compelled to resign from the IPL Commissioner chair. Most of the reports shows that Lalit Modi will be resigned on Monday after the IPL Meeting.

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar. The Indian Cricketer who is placed in every Indian mind as a strong man played for India. The Name "Sachin" can be say as every Cricket lovers Heart Beat. Ever Indians who loves cricket and Sachin Tendulkar have only one unhappiness to thing about his age. Today is his 37th Birth day. But still Sachin is the real backbone of Indian cricket. The master blaster who holds the maximum records in his mark sheet played and succeeded everyone's heart still leading our cricket. Everybody knows about his role and importance in Indian cricket. Whenever Sachin walk in to the ground with his bat we all Indians enjoyed a great and feel with our heart for is best play steps in from of his wickets. Many times we feel our pain in our heart when he was made out by the bowlers. Everybody have the real answer why we have such a feeling to Sachin Remesh Tendulkar. Yes, the right words to say is we all loves Sachin Tendulkar as our favourite one................

Ye we all love you Sachin,   the real love from our heart......  Wishing you Happy Birthday

Samir Thakral may be arrested

Lalit Modi s friend Samir Thakral may be arrested soon. As the income tax department got many evidences including phone records involving in match fixing in IPL reason 2 matches held at South Africa. The report of Income Tax Department will be a serious one. The Government will take necessary steps in the IPL controversy.

IPL match fixing found by Income tax department

Income tax department found many evidences including phone records regarding the match fixing in IPL - 2 matches held at South Africa. The income tax department had found many phone records of Samir Thakral who is a close friend of Lalith Modi. The Prime Miniter has asked for more reports about all IPL illegal activities found by the income tax department. Modi s involvement in the match fixing held in IPL - 2 will be investigated detailly as phone records of Samir Thakral was traced by the investigators. Most of the investigation reports about IPL is very shame full to BCCI and Government. So the Government should take necessary steps to punish those who involved in illegal acts in the shade of IPL matches. The findings of Match fixing held during IPL season 2 at South Africa must be treated as serious one.

New Nokia C, X series from Nokia

The Nokia company about to launch new Nokia C and Nokia X series to India. The Nokia company is now trying to establish and strengthen their products in India. The introduction of new Nokia C and Nokia X series in India as a part of their monopoly in the Phone market. Now there are Nokia N and Nokia E series are fast moving  in India. Now Nokia plan to launch medium range phone pricing 5000 higher handsets. Nokia has aimed the high level users with with N series and professionals with E series. Nokia will introduce new type of handset with Linux based Memo Software with in coming 3 months

3 wickets may fall in the IPL

The terror in tin IPL drama is still active. The problems continues even after the first wicket fall of Shashi Tharoor. Now the suspected wicket falls are of national leader Sharat Pawar and Union Minister Prabhul Patel. The third wicket which may fall any moment is of Lalith Modi. The recent reports and live news of IPL drama included two more co players the daughters of Union minister Prabhul Patel s daughter Poorna and the daughter of NCP national leader Sarath Pawar.

Series of bomb blasts in Bangkok. Thailand

3 persons killed and more than 70 injured in series of blasts in Bangkok, Thailand.

Swamy Nithyananda arrested by Himachal Pradesh Police

The sex video swami, Nithyananda arrested at Himachal pradesh. The district court of Sriperumbathur have issued an arrest warrant on Swamy Nithananda. The fraud swamy was in run after the airing of sex video with a famous Tamil movie & tele serial actress. The media was filled with swamy Nithyananda during that week. Later Nithyananda was missing for a long time. His advocate said that he is participating in the Kumbhamela. Earlier the court has ordered to report before 2 April. But the court have issued a arrest warrent to him. Swamy Nithyananda was arrested today from a village place 50 km far from Simla. The Solan police officer Prem Dakur said that he was hiding in a village place near to Solan for last few days. There are reports that Nithyananda was arrested jointly by Bangalore police and Simla Police. After the sex video scandal story of Swamy Nithyananda and a Tamil Malayalam film actress. Later he said his opinions through his website and demanded that he has done nothing wrong and illeagal. Recently his website published that he her resigned from the trust.

Non bailable Arrest warrant againist Swami Nithyananda

Sriperumbathur: The District Judge of Sriperumbathur issued a non bailable arrest warrant against Swami Nithyananda who was in the sex video scandal with a film actress. The court order was issued according to a petition filed by an Advocate againist Swami Nithyananda. Swmai Nithyananda was in a sex video scandal with a famous film actress recently. The parts of video which include hot scenes for Swami Nithyananda and Renjitha a Tmil and Malayalam film  & tele serial Actress was telecased by one Tamil News Channel. After the telecasting of sex video of Swami Nithyananda and Acress Renjitha, the swami was missing. The court order is to find Swami Nithyananda and arrest him before 30 May 2010. Early the court has issued a summance to swami Nithyananda to report court on  or befoe 2nd April 2010. Leter the court extended the date to April 5. Even the Swami was missing he used to respond to the media and public through his web site about the sex video and related issues. Swami Nithyananda had said in the web site that The Video issue was a trape made aginst him. And later he reported in his website that he has resinged from the trust.

Next wicket is Lalit Modi's : BCCI

In the IPL controversy which is the next wicket?.. According to BCCI the answer is Lalith Modi. Modi will be removed from the IPL Commissioner seat. But at the same time Lalit Modi said to the media that he has not decided to resign from the post. In the circumstances of new findings from the Income Tax Department and investigators Lalit Modi have many illegal activities under the shadow of IPL. The Income Tax Department have god several evidences regarding Modi's involvement in Cricket Betting in several IPL matches. Modi's illegal properties found at many places in Rajasthan. He have own jet airplane, a long row of high tech vehicles, shares in three IPL teams, investments in  most of the foreign banks etc. With these much reports from the side of Income Tax Department, at present there is high pressure for the dismissal of Lalit Modi from the IPL Commissioner post. While talking to media persons after the arrival from ICC meeting held at Dubai, Modi said that he can prove his innocence in the ICC meeting scheduled to be held on 26th April. Modi has also said that the BCCI has not asked for his resignation till and there is no split in the council regarding his resignation. 

ICC wise president Sharat Pawar said that there will be a final decision in the case of Lalit Modi on 26th April 2010 during IPL council. Shart Pawar has reported the matter after the meeting held with Shasank Manohar, BCCI Chairman at Mumbai.

Lalit Modi has investments in 3 IPL teams: Income Tax Department

The Income Tax Department has reported Government of India that IPL Chairman Lalit Modi has investments in 3 IPL Teams. Yesterday the Income Tax department has conducted raid in Modi's office and they found many details about Modi's money investments in IPL Teams. By the Office raid held at Modi's Mumbai office, the income Tax Department has found documents and details revealing his money investments in many foreign countries. The report given by the IT department shows that there are many evidences about his involvement in Cricket Bets and money investments in several foreign countries. The Income Tax Department official stated that they have been secretly watching Modi's secret dealings. They found that Modi was having many much financial commitments before 4 years. But now he has investments in allmost all foriegn banks. There will be an immediate action against Modi by the Income Tax Departments.

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The Resignation of Tharoor is Unfortunate : Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda Pushkar, friend of Shashi Tharoor tweeted that the resignation of Shashi Tharoor is quite unfortunate.
Sunanda Pushkar reported in Twitter that the day in which Shashi Tharoor has resigned is very unfortunate day for her life. Due the IPL contraversy Shashi Tharoor was compelled to express his willingness for his resignation. The issues started with the auction for IPL team for Kochi. The incident of resignation for Shashi Tharoor before he has completed 1 year, was quite unfortunate one. Before the news of IPL share matters deal by the Kochin IPL Company, the story of Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor spread through every media. The reports says that the Tharoor's relation with Sunantha Pushkar is the main factor who leads to his resignation and countrywide agitations against him.

Union minister Shashi Tharoor Resigned

Shashi Tharoor the union minister for external affairs resigned. The IPL controversy and findings of congress upper committee about the false dealings of the shares by the company formed for IPL Kochi team. At the initial stages of the discussions about the IPL issues, there was clear findings in the involvement of Shashi Tharoor. The evidence regarding the presence of Tharoor s office in charge at Chennai during IPL auction was discussed in the congress meetings. That matter was considered as a direct involvement of Tharoor in Kochi IPL team auction. Dealing the shares of company formed for IPL Kochi team to Sunantha Pushkar was another thing which was hostile to Tharoor. Due to the serious discussions of Congress leaders in the upper committee and core committee Shashi Tharoor was pressed to meet Prime Minister and informe his willingness to resign from the minister post yesterday. The core committee discussions were also againist the Tharoor. Later at night UPA chair person Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh decided to accept the resignation of Tharoor. The prime ministers office has forwarded resignation of Tharoor to President. The IPL Kochi team auction started with the issues of its shares started with an advocate notice send by the Kochi team authorities againist Lalith Modi the chairman of IPL the Indian Premier League.

Justice Kapadia Will be the Next Chief Justice of India

Chief Justice K. G Balakrishnan recommended the next senior most Juge of Supreme Court at next Chief Justice of India. The presnt Cheif Justice will be retiring on comming 11. There is a provision of recommending the senior most Judge of Supreme Court as Chief Justice. The Union law ministry will do urgent steps in this matter. The Present Chief informed the matter  and recommended Shri Kapadia  as next Chief to Prime Minister's office and Union Law Ministery. The Ministry will inform the President's office next. The President will make appropriate ordinance regarding the posting of Kapadia as nex Cheif Justice of Supreme Court. Shri Kapadia was appointed as Judge in the Supreme Court during 2003. He has also served as Cheif Justice of Utharanchal. He will be retiring from the service of Chief Justice of India on September 29 2012.

