Koushik Must be Punished

The Indian women hockey team coach Mr. Koushik must be punished if the statement made about him by a player is right.

There are thousands of people asked during the FIFA world cup 2010 that why India is not playing in world cup foot ball tournament?

There were was many debates and discussions about the matter.

I as a news reporter not pointing Koushik as thread, There are several Koushiks, who are not allowing the players to play in tournaments and international games with free mind.

Who thoughts about the harassment the players faces,

Who punishes the coaches ?

Who will play for India

How India will play in World cup Foot ball of Hockey

Request Government to do a cross check to the all coaches to Foot ball and hockey....

SM Krishna About Pak Talks

SM Krishna, Union Minister of India said about Pak Talks, Home secretary of Indian, G K Pillai should have been wiser than speaking on 26/11 before I went to Islamabad.

SM Krishna Said that Quereshi and Pakistanis must learn that diplomacy is about civility. i will not get into a slanging match.

SM Krishna also said that spoke to Quereshi for seven hours, not once did he raise Balochistan.

Women Hokey in India - Newsvision

Blackies Gives Birth to White !

Black colored couple shocked to give birth to a white baby in UK. The child born is blonde haired, blue eyed girl.

The Husband may doubt the lady and curious. But the couple happy to get a cute baby. There was mixed race background to the the couple. Nmachi is the third child to the couple. The Doctors are in the opinion that may be due to some genetic quirk and not of the possibility of the albino baby.

Human Genetic Engineering expert of Oxford University said as an extra ordinary as the child is white with blue eyes and the parents are completely black.

Failure in the India - Pak talks

A complete failure in the India Pakistan Talk. The Union Ministry of India is seeing the approach of Pakistan and Pak external Affairs Minister's words about Indian Minister S M Krishna as a worst one. Mean while the main opposition party BJP has came out with their opposing words about the Indo- Pak talks. Now the Indian stand is clear that there is no more debates with Pakistan.

The reports about questioning of David Hadley by the FBI came out. There words means that ISI had paid about Rs.25 Lakhs to buy boat for 26/11 Mumbai attack.

Pakisthan Minister Qureshi said that Kashimir can't be excluded from Indo - Pak talks
Pak foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Said that " If we focus more only on those issues which India gives importance to the ignore those considered important by Pakistan, then I don't think the talk can move forward".

The Rupee Symbol - A real step ahead

The new symbol for Indian Rupee is really a new step ahead by the government. The new symbol of Rupee will be built up a new financial status for India. The world economy is very much eager to see the growth of India. When many of the well build up nations faces a number of financial problems Indian economy shows the static growth in all sectors. The recent financial crises did not affect Indian economy even big economic giant nations like America, Dubhai, France faced a lot of continuous instabilities in their financial sector. For India it the perfect time to claim the financial identity. The new symbol of Indian Rupee approved by the Union cabinet will be widely accepted one among the other currencies like dollar , euro, pound, yen etc. For the international acceptance of the new symbol there are some formalities. