Anna Hazare may end his vow of silence within three to four days

Anna Hazare on Monday said that he plans to end his vow of silence within three to four days and would also undertake a tour of the country so to meet his supporters nationwide.

Hazare said that the thought of giving up 'maun vrat' was throughout playing on his mind. He added that all his supporters think that its appropriate to end his 'maun vrat' and rather focus on holding discussions on the same, which would benefit more.

The campaigner said that he would conduct a nationwide tour and meet all the young men and women, farmers, working class people, school children from all around the world who were a part of this anti-corruption movement and at times also went to jail for the sake of the cause.

He has led two successful campaigns against anti-corruption in New Delhi in April and August, resulting in the government agreeing to its demand for a strong Lokpal Bill and passing it in its winter session of Parliament. And Team Anna's version of the proposed ombudsman legislation, was passed in the Parliament.

He said that he would also continue his struggle for right to reject the candidates in the poll fray and right to recall those selected.

Though Hazare started his vow of silence on October 16, he has been putting forward his views through his writings that are then read out through his aides or through his blog.

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Over 5K children raped, another 1,408 murdered in 2010

According to a government report, as many as 5,484 children were sexually assaulted and 1,408 ohers were killed in different parts of the country last year. The National Crime Records Bureau data depicted a gloomy picture about the crimes committed against children which says that around 10,670 children were also kidnapped or abducted during the year in various states and union territories.
In Uttar Pradesh, 315 children were killed while 1,182 children were sexually assaulted in Madhya Pradesh during the period, which was th highest in these two categories of crimes. It said that there were 211 incidents of murder of children in Maharashtra, another 200 such cases in Bihar and 124 victims in Madhya Pradesh.
Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh recorded 747,451 and 446 cases of sexual assault respectively in the last year. Similarly , 382 and 369 such incidents came to light in Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. In Delhi, 29 children were murdered and 304 others were raped in 2010.
The highest number of kidnapping in the country is being reported as 2,982, followed by Bihar (1359), Uttar Pradesh (1,225), Maharashtra (749), Rajasthan (706), Andhra Pradesh (581) and Gujarat (565).
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Willing to appear before JPC again on 2G scam

CAG Vinod Rai has offered to appear before the JPC looking into the 2 G spectrum allocation scam once again after the backdrop of dispute over the figure of Rs.1.76 lakh crore loss in the 2 G spectrum allocation. Mr. Rai recently wrote to JPC offering to make himself along with his officials available whenever their assistance is sought.
Mr. Rai along with other officials appeared before the JPC on May 30 to brief the panel on CAG report on 2G spectrum allocation. The CAG said that his officials have made their best efforts to supply the JPC with all the documents and records required by it on the same issue.  Meanwhile,  Mr. Rai and his deputy Rekha Gupta will explain to the PAC (Parliament's Account Committee) on Monday on how the CAG arrived at the Rs.1.76 lakh crore figure.
R.P.Singh, former Director General of Audit (Post and Telecommunications) was the lead auditor in the 2G spectrum allocation and had reportedly disputed the loss figure. Mr. Singh said that thelosses were to the tune of Rs.2,645 crore only.
Singh, who has retired from the service, has now been called upon as a witness before the PAC tomorrow. In a letter to the PAC, Singh has maintained that under RTI, information was sought by an applicant requiring the copies of the correspondance between him and office of the CAG. He also forwarded the draft audit report and other related documents to the PAC.
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5 more cribs deaths in Bardhaman hospital

Five more babies died at Bardhaman Medical College and Hospital, days after death of 13 babies were reported from the premier hospital in West Bengal district but the authorities maintained that there was nothing unusual in the alarming death figures which was sited as normal. A senior hospital official said that three babies lost their lives in the paediatric ward and two in the nursery where new borns are kept since Saturday, due to low weight. Principal Dr. Choudhary said that he hasinformation that the five babies have lost their lives within 24 hours while one of them is a stillborn baby.
Dr. Choudhary added that it can be very well asserted that the reason for such baby deaths is due to their low weight. But the hospital always tries to avert a single such incident and they are monitoring the situation. Four days back 12 babies had died at the hospital and one on Thursday and the hospital authorities had claimed the one-to-three days old babies were underweight  and suffering from diseases like jaundice, encephalitis and septicemia.
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Digvijay suffering from "foot and mouth" syndrome: BJP