Shashi Tharoor will lost his minister power

In the recent contraversy about the IPL team for Kochi the reports says that Tharoor will lost his ministership. The decision will be finalised after the arrival of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The congress uppercommittee meeting held yesterday found malpractices held behind the IPL auction for Kochi team. The upper committee formed by the direction of UPA head Sonia Gandhi and congress high command found that a person named Jacob who is the officer in charge of Shasi Tharoor had directly involved in the auction held at Chennai as the representative of Shashi Tharoor. The reports says that the upper committee formed with the senior members of congress A.K. Antony, Pranab Mukharjee and Chauhan have found many activities againist Tharoor. The final decision will be made after the arrival of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. There are some rumors that Shasi Tharoor will resign from the ministership before the congress decide to remove him. There is high pressure on congress leadership from the side of BJP the party of opposition. The scenes created by opposite party and left aligns in the parliament about the issue was also discussed in the high committee meeting. But at the same time there is also suggestions from other senior congress leaders that there is no need for urgent action against Tharoor by the congress because it will be made by the victory of BJP in this issue. There are least possibilities to take an action againist Shashi Tharoor by the Prime Minister because Manmohan Singh is having very close relationship with Shashi Tharoor. Current situations shows that even if the Prime Minister do not decide to take urgent action againist Shashi Tharoor, the congress core committee will try to remove Tharoor after 2 months. It is known that the strong decision will be passed by congress senior members againist Tharoor due to the strong evidences found againist him. The upper committee held todiscuss about the IPL - Shashi Tharoor issue have also discussed about Sunantha Pushkar. The committee found that the new company formed for IPL Kochi Team has Violated the company act by giving shares to mrs. Sunantha Pushkar free of cost. According to the company acts, there is no provision to give the shares free of cost during its initial year of formation. The shares can only be given to the company directors and staff of the company. The congress upper committee formed to discuss about the Tharoor issue discussed about all the activities conducted during IPL auction and found that the company has violated the rules of Company act 1956 by giving shares to Sunantha Pushkar. The company was started on March 17 2010. So the company cannot give its shares to Mrs Sunantha Pushkar as the shares cannot be give free of cost in its initial year. According to the company act 1956 the company should be completed 1 year, before it gives its shares free of cost. The shares of a company can only give to the directors of the company or to the employees of the company in its initial year of formation. The company has reported Sunantha Pushkar as its partner. The company act only allows to give 5 % or maximum of 5 crore as the shares to its partner. But the congress upper committee found that there was a strong violation of company act by giving 20 % of its shares to Sunantha Pushkar. There was an option to get permission of the Government as special sanction for the company. It is to be said that the congress leadership is very serious about these matters. Some rumors are there that Tharoor is more serious in this issues and there is possibility for his self resignation from the ministership before the congress high command and the leadership remove him from his ministership.

Modi's words are wrong : Shashi Tharoor

The Union Minister Shashi Tharoor said that IPL Chaiperson Lalith modi says wrong thing that Tharoor has tried to shift the newly sanctioned IPL Kochi team to Ahamedabad.Tharoor said that he had tried his better to get a new IPL team for Kochi. He also said that to engegize the help from abroad he siad to conduct some  matches in foriegn places. Tharoor explained that he had tried to get an IPL team for kerala his better. There are some conspirations are going on to cancel the IPL Kerala Team. The news report about his activty of misusing his Minister office is false spread

The current IPL match Modi vs Tharoor

 The media is busy to report the statments of Lalith Modi and Union Minister Sashi Tharoor. There was some problems from the sanction of new IPL team to Kochi. The IPL Kochi Team authorities are in the opinion that Lalit Modi tried to sanction the new IPL team to another company. The recent reports and the advocate notice sent by the IPL Cochin team authorities states thay there was high presssue to sanction a new IPL team to some another company. Meanwhile Lalit Modi came with new staements about the money source of Kochi Team. The Kochi team authorities stressed in the letter that Lalit modi tried to avoid the sanction of new team for Kerala. Due the high recomendations from the Union Minister and high authorities, Modi finally signed the sanction order at mid night 1 am. Then modi came with the statement that the source of money for Kochi team must be investigated and it means it is illeagal money. Then the matter and discussions were twistted to Sunanda Pushkar who hold the major share of IPL Kochi team. There was statements about the relationship between Sunanda Pushkar and Sashi Tharoor. Meanwhile some senior congress leader complined about Shashi Tharoor to Prime Minister. Manmohan Singh ensuered that the relation of Tharoor and IPL will be investigated and action will be taken if he finds any problem in Shashi Tharoor.

Earthquake Hits in Chinease Tibatan Plateau

An Earthquake which shows 6.9 in ritches scale hit in the Tibatan Plateau of China. The reports says that more than 300 people died and about 8000 people were injured. The 6.9 magnitude afected the low populated areas of Tibat so the damages are not so much. Many houses are colapsed in the the hit of earthquake. The Jyeku state television channels reported the number of deaths as 300. The reports says that it is was a continous shake in which houses, offices and schools collapsed. The people ran away when it started shaking with 5 in Ritcher scale. The most of the houses are very remote in the Tibatan area. So the reports about more damages are getting. The communication and other facilities to connect the areas are brocken due to the shake.

Mayavathi VS Rahul Gandhi

Is it a new fight between Mayavathi and Rahul Gandhi?

Why Mayawathi fear if Rahul Garlands the statue of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Do Mayawathi knows who is Dr. B. R.Ambedkar?

Is it her statement is political one?

The law must be act as a perfect way for Social Control

Why Mayawathi makes such statements.

Rahul Gandhi is a National Leader, son of Rajiv Gandhi.

The drama of Caste and Politics is now out of fashion......

Dont be silly with these type of cheap drama games of National Level Leaders......

