US school shooting: 20 children among 28 dead

The shooting indecent held at Newtown, Connecticut is too brutal. How these kind of mentally disordered persons manages dangerous weapons and guns. What those innocent students do for him. What we can do is just pray for the soul. I can not imagine or think about what kind of agony this is.
What will be the motive to do such a brutal murders. Killing 20 innocent students simply with guns. Is it a matter of cruelty? or a case of mental disorder. Where there is not proper gun holding law? Or there is no way of social control. No meaning for law. Only what remains is just a deep condolence. I don't understand where the world is going towards.

Is this is due a lack of proper policies ? Then innocent lives of young children have been lost, nothing in this world is more painful than this. such incidents are occurring time and again.schools are becoming the easiest targets for such mindless acts of violence. the whole policy of possessing deadly arms in the United States needs urgent review in their policies?

How these US persons are getting mad? Is due their frustration in their family causes such a massive kill. How these dangerous personally disordered Adam Lanza go these kind of weapons like Glock, Sig Sauer, both pistols, and .223 caliber rifles.

What are the solutions for stopping these kind of pain and tear next time? 

It is banning weapons for ordinary people is the first step? Many of people says that it is a part of shameful legacy of American gun culture. Americans love there guns way too much to ban them. 
Where the mental health counselors gone? Where Obama's policies gone? And only remaining is his tears and insurance policies?.