BJP on Saturday criticized Digvijay Singh for attacking Sri Sri Ravishankar, saying he was suffering from "foot and mouth" syndrome and has asked the Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi whether the Congress leader was their spokesperson. BJP spokesperson Rajiv Rudy said to the reporters that they needed specific answer with respect to the question they had raised either from Sonia Gandhi or from Rahul Gandhi, whoever it shall be.
Rudy later recalled a statement of Singh made in December 2010 in which he had reportedly said that whatever he does and says, he has the blessings of Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. He said that he is least interested to name the Congress General Secretary who is suffering from foot and mouth syndrome and has been mocking Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and now Sri Sri Ravishankar.
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Kudankulam: expert committee meets for the first time

An expert committee comprising of 15 members who were set up to relieve the fears over Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant met on Saturday for the first time to hold discussions on its future course of action even as the relay fast by locals demanding scrapping of the project entered the twelfth day.
Department of Atomic Energy Sources said that thirteen members met three top officials of Atomic Energy Commission and Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NCPIL). It was held as only an introductory meeting so as to discuss its future course of action on the same matter.
As per the report from the sources, during the meeting the DAE presented before the members three memoranda detailing the department's stand and that of the protester's background data and basic issues that has to be addressed. The expert panel has also requested the NPCIL tp provide them with certain basic data for their reference purpose.
The committee members included Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Srikumar Banerjee and NPCIL Chairman S K Jain. They said that former union secretary and an expert from the IIT Bombay could not attend the meeting, since they had some other commitments. The panel has planned to meet again on November 7.
Earlier, Mr. Banerjee had said that minimum activity was necessary to maintain the KNPP's health and future. He said while arriving at the airport that since the hot run was over the Kudankulam Power Plant  which had come very close to completion, it was necessary to provide with adequate cooling systems to continue in circulation.
He said that the coolant should not be allowed to rust as it shall create problems in future. Minimum maintenance activity was required so as to keep up the health of the plant and its future. Despite assurances from scientists and the state government and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's announcement of an expert team to relieve their fears, the protesters have not surrendered and are continuing their stir.
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50 feared killed in suspension bridge collapse in Arunachal Pradesh

At least 50 people were feared killed when a suspension bridge over the Kameng river in Arunachal Pradesh collapsed today evening.
Superintendent of police Kime Aya said that causalities occurred when the villagers who had set out to hunt were crossing the bridge at around 5:30 pm.
He said that the entire bridge collapsed with all those on it falling into the river.
He said that two people however managed to swim safely but around 50 others were feared dead. He added that the swift current in the river was hindering rescue operations.
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Sixteen more babies died in West Bengal's hospital raising the death toll to 29

Four more babies lost their lives in Kolkata's B C Roy's Children's Hospital, besides twelve newborns in the Burdwan Medical College, taking the death toll in two government hospitals in West Bengal to 29 on Friday. Through the cribs death it has raised a question as to medical care in the paediatric hospitals in the state, and the hospital authorities claimed that there was nothing unusual about it. Authorities said today that so far twelve babies have died at Burdwan Medical College and other hospitals in the district and four at the B C Roy's Children's Hospital since yesterday.
Burdwan Medical College and Hospital Deputy Superintendent Tapas Kumar Ghosh said that the one-to –three days old babies were underweight and suffering from jaundice, encephalitis and septicemia. He said that the doctors did their best to save the lives of the babies, but all were born with critical complaints at the hospital where 160 infants were being treated against is capacity of 60 beds. In Kolkata, at the B C Roy Children's Hospital, another four babies lost their lives  raising the death tol to 17 in the past three days.
Superintendent Pal said that there was nothing unusual about the death of the babies , mostly below one month, as they were admitted in the hospital in a critical condition. And added that on an average , five infants death occurred in the hospital of the daily admission of nearly 300, mostly referred by District Hospitals. Pal admitted that the hospitals were overburdened with patients referred from district hospitals and they tried to give the best of their care to babies who were admitted in the hospital. The Health department yesterday, gave a clean chit to the hospital  after conducting an internal inquiry into the matter.
Director of Medical Education Sushanta Banerjee said no lapse was found in the medical treatment of the babies, who were brought in a moribund condition.
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Advani escapes bomb attack in Madurai