Call conference facility with video allows the 3G mobile services ?

The 3G service providing by the mobile companies gives option for video call conference facility ?. If the video call conference is availabe with the 3G facility from the mobile service providers , will be a great one to do a video call conferences with friends , relatives , officers , etc. Customers were in great pleasure with the announcement of the video call facility through mobile phones. All of the mobile service providers are competing to launch a good 3G service and provide a good 3G services. The auction for the 3G mobile service is live now. If the video call conference facility launch with the 3G in mobile service, will be a great thing in all extend.

Neetu Chandra ia Bathing Scene

The bollywood actress Neetu Chandra's Bathing scene hit in the internet pages. She photos of Neetu Chandra while bathing in a bathroom without any dress published in the websites.The scene was recembling to another hot scene of Smita Patil' bathing in the slum schene in Chakra. But that was an outdoor shoot. Neetu Chandra's is shooted in a bathroom.

Click here fore more  the photo of Neetu Chandra

Moaists Killed a Timber Merchant in Orissa

Maoists killed a Timber Merchant named Goutham Hapai aged 50 at Kathasirisi in Sulaipada area of Orissa. The Maoists shooted the Merchant near to his house. Mr. Hapai was from West Midnapur District of West Bengal. He was doing timber business for the last five years at Kathasirisi of Baripada, Orissa. Mr. Hapai has his own timber mill at Kathasirisi. The maoists were giving warning to Government in the fax send to the news presses that they will reapeat the mass executions conducted Dandewada duing last week. The Government is about to strong actions with Maoist attacks. The security operations are getting ready from the Government side with the help of unmanned air crafts to sort out the hidden maoist activists in several forest areas of Chathisgarh and Orissa.

Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza Marriage Today

Finally and end to all contraversies. There was almost several drama played by the marriage of Indian Tennis Girl Sania Mirza and Pakistan former cricket captain Shoaib Malik. Today the marrige will held between two. Early there was reports that the marriage will be on 15th April. Today the news channles have already telcased the news and shown Sania Mirza in her wedding dress. The TV reports said that the marriage will takeplace today afternoon. Sania's  Public Relation officer said the wedding details to TV media. The PRO did not disclosed the wedding venue.

India is Eager in the US aid to Pakistan : Manmohan Singh

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh eplained India's eagerness about the US's Military and Financial  aid to Pakistan. Manmohan showed Indian stand about US aid to Pakistan during the meeting held Washington with US President Obama. Manmohan request Obma to clear an occation to question LET terrorist David Colman Headly regarding the Mumbai Attacks. US President shown a green light for the Prime Minister's request in the same meeting. Manmohan Singh siad Obma about the the eagerness behind the security of Pakistan Nuclear Power. The Prime Minister blamed Pakistan to no conducting proper operations to catch and ban terrorists hiding in Pakistan. The meeting of Obama and Manmohan Singh continued for 45 minutes.

Kerala IPL Team : Advocate Notice to BCCI against Lalit Modi

The Kerala IPL Team Authority send an advocate notice to BCCI against Lalit Modi. The advocate notice was send against Modi in relation to the issue due to publishing the Auction rate of Kerala IPL Team. Reports says that the Kerala IPL Team authority balmed Lalit Modi in his action of publishing wrong data about the Auction rate of Karala IPL Team. In the Advocate notice it is asked to publish the Auction rates of all IPL teams.

Pakistan should take actions against who have invloved in Mumbai Attack: Obama

Obama the prsident to United States of America asked Pakistan Prime Minister Yusaf Raza  Gilani to take necessary actions against the persons involved in the Mumbai Attach held duing November 2008. Obama made the satemement in the meeting held as part of Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

Next India Pakistan War is for Water: Hafees Sayed

The founder leader of Leshker E- Thoiba LET Hafees Sayed said that the next war between India and Pakistan will be for water. He made his speach in Mosque at Lahore. He said that India is doing the water terrorism by stealing water from Pakistan. Sayed wanred that if India stops this activity of "water terrorism" there will be a war for water between India and Pakistan. Currently Hafees Sayed is the leader of Jama Ath- Udh - Dava. Sayed said in his speach that India is trying to make Pakistan a decert by diverting the waterflow by constructing dam in Jammu Kashmir. He called for Pakistan people to unit against the activity of India by constructing the dam and diverting the water flow towards India. Sayed also added that US Army was defeated in Afganisthan and the USA is trying to call back the army force from Afganisthan. Now India is fearing the aftermath of Afghanistan left by American Military.

Early the Pakistan Government have blamed India for diverting the water of Jinaab river to fill the dam of Jammu Kashmir. The Government reported that Pakistan loss water due this activity and it is the violation of Sindhu River Agreement made in 1960.

