Paul Octopus is no more for a new prediction

Paul octopus is no more for a new predictions. The Octopus Paul who became famous and accurate with its World cup foot ball predictions died. Its prediction about the Russian election is kept sealed and will be announced after the Russian Election.

T-shits and so many products in which the name of Octopus Paul is super duper hit now.

Rajasthan Royals for another IPL match - Latest Regional News

Mumbai: Rajasthan Royals the winners of 2008 IPL final moving to Bombay High Court against BCC. By order of Board of Control for Cricket on October the IPL T20 2008 winners were terminated from the coming IPL tournaments. Manoj Badale, the Chairman of Rajasthan Royals team has convened a press meeting and shared their plan to move High Court of Bombay against the Cricket Board . Chief Executive officer S2 global productions Pvt Ldt. and queen of bollywood Shilpa Shetty and Co-owner of Rajasthan Royals Raj Kundra were present in the press conference. Latest regional news Reports from New Delhi says that famous Supreme court lawyer Harish Salve will appear for Rajasthan Royals. Also the news reports says that the Rajasthan Royals have made several attempts to solve the problem through their advocate Salve by discussing with BCCI members.Major share holder of Rajasthan Royals Suresh Chellaram was suspended from the franchise who was brother-in-law or Lalit Modi.

News report by: Neeraj Reddy, Latest Regional News, Mumbai for Newsvision

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India VS Australia | Cricket score

In the one day international cricket match between India and Australia India won the toss and elected to field first. The one day match is at VCDA stadium, Visakhapattanam. Australia scored 12 runs from 4.4 overs with loss of one wicket. India have world ranking of 3 and Australia have 1st rank in one day ranking. Australia lost Shaun Marsh' wicket in zero runs. Tim Paine  is bating with 7 runs. Ashish Nehra had got the first wicket in this match