Senior BJP Leader L.K.Advani escaped from an attack on his life in Madurai on Saturday morning. A crude pipe bomb was planted beneath a bridge in a village near Madurai in Tamil Nadu which was detected by a villager who passed by it and was later on defused.
Advani was scheduled to cross the bridge at Alampatti near Thirumangalam, about 25 kms from Madurai to reach Sriviliputhur in Virudhunagar district. Later the leader who was on Jan Chetna Yatra changed his route map and reached Sriviliputhur from where he was set to travel to Shencottah in Tamil Nadu- Kerala border.
Police said that the pipe bomb which was found out was five feet long which was hidden under a low level bridge  across a stream in Alampatti, the sources revealed the pipe to be made of  Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC).
A senior police officer revealed that the pipe was stuffed with explosives and was connected to a wire linked to a batterly which was kept half a kilometer away near to a palm tree in a deserted place. The wire was spotted by a village man named Mr.  Selvaraj (49) when he went to that place to answer nature's call and informed the village elders, who in turn alerted the police. Even Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) rushed to the spot. Senior police officer and BDDS personnel rushed to the spot and removed the crude bomb. It was latern on taken to the forest area and there they defused the bomb. A police official revealed that the bomb contained 7 kg of high explosive gelatin gel.
The detection of crude bomb on the route of Advani has caused a serious intelligence failure. And reportedly this is the third incident of crude bomb taking place in Madurai this year. The recent incident was on September 29 when a crude bomb was found inside a private bus.
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Kolkata child deaths: Govt gives clean chit to hospitals

The West Bengal government on Thursday gave a clean chit to the B.C.Roy's Children's Hospital after 13 infants died since Tuesday, hoding there was no medical negligence or any default from the part of the hospital authorities. The government reached into such conclusion after the State's largest referral hospital for children inquirred into the deaths of children and submitted a report on it. Director of Medical Education Sushnata Banerjee said that after considering the report send to them, they couldn't find any negligence or lapse from the part of the hospital authorities. Hospital Superintendent Dilip Pal told the reporters that two more babies died on Thursday in the hospital raising the death toll to 13.
Dr. Pal added that this is not abnormal as most of the referred cases are extremely criticl and brought in a moribund state. Dr. Pal said that the condition of the babies were in a critical condition when they were brought for admission at the last stage.
He said that the best treatment was given to its patients and said that the referral hospital was burdened with a high rate of admission mostly referred from district hospitals. Dr. Pal said an inquiry committee was appointed so as to probe into the matter and to submit a report to the Health Department. He said now the situation at the hospital was normal and admission was going on as usual.
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Anna Hazare to continue vow of silence

Anna Hazare on Thursday decided to continue his maun vrat as his health is not permitting him to break it even as all his team is meeting this Saturday to discuss the controversies surrounding it. Hazare will not attend the core committee meeting of the Team scheduled to be held in the Capital. Hazare said that his health is not permitting him to give up his maun vrat. He added that maun vrat helps him to heal his body from inside and outside. Hence to keep his physical condition in mind, he has decided to continue with his maun vrat. Hazare is to begin his maun vrat on October 16 at his native village in Maharashtra for peace of soul. Hazare has shifted from his residence from the Padmavati Temple Complex to his old residence, Yadavbaba Temple Complex in his village.
Team Anna is engulfed in a serioes of controversies in the past few days, including Prashant Bhushan in the team following his controversial remarks in Kashmir following the alleged financial misconduct by Anand Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. The meeting comes after the resignation of two prominent activists P V Rajagopal and Rajinder Singh from the core committee, apparently unhappy over the movement moving towards party politics.
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Rajat Gupta, former Goldman Sachs Director, pleads not guilty in insider trading case, released on bail

Rajat Gupta, who pleaded not guilty of any charges of securities fraud and that he passed confidential information to his billionaire friend Rajaratnam while he was the Director of the Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble, was released on bail on Thursday on a $10 million bond. The 62-year-old American-Indian had pleaded for guilty at a District Court on Thursday. He was released on a $10 million bond, secured by his home in Connecticut.
Meanwhile, Gupta had made his appearance in US magistrate court in New York before Judge Kevin Fox. Following his presentment, he will be brought before the US District Judge Jed Radkoff in the US District Court, southern district of New York.
Gupta, who surrendered before the FBI, was prosecuted on securities fraud. He was accused of sharing confidential information about investments at Goldman Sachs with Hedge Fund Manager Rajaratnam, the Sri Lankan born founder. He is charged with conspiracy charge of committing securities fraud and faces a minimum penalty of five years in prison on the consporacy charge and 20 years in prison on account of fraud charges. Gupta, has also been asked to travel within the continent of United States.
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Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy under fire over corruption charges

Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy is facing five corruption charges over the finalization of Rs.256 crore anti-pollution plant, during his period as Chief Minister in the year 2006. Opposition Party (CPM) moved an adjournment motion in the Assembly to discuss a letter that surfaced in the media on Monday about a letter which Chandy had wrote to the Chairman of the Supreme Court monitoring committee in 2005-2006 as Chief Minister to extend the time to commission a pollution control plant at the State Owned Travancore Titanium Products Limited (TTPL) in Trivandrum. The opposition party alleged that this was a corrupt deal to give the nod to central public sector unit to set up the plant at an inflated coast of Rs.256.10 crore. But Chandy rejected the oppositions demand for a CBI probe stating the matter was pending in the court and saying it was not right to take a decision in this regard. Thomas Issac of CPI-M while moving the motion said that undue haste was shown by Chandy who had signed the deal for a pollution plant at the end of his last term. Issac said that the entire project was fragmented by our government when the implementing agency hiked the project cost from Rs.256.10 crore to Rs.144 crore. The CAG has also pointed out serious flaws in the contract.
Issac demanded for a Rs. 100 crore corruption deals in this and further demanded Chandy's resignation. The then State Minister Kareem said the deal was a corrupt one and on two occasions they asked the CBI to probe into the scam but it was not allowed by them. Chandy in response said that he is ready to face all the consequences and wrote three letters to the Chairman of the Supreme Court monitoring committee. Leader of Opposition V.S Achuthanadan intervened in the matter and asked if the government was willing to order a CBI probe. Chandy, in reply said that the matter is under the scrutiny of the court and it would be premature to order the CBI to look into the probe.
At this, Achuthanandan led the entire opposition out of the house and through a voice vote, the treasury bench dismissed the adjournment motion.
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Militants strike for the second day in Kashmir, 5 injured

Suspected militants today exploded a grenade at a crowded market place in Anantnag injuring five civilians in the attack in two days even as the police arrested two terrorists of Pakistan based LeT from Sopore.
A police spokesperson said that unidentified militants hurled a grenade at a crowded market place in Bejbehara town, 45 kms from Srinagar- Jammu National Highway. He said that the grenade exploded outside a shop injuring five civilians. So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. As per the police report it stated that the passing police vehicle was apparently the target of the attack but the grenade missed the vehicle. Police sources said that the police forces immediately cordoned off the spot but no one has been arrested so far. Suspected militants yesterday carried out two grenade attacks in Srinagar in a span of span of about five minutes injuring three CRPF jawans. They also shot at and injured a policeman in Anantnag District. Police said that two militants of Pakistan LeT outfit who were allegedly tasked to carry out fresh grenade attacks were arrested last evening. Superintendent of police, Sopore, Imtiyaz Hussain said that Bilal Ahmad Mir and Javid Ahmad Mir were arrested and two grenades seized from them at a checkpoint in Sopore town.
He however said the duos were not linked with Tuesday's grenade attacks in Srinagar and Shopian.
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Insider Trading Scam: Raja Gupta surenders before FBI

Former Goldman Sachs Director, Rajat Gupta, one of the most prominent Indian-American, on Wednesday surrendered before the FBI in New York in connection with a massive insider trading scam. An FBI official told the reporters on condition of anonymity that Gupta surrendered to the Manhattan office of the FBI in New York at 8:10 am today. The official said that the kind of charge levelled against the 62-year-old Gupta was that the charges against him are expected to be filed later in the day. When asked specifically whether Gupta had been arrested the official said that he has surrendered to the FBI and once in the FBI custody, he is under arrest. He came under the scanner after prosecutors charged his Sri Lankan born Hedge fund billionaire friend Raj Rajaratnam on insider trading charges. Rajaratnam had been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment.
Securities Law prohibits company insiders from exposing corporate secrets to those who earn profit from them. Mr. Gupta, who is a native of Kolkata had a impressive rise to corporate success after he graduated from Harvard Business School. He had advised business leaders like General Electric's Jeffrey Immelt and Henry Kravis of the private equity from the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company. He had also served as special adviser to the United Nations.
Mr. Gupta's name emerged in the insider trading scheme a week before Rajaratnam's trial in March, when the Securities and Exchange Commission filed an administrative proceedings against him accusing him of revealing confidential information about Goldman Sachs and Procter and Gamble to Rajaratnam, who then traded on the information and earned profit out of the same.
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40-year-old rapped, her daughter killed