Dantewadas will be Repeated : Maoist

The Maoists have come up with new warning message to Government of India that they will continue with many more Dantewada incidents. Recently the Maoist attack done at the Dantewada of Chathisgarh killed 76 cops of Central Reserved Police Force. There were several intelligence reports about the Maoists are planning to do more attacks and bomb blasts in main metro cities of India. The new warning came from CPI Maoists meanwhile the union ministry is preparing to catch the Maoist leaders and check their new movements for another attacks. The have send the warnings messages through fax to several press offices. In the message they Maoists are making their statement strongly that "If we are attacked by the Indian military force the consequences will be very bad". They have also said in the fax message that they are very sympathetic towards the cops killed in the Dandewada mass execution and ready to give better compensation helps. The Maoists asked for the support of public. The Maoists carried out the Dandewada attack against the decision of Operation Green Hunt by the Indian Government. Meanwhile the Officials reported that the Government will be using Unmanned Air Arial Vehicles to trace out the Maoists hidden in the forest area. The Unmanned air crafts which are imported can take picture and know about the movements of the maoists and capable to fly above 5000 feets.

Cricket Score Dd vs kxip ipl score

Dd-29/1 (2.3)

Cricket t20 ipl match delhi vs punjab match 44

Todays first match in ipl t20 tournament is between Delhi Daredevils and Kings Eleven Punjab. dd vs kxip match will start at 4 pm

Polond President and team died in Plane Accident.

The team died in the plane clash inclued the Military Head of Poland, Governor to Central Bank, Members of Parliament, Historians, wife of President and his family members. Reports of Polish news agencies said that about 96 persons died in the tragedy. The official plane craft TU -154 clashed during its arrival into the smallence Airport of Western Russia. Heavy mist is considered at the the cause for the tragedy. The plane craft first hitted on a tree before its landing due to heavy fog in the area. The polish President and team was about to attend the 7oth annual function related to the incident of mass execution of about 22,000 polish army members by the Soviat Union military during the second world war. The plane clashed was Russian made one before 20 years.

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match

Kkr-160/9 rcb-164/3(17.1)Royal Challengers of Bangalore won the match by 7 wickets uthappa on fire made 52(22)

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match

Kkr-160/9 rcb-137/3(16) uthappa on fire

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr -160/9 rcb 110/2 (14)

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr -160/9 rcb - 102/3 (13.2) last wicket dravid 52

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr -160/9 rcb - 101/2 (13)

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr 160/9 (20) rcb-83/2 (11.4)

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match 43 -score

Kkr-160/9(20) rcb-48/1 (6)

Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl score match 43

Kkr-160 rcb-11/1 (3) kalis out for 7 runs

Cricket match kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr -160 (20) rcb-7/0 (2) kalis dropped by ganguly on 0 run

Cricket match kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr -160 (20) rcb-7/0 (2) kalis dropped by ganguly on 0 run

Cricket score kkr vs dc ipl match


Cricket score kkr vs rcb ipl match 43

Kkr-103/2 (12)

Cricket score ipl match 43

Kkr-82/1 (9.2) ganguly 32

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match 42

Csk-138/8 (20) dc 139/4 (19.1) man of the match haris

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl score

Csk -138/8(20) dc 61/2 (11)

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl score match 42

Csk 138/8 (20)

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match 42

Csk 110/4 (15) raina 48

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl score

Csk-90/3 (13)

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl score match 42

Csk -82/3 (11.4) dhoni out 7

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match 42

Csk-74/2 (10)

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match 42

Csk 69/2 (9)

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match 42

Csk-65/2 (7.5) Murali vijay 23 run out

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match 42

Csk-61/1 (7)

Cricket score csk vs dc ipl match

Csk-55/1 (6)

Cricket score csk vs dc

Csk-41/1 (5) wicket - Hayden 19

All nuclear weapons must be avoided: Manmohan Singh

The Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh said that the mail obtive idea of India is " No Nuclear Weapons" which is similar to the moto of  Nuclear Secutiry Summit taking place in Washington. Manmohan Singh is now about to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit. Manmohan singh had also said that the summit should give more importance to discussions in the issues of of Nuclear Terrorism and Nuclear disarmament. Manmohan singh made his statement about the the new treat of Nuclear Terrorism in his speach just before his departure to his one week visit to America and Brazil. Manmohan Singh will participate in the Nuclear Security Summit sheduled to be held at Washington town during comin Monday and Tuesday. There will be participation of presidents of 42 nations including Obama. Manmohan Singh will also participate in the BRIC summit shceduled to be held at Brazil. The BRIC Summit inclued representatives from the Countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China. After the BRIC Summit his tour scheduled to participate in the IBSA Summit in which India, Brazil and South Africa will be participating. Union Minister Anand Sarma, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister TKA Nair and National security Adviser Sivsankar Menon are accompanying with Manmohan Singh. Meanwhile there is report that Manmohan singh will meet Yusaf Raza  Gilaani the Prime Minister of Pakistan at Washington. Manmohan Singh said yesterday that he had decided to meet Obama, French President, Nicolaas Sarcosi, Karkisthan President Nazerbayev, Canadian President Harper etc during his tour to USA.

The reports says that the main discussing matter in the Nuclear Security Summit will be about the security problems, importance and security solutions of Nuclear Reactors and equipments. 42 representatives of countires will be trying to stress the situation to avoid the availability of nuclear weapons to the terrorist groups. There are reports that Manmohan singh may submit a proposal to found an International Nuclear Security centre in India. The union secretary to External affairs Nirupama Rao said that the discussions in the Nuclear Security summit will be a fruitful  one to India for the developments of our Nuclear power plants. The Union finance secretary to External Affairs Ministry Parvathy Sen Vyaas said that the meeting of Manmohan singh with Presidents of USA, Brazil, China, Russia, France and South Africa will be helpful and it will stimulate the future Economic growths of India. There are reports that there will be some discussions about getting a permanent membership for India and Brazi in United Nations Association. There will be common discissions in the summit regarding the current financial crisis, global climate changes, rehabilitation of afttected in disasters like Earthquake and co-operation in Global sports and game issues.

Two military persons arrested for raping 16 old girl

In Pune of Maharasthra two Military persons were arrested by Sangavi Police in connection with raping a 16 old girl. Military members named Suresh Chand aged 30 and Sumendar Singh aged 25 of Rajaputhana Riffiles battalion were arrested by police on a complint made by the girl's friends. The rape incident held on yesterday and the case was registered and arrests are made on the complient given by the Victim's friend. Accordings his words, the girl and her friend was going to Petrol bank. Suddenly to persons came attacked the boy. The police inspecter R. Sonawane said to media about the incident as ,the boy was sevearly wounded by the attack and they took the girl to lonely place and raped her. The girl is now in under treatment at Yasvanth Ravu Chavan Memmorial Hospital.

Obama : There will no Nuclear Deal with Pakisthan

US President Obama said that United States of America is not ready to sign a Nuclear deal with Pakistan with current situations. So the Pakistan Government can not expect to sign a nuclear deal with America. The Pakistan Government have tried to sign a contract of Nuclear deal with United States of America like the same deal signed with India and USA. There are serveral domestic issues in Pakistan which affects the signing of a nuclear deal with America. The current issues related to continuous attacks of Taliban and Terror groups of Al-quada are the main threat for the Nuclear deal to Pakistan. The American Security Agencies wish to establish good democratic system in Pakistan and Afganistan. The recent speach of Hameed Karzai, the Afgaan president in a tribal area of Afganisthan had made American Security officials desperate that the Government of Afganisthan will not allow the interfearance of foriegn countires in their domestic political matters. There was reports that the security officials of America had blaimed Hameed Karzai on his made statemement of foreign interfearance.

Cricket score mi vs kxip ipl score

Mi-154/9 (20) Kxip-41/1 (4.3)

Cricket score mi vs kxip


Crick score Mi vs kxip ipl match 41


Crick score Mi vs kxip ipl match 41


Cricket score Mi vs kxip

Mi-90/4 (9.4)

IPL Cricket Score Kxip vs Mi Match 41 Kings Eleven Punjab vs Mumbai Indians

The Match between Kings Eleven Punjab and Mumbai Indians will be held Mohali Punjab Cricket Association Stadium. The Mumbai Indians will be the dominating team by their recent performances. But the Kings Eleven Punjab will be go a fight in this match. The player mumbai are in very peak form and they are main icons of the match No. 41.

Chief Ministers Committees created for stop price rise

The committee meeting decided to create working groups of Chief Minister to stop price rise. The working committee for production of food grains will be in the chairmanship of Hariyana Cheif Minister. The working committee related to consumer protection under the chairman ship of Chief Minister of Gujarat. The Planning commission vice chairman M S Aluvalia will be the leader of Working committee for food supply. 10 Chief Ministers, senior union minister and Planning commission vice chairman attended meeting held under  th chairmanship of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The meeting discussed to promotion and betterment of the Public food supply system.

I am ready to Resignation: P. Chithambaram, Home Minister

Reports says that Home Minister P. Chithambaram reported Prime Minister that he is ready to resign from Indian Home Ministry accepting the complete responsiblities of the Dandewada massacre which eanded with 76 death of Central Reserved Police Forec. There was many reports that the recent speach of Home Minister P. Chithambaram provoked the maoist to conduct the attack against the CRPF Battalion and kill 76 of them. There is repots that the letter and details will be discussed with UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Theres is no time limit in closing of 3 G Spectrum Auction

The 3G spectrum auction started today 9 am. Most of the major telecom operators including Bharti, Vodafone, Reliance Communications, Tata, Aircel etc ate participating in the Auction. The Government is expecting about 35,000 crore Rupees from the 3 G Spectrum Auction. Firslty the auction is going on for 22 circles. The bidding passion of the telecom operators are to be wait and see. The Government may get 30,000 crores to 35,000 crores for selling 3G broadband wireless services. The Government officials are in the opinion that the auction may continued up to 3 weeks beacuse there is no time limit or deadline for closing 3G auction.

I accept Responsiblity of Dantewada

The Home Minister P. Chithambaram accepted the full responsibilty of terrific attacks of Maoist on CRPF members. The Home Minister had send a letter to Prime Minister accepting full responsibilty of the heart breaking incident. The Home Ministry is getting ready to give a completed answer to the Maoists in their manner. He said that while visiting the their areas he only asked to stop the maovist movement against cops and innocent rural people. The intelligence agencies got several evidence about the attacking plans of several Maoist groups in many cities through out India. P. Chithambaram also said that the proper combensations to the family members will be given and relative of those killed in the Maoist attacks in Dantewada will given employment.

There will be ban for the Artists who participate in Channel Programmes

The Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce General Body meeting decided to ban the artists including popular actors, singer, music directors, and technicians who are worling with Kerala Film field if they will continue in Channel Shows and TV programmes. The Chamber decided to not release the film acted or associated by the artists who continue in TV Programmes and Channel Shows after May 1. 