A 40-year-old woman wa allegedly rapped and her 17 –year-old daughter was murdered in a village named Bhai Rampur. As per the police report, they claim the incident to have occurred on October 22. In the report, the woman accused three persons, including the husband of village pradhan for the accusation of the said offences. She also alleged that her neighbour Naresh knocked at her door and asked for a hammer for repairing purpose. When she opened the door, she could find her neighbour Naresh as well as his friend Jaleel Ahmad (husband of village pradhan) and Bhup Singh. She alleged that all the three persons entered her home by using force and pushed her to the ground and allegedly raped her. Hearing the voices, when her daughter woke up and tried to save her mother, meanwhile the accused stabbed her into death and the trio fled from the spot and still they are absconding.

Senior police officers visited the village and sent the woman for medical examination and body of the daughter for post mortem. A police official was quoted as saying that as per the post-mortem report, the reason for the daughter's death was due to a sharp edged weapon and bruises were also present on her stomach. They have started investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, Jaleel Ahmad sent a letter to the official stating that he was being used by his political competitors as a part of rivalry. Even the grls father, who is working in delhi reached the place on Saturday and joined the villagers in maintaining silence over the issue.

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Trustee Bedi's NGO quits, claims his reputation tamished

Already in the midst of various controversies, Team Anna Hazare member, Kiran Bedi today faced with a number of problems from within one of the founder members of her NGO managing her trips quit the trust claiming that his reputation has been tamished.
 Anil Bal, who is the proprietor of Flywell Travel and India Vision Foundation (IVF) run by Kiran Bedi, said the activist's defence on overcharging her hosts had conveyed the wrong impression among the public that he was responsible for inflated invoices after issuing the tickets at a cheaper rate.
Bal said in a statement that what has happened which has unnecessarily tamished reputation wherein he has decided to resign as a trustee of IVF with an immediated effect and have aso requested the IVF to engage another travel agent for their travel needs.
He added that the amount to the credit of  IVF in the records in being refunded to the account of IVF by the issue of a crossed cheque to close the alredy existing account.
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China welcomes Manmohan's statement on border issue

China on Tuesday welcomed the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement on peaceful resolution of border issue, saying that Beijing was ready to work with New Delhi to address the pending problems and to enhance the strategic partnership between the countries.
Dr. Singh had said last week that he was convicted that the Chinese leadership was in need of a peaceful resolution of all the problems between the two countries, including the prevalent border dispute. He also blamed the media in India and China for highlighting the differences between both the countries.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry while responding to Dr. Singh's statement said that China was ready to work with India to enhance the China-India strategic partnership. Dr. Singh said last week that the border issue was a long standing problem and it was his hope to find ways and means by which the two neighbours can live peacefully and they are committed to live in peace and tranquility in border cases.
The two countries are scheduled to conduct a fifteenth round of talks on the border issue, but the officials said that they still did not agree with the dates. Chinese State Counsilor Dai Bingguo, designated special representative of the negotiations, will travel to New Delhi to hold talks with National Security Adviser Shivashankar Menon.
Mr. Menon said that the negotiations had made steady progress.
However, still the two-sides are deadlocked in the second of the three stages of negotiations. And added that they were unable to agree on a framework, and have not begun the process of demarcating the border.
The first stage was concluded in the year 2005 with an agreement signed during the Chinese Premier Wen Jibao's visit to India. The final stage is to involve the actual process of delineating the border in maps and on the ground.
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Goa politician acquitted in Russian woman rape case

A local Goan court on Monday has acquitted Goa politician, who was accused of rapping a Russian tourist girl aged 25 years in the year 2009.
The District and Sessions Court of Margao on Monday pronounced the accused John Fernandes, who was chargesheeted for rapping the Russian girl, was held not guilty of the crime.
As per the chargesheet filed by the CBI, John had raped the woman on December 1, 2009 in his car by offering her a lift from Colva beach to her room back in Benaulim, 5 kms away from Margao.
The victim had alleged that John spiked her drink and took adavantage of the situation. John had met the victim and another Russian woman at the Colva beach.
He had unsuccessfully in the 2007 Goa legislative Assembly election on SGF ticket from Benaulim constituency and was absconding over a month after the case was registered.
 He had surrendered before the CBI on January 6, 2010.
Police had registered a case under Scetion 376 and 201 of IPC for rape and destruction of evidence.
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Kiran Bedi to return excess money to organisers

Team Anna member, Kiran Bedi on Monday said that members of her trust had instructed her travel agent to return the excess amount to the hosts, following the allegations that she had inflated  the travel expenses when invited by the NGO's for seminars.
The trustees of Bedi's India Vision Foundation have further asked her to strictly travel as per the invite.
Controversy erupted following  a report in a newspaper that she sometimes charged business class tickets while travelling economy class.
It claimed to be in possession of bills, invoices and copies of cheques which shows that the former cop, who is entitled to rebate on Air India tickets as a gallantry award winner, pays discounted fares but charges her host institutions the full fare.
Bedi said that she has not got any personal gains from it.
The organisations voluntarily pay him for business class tickets but save money for travels which are  for good causes but cannot provide any remuneration and there is no personal gain.
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Delhi HC blast: Malik and Dev sent to judicial custody

A Delhi Court on Monday has sent Aamir Abbas Dev and Wasim Akram Malik, the suspected accused of Delhi High Court blast case which took place on September 7, has been sent to judicial remand for 14 days after the NIA has submitted the report stating that it does not require their custody.
Special NIA Judge has ordered to sent both the accused Dev and Malik to Tihar Jail till November  8 after the probe agency said his custodial interrogation was over.
Malik was produced before the judicial custody by the NIA after the expiry of his three-day custody while Dev was already in the judicial custody. Malik remained in the judicial custody for a total of 17 days.
The investigation agency have termed Malik, Jammu and Kashmir native studying Unani medicine in Bangladesh, which is a key link in the conspiracy behind the blast outside Gate Number 5 of the High Court on September 7 which left 15 dead and over 70 injured.
Earlier, NIA had sought Malik's custody on the ground that certain developments were taking place and they werelikely to arrest more people in this connection.
NIA has also seized three mobile phones from Jammu and Kishtwar residences of Malik.
A Metropolitan Magistrate had earlier recorded Dev's testimony under Section 164 of the CrPC, in camera proceedings.
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2G case: CBI does not oppose bail plea of Kanimozhi and 4 others

The bail application of Kanimozhi and five other accused in the 2 G spectrum scam case today with the CBI not opposing the Delhi Court's bail order which has resrved its order for November 3.
Kanimozhi, Kalaignar TV MD Shrad Kumar, Directors of Kusegaon Fruits & Vegetables Asif Balwa, Rajiv Agarwal and Bollywood Producer Karim Morani, today moved their bail plea in the wake of framing of charges against them.
The CBI though did not raise any objections in the bail plea of the above stated accused but it raised objections on the bail plea of Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Balwa and former minister A Raja's former private secretary R K Chandolia , saying the charges levelled against them carry seven years imprisonment as maximum sentence.
Special Public Prosecutor U U Lalit while stating reasons for opposing the bail said Kanimozhi and four others faced specific charges apart from IPC Section 120-B (criminal conspiracy), which prescribes only 5 years as maximum punishment.
Lalit told the Special CBI judge OP Saini that they are opposing the bail pleas of Chandolia and Shahid Balwa.
Lalit added that the bail should be granted to them but subject to discretion of the court which may impose certain conditions to ensure their presence during their hearing.
The charges framed against Kanimozhi and four others is under Section 409 of IPC (criminal breach of trust), which carries life sentence as maximum punishment apart from Criminal Conspiracy.
He said the specific charges framed against Kanimozhi and four others also includes offences under the provision of the Prevention of Corruption Act, which carries five years as the maximum punishment.
Lalit said that he would humbly submit and request the court to consider the bail pleas of the above stated five accused.
The court is expected to pronounce the order on all the seven bail pleas on November 3 after Advocate Vijay Agarwal, appearing for Shahid Balwa and Chandolia, wrapped their arguments on their bail pleas.
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Delhi becomes first state to have children's courts