Shri. M. G Sreekumar famous singer replied to the dicition that he will go with channel show not with film, if the Chamber committee is implementing the decision of ban. He said that he got only 4 films this year with meager amount as remmuneration, it is very diffcult to make the both ends meet with the income from films. 

The music director Sharat was in the opinion that if he is provided with minumum of 25 film one year, if will be agreeing to the decision of Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce.

There about 1800 Maoists in Kerala : IB

Intelligence Beauro reported that there are 1800 Naxalits are in Kerala State. The recently arrested Dalit activists are a part of Maoist groups. Several Movoist leaders were arrested from rural areas of Wayanad of Kerala State. The reports shows that the maoist actvities are concentrating on Rural areas of Kerala. The IB got evidence of several traning camps conducted in rural areas through out the state. The police department got several evidences including CDs, write ups, book lets etc from the arrested moaist workers of Wayanad district. A activist leader names Sinoj was arrested from tribal settlement of Wayanad with several maoist publications and book lets.

New 15 crore contraversy in Shoaib Malik Sania Mirza Marriage

Even with the divorce of Shaoib Malick to Aysha Siddiquee, new contravercy started in the amount spend by Shoaib Malik to sovle the Aysha's compliant and divorce. One of the National News paper reported that Shoaib Malik had given 15 crore rupees to Aysha Siddiquee to solve the problem.

No conflict in the IPL Team for Cochi: Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi the Chairman of Indian Pemier Leage said that there is no current conflict or contraversy in the formation of new IPL Team for Cochi. There is no problems for the formation of IPL Cochi Team due to clarity in the case in share of the holders.

U.S. , Russia sign nuclear arms pact

U. S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which will reduce their nuclear weapons stockpiles by a tire on Thursday. The deal will be last for 10 years. The treaty will slash two countries nuclear arsenals by a third one. The Russian President said that the treaty enhances strategic ability and at the same time allows us to rise to a higher level of cooperation between Russia and the United Nations.

FDI in cigarette making banned

The center on Thursday banned foreign direct investment in cigarette manufacturing be it for domestic consumption or for exports as part of its drive against smoking.

Jusice Dinakaran will be posted in Sikkim High Court

In a sudden reversal of its stand advising Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P. D. Dinakaran to in on leave, the Supreme Court collegium headed by the Chief Justice of india K. G. Balakrishnan decided on Thursday to shift him as Chief Justice of tin Sikkim High Court.

Rcb vs dc ipl score match 40

Rcb-184/6 (20) Dc-186/3(19.2) Deccan Chargers won by 7 wickets. Man of the match T. Suman

Rcb vs dc ipl score match 40

Rcb-184/6(20) dc-64/1 (8.2)

Rcb vs dc ipl score

Rcb-108/4 (15.1) kalis-54

Rcb vs Dc ipl score match 40

Rcb-92/4 (14) kalis 45(33)

Rcb vs dc ipl score Bangalore vs Deccan Chargers match 40

Ipl match between Royal Challengers of Bangalore vs Deccan Chargers wil be started at 8 pm. Match 40

Sreeshanth Punished for kiding Ampire and Batsman

The bowler of Kings elven Panjab Sreeshanth was punished by the Match refery for kiding the Ampire and batsman During the IPL match. Sreeshanth had to make a fine of 20% of his match fee. The Match Referry Venkitaraghavan made the punishment order. Sreeshanth was punished by match raferries several time before. During the last IPL season there was some conflict issue between Harbhajan Singh and Sreeshanth.

Actress Rambha's Marriage on 11th

Film actress Rambha getting married on 11th April at Chennai. Rambha's would be is a industrialist in Canada. Rambha and her would be now decided to celebrate their honey moon in Newsland. Rambha is now in the opinion that she will continue in the film field. Rambha started her acting carreer in Malayalam Film named Sarggam. Later she was a bumber hit in all South Indian film world. She had also made a good name in Bollywood also. Her film with Salman Khan, Juduwa was a super duper hit.

NIA Deputy Director in Cochi

The Deputy Director of National Investigation Agency Sivaprakash Balaji IPS reached Cochi. The DD, NIA came to Cochi to evaluate the improvement of 6 investigations conducting by National Investigation Agency. Shri. Sivaprakash Balaji IPS is a senior official in Uthar Pradesh Cader.

America Blames Hameed Karzai

The US government blamed Afgan President Hameed Karzai. One meeting was fixed on May 12 with US Government Officials and Afgaan President Hameed Karzai. Recently the speach of Hameed in a meeting with Afgan Tribal leaders, Hameed opined that he will not allow the foriegners to interfere in the domestic political maters of Afganisthan. Reports says that the speech of Hameed Karzai made US Officials angry. Meanwhile the American officials reported that the statement made by Hameed Karzai is very provoking and he did forgetted the American Army persons who were killed in the Afgan War. Amerca will be watching all movements of Hameed Karzai very strictly. Recently the leader of US security force in Afganisthan had blamed that there is some problem to the mental health of Hameed Karzai.