Around 450 cases have been registered so far in the Delhi Court specially for the children's which was set up in the month of July. Delhi has been reported as the first state to open such courts for the benefit of children so as to carry out fast and speedy trial of crime against children.
The initiative to open such courts was taken by the Delhi Commission for Protection of Children Rights (DCPCR), which approached the Delhi High Court citing law that guarantees the setting up of children courts.
DCPCR Secretary XK Mehta told the reporters that the main objective of setting up such a court is to provide speedy justice, relief and care to the children who are victims of criminal offence and expeditious disposal of such cases.
He said, so far 450 cases have been registered where minors are the victims have landed in the childrens court which have started hearing the cases so that the childrens are given justice without undue delay.
Also added that the Delhi has become the first state in the country to have established courts for the children.
He said that the high court in the year 2010 designated 11 children's court in all the 11 districts of the national capital. Also added that the children's court and juvenile courts are not one and the same.
He said that Juvenile court is a tribunal having special authority to try and pass judgements for crimes committed by children or adolscents. Chidren's who has suffered due to an forms of violence or crimes.
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Teenager gangraped in city of Bhubhaneshwar

A 16 year-old teenager was allegedly raped by three men while she was waiting to catch a bus at the Baramunda Bus Stand within Khandagiri police limits on Wednesday night. The matter came into limelight when the girl was rescued and subsequently shifted to a shelter house on Thursday.
Though the girl claims that she had filed a complaint in the police station regarding the claim but the police refuses this conetntion of the girl and stated that shehas not filed any FIR so far. She said that, while she was waiting in abus stop to catch a bus so as to go to her uncles house. A man approached her and offered her some cold water. Later he took her to his house and raped her. Also two of his friends  forced themselves upon her.
The girl said that she had fled from her house in Cuttack as a result of the torture she had undergone from her parents.
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Tamil Nadu Minister Karuppasamy died

Tamil Nadu Minister, C Karrupasamy, died at a private hospital in the city on Saturday afternoon owing to his illness. He was undergoing treatment in the hospital for cancer.
He was 56 years old and is survived by his wife and a daughter and a son.
Karrupasamy was alloted the plot of Animal Husbandry when the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Ministry headed by Jayalalithaa came into power in May.
Subsequently, his portfolio was changed from Animal Husbandry to Sports and Youth Welfare.  After he was hospitalised in late July, he was made the Minister without protfolio.
Karrupasamy was one among the four legislators who were elected to the Assembly in the year 1996 when the AIADMK routed in.
Since then, he was elected four times in the constituency. He was the Minister  during the previous AIADMK regime in 2002.
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2G Case:Charges framed against Raja, Kanimozhi and 15 other accused

The 2 G spectrum case has took a new diversion with a Delhi court framing charges against all the 17 accused including the former Telecom Minister A Raja and DMK leader Kanimozhi.
Special Judge O P Saini also ordered that the trial of the case will begin from November 11 with all the accused refusing to plead guilty to the said offences.
The judge in his 700 pages order said that the accused is charged under Sections 120 B (criminal conspiracy) read with 409 (criminal breach of trust), 420 (cheating), 468 and 471 (forgery) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 7 and 11 read together with Section 12 and 13 (2) and 13(1b) of the Prevention Corruption Act.
While framing charges, the judge observed that there is evidence against A Raja, his former secretary R K Chandoli and former telecom secretary Siddhartha Behura.
The accused can now move for bail as observed by Supreme Court during the hearing of the bail petition of Kanimozhi.
The judge also added that evidence is there for framing of charges against Reliance Telcom Ltd, Swam Telecom Ltd and Unitech Wireless Ltd.
He also said that evidence has been brought by the CBI against the executives of all the corporations who were involved in this case.
The judge said that there was prima facie evidence against Kalaignar TV's  MD Sharad Kumar and Bollywood filmmaker Karim Morani.
The court found prime facie evidence against all the above stated offences and against all the above mentioned officials.
The court had reserved its order on Ocober 14 after hearing day-to-day arguments on behalf of the accused and CBI for nearly two months.
The court in its first chargesheet dated  April 2, had charged Raja and others for causing a loss of Rs.30,984 crore to the exchequer by allocating spectrum to ineligible operators as a criminal conspiracy among themselves.
Special CBI Prosecutor  U U Lalit had argued that there was prima facie evidence against all the accused to proceed with the trial as all of them was part of a conspiracy and the intent to commit the offence may be inferred from their knowledge.
On th other hand, all the accused including Raja had opposed the framing of charges and the plea of CBI that they caused loss to the state in the grant of spectrum licence.
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Six policemen killed in Maoist ambush in Bastar

On Friday afternoon, a team of sixteen policemen riding motorcycles was ambushed by Maoists, a village away from the main town of Bastar region. Six policemen were killed and three others were injured. Vivekananda Sinha, Deputy Inspector General of Chattisgarh police said that intially two policemen were missing, but by evening they safely returned to the base.
Ratan Lal Dangi, Superintendent of police, Bastar district said that the team was travelling on a interior road when they were attacked. Also added that there was a landmine explosion followed by firing.
The policemen had been sent from Darbha police station to Netanar village on Friday morning. Later on Thursday night, the Maoists attacked a forest guest house and other buidings in Netanar. The team had gone for a spot verification where they had to undergo the attack while returning back.
Netanar lies on the northern area of Kanger Valley National Park, a 200 kilometres forest reserve, south west of Jagdalpur. The area is under the control of Darbha committee of CPI Maoists. Darbha is one of the administrative area of Bastar district.
However, this is the second time the Maoists have triggered an IED explosion in Bastar district this month. On October 7, the Maoists had attacked and exploded a landmine under NH 16, connecting Jagdalpur and Dantewada, killing two jawans of SSB.
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Woman tried to muzzle rape victim, booked

A trial court has ordered for initiation of criminal proceedings against a woman, who allegedly persuaded a 75 year old rape victim against identifying her alleged rapist- for intimidating witnesses.
The women is identified as Renu, along with the victim's daughter in the case, has tried to coax the victim to turn hostile during the proceedings. The case came into limelight when the court's record keeper, Pramod Kumar, had heard when he saw  two people influencing the victims.
The court later on deferred the victim's testimony, stating she was under pressure. While sending the victim to Old Age Home till November 1, the court ordered that none of her family members would approach or meet her without court's permission during her stay in Nari Niketan.
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NIA announces award of Rs.10 lakh for information on Delhi High Court blast

National Investigation Agency on Friday announced a reward of Rs. 10 lakhs for any information leading to the arrest of  three Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists in connection with the Delhi High Court blast which took away the lives of 15 people.
All the three namely Junaid, Shakir Hussain Sheikh and Amir Ali Kamal are the residents of Kishtwar district of Jammu region and have been accused by the NIA of playing a very crucial role in the conspiracy which led to the Delhi High Court bomb blast on September 7, 2011.
The age of Junaid, has been mentioned as 19 years, whose brother Wazim is still in the NIA custody who is accused of several terrorists case in Kishtwar region. It is stated that he is being played an active role since last year.
However, the family contends that he was only 16 years old when he was kidnapped by Hizbul Mujahdieen militants last year when he had gone for appearing the 10th board exams as an act of revenge. Financer and recruiter of Hizb terror group, Azhar Ali was arrested on the information from the family.
The NIA had announced a cash reward of Rs.10 lakhs for any information leading to their arrest with an assurance that the identity of the informer would be kept secret.
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Gaddafi hit by bullets in head, stomach; fighters drag body

Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled Libya for more than a decade, was shown on Thursday in TV footage being dragged and manhandled by the fighters who overthrown him.

An English channel broadcasted on Thursday an exclusive footage showing the body of Libya's ruler Gaddafi being dragged by rebels along a street.

In various images, Gaddafi was shown in what appeared to sand-coloured fatigues which clearly showed that his face was splattered with blood and his left shoulder  awash in red as fighters hauled him up off the ground. He is also supposed to have a wound over his head.

It appeared that Gaddafi was being loaded into the back of a pick-up truck where his body was surrounded by several people. Blood had been wiped onto the trousers of some who were lifting him.

Libyan television said that Gaddafi had suffered bullet wounds to the stomach and head.

Initially the dead body was shown face down on the ground, but part of the shirt was put around his head by those around him to roll him over and reveal the former leader's face to the camera.

The body was not wearing a t-shirt and one person was using a camera phone to take shots of the former leader.

Al Jazeera said the images from the ambulance were the first of Gaddafi's body arriving in the city of Misrata. His face was covered with blood, and one of people around him pointed to a wound to his head which looked like a bullet hole.

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