Vijay Mallia the second Liquor King

The reports says the United Spirit Limited of Indian Industrialist Vijay Mallia is the world second Liquor company. The interesting fact said by report is the Vijay Mallia's company had given 100 million peg of liquor to the world in one year. The company of Vijay Mallia earned about 38,200 cores of Rupees.

One more Maoist attack against CRPF

After the heart breaking horrible attacks by the Maoists which killed 76 CRPF cops, Maoists conducted another attack against the CRPF battalion No. 62. No reports about any deaths in the attack.

Turkish Ship robbered by in Somalia

Somalian Sea hawkers luted a Turkish ship. The Ship was going to Mombasa. The hawking tooplace just before 250 nottical mile from Mombasa Sea Port. Reports says that there was 25 ship employees from Tureky. Later the Navy Departmen of European Union accepted the halking news.

Public attacked Thailand Parliament Office

Thousands of Thailand public attacked the Thai Parliament office asking to the Prime Minister Abhijith to declare election with in 15 days. The activists and workers of party belongs to former Prime Minister rushed into the Parliament office. The minister and members of parliament escaped by helicopter. The Prime minister had already departure before the incident for another meeting. Later the Prime Minister declared emergency to avoid more probles by the activists. The reports says the the former Prime Minister and the multi billionare is behind the current issues. The help of military operation with heli copters saved the life of Deputy Prime Minister and other members of the Parliament.

Kkr vs dd ipl score match 39

Kkr-181/3 (20) dd 167/8 (20) Kolkatha Knight Riders won by 14 runs

Kkr vs dd ipl score match 39

Kkr - 181/3 (20) innings breake dd yet to bat

Kkr vs dd ipl score match 39

Kkr-92/1 10.3 overs Ganguly bating on 49(41)

Kkr vs dd ipl score match 39 score

Kkr-13/0 1.3 overs

Kxip vs rs ipl score Punjab vs Rajashan ipl score match 38

Kxip- 153/6 Rr 157/ From 15 Overs Rajasthan Royals won by 9 wickets ojha 44(37)

Kxip vs rr ipl score Punjab vs Rajasthan match 38

Kxip-153/6 in 20 overs Rr-120/1 in 12.3 overs

Kxip vs Rr IPL score Kings Eleven Punjab and and Rajasthan Royals ipl score

KXIP 126/4(15) | RR yet to bat
Bopara* 7(10), Pathan 10(10)

Kxip vs Rr IPL score Kings Eleven Punjab and and Rajasthan Royals ipl score

KXIP 116/4(13.5) | RR yet to bat
Bopara* 3(6), Pathan 4(7)

Kxip vs Rr IPL score Kings Eleven Punjab and and Rajasthan Royals ipl score

KXIP 113/4(13.1) | RR yet to bat
Pathan* 2(4), Bopara 2(5)

Kxip vs Rr IPL score Kings Eleven Punjab and and Rajasthan Royals ipl score

KXIP 110/4(12.3) | RR yet to bat
Bopara* 0(1), Pathan 2(4)

Kxip vs Rr IPL score Kings Eleven Punjab and and Rajasthan Royals ipl score match 38

KXIP 109/4(12) | RR yet to bat
Pathan* 1(1), Bopara 0(1)

Kxip vs Rr IPL score Kings Eleven Punjab and and Rajasthan Royals ipl score

KXIP 108/3(11.3) | RR yet to bat
Jayawardene 45(32)

Shoaib to Divorce Aysha Siddique, No problem for Marriage of Sania & Shoaib

All complications and problems are solving in the marriage of Indian tennis girl Sania Mirza and Pakistan former cricket captain Shoaib Malik. Malik is now ready to divorce Aysha Siddique his former wife. Shoaib's parents advised malik to sign the divorce Aysha Siddique. As he is ready to sign the divorce notice at present there is no threats for Sania Mirza's marriage with Shoaib Malik. The marriage will be take place on April 15. Sania will be married by Shoaib Malik as his second wife.

Gujarat Riot: Supreme Court ordered to Remove two officials

In the Gujarat Riot case, the Supreme Court of India ordered to remove two main officials fro the investigation. The two officals were blamed with allegations early. The court ordered to enquire about the allegations about the enquiry officials of Gujart Riot. The Supreme Court of India ordered to remove senior IPS officers Shivanand Ghja and Geetha Gogry from the enquiry team.

The High Court of Chennai not to release Nalini

The High Court of Chennai ordered that no need to release Nalini who is in jail for Rajiv Gandhi Marder case. The advocate of Nilini had filed filed for appeal in the High Court of Channai against the Tamil Nadu Government Committee which advised to not to release Nalini. The court said in the case that Nalini is not eligible to get freedom from jail as she had done such cruel crime. The court also explained that Nalini got the highest consideration to got reduced her punishment as life long from the sentensed to death punishment.

Government of India to act against Maoits

The Government security agencies are started the count down to answer the maoists for the horrible attack they conducted against the CRPF force. The Secretary to Union Home ministry reported that there will same reaction from the Government's side. The Prime Minister had called for an urgent meeting of National Security council members. The Govenment had understand the recend horrible attack of maoists at Chathisgarh as reply to the visit of P. Chithambaram and his speach againist the Maoist activities. So the Government is with serious with the current problems and threats by Maoist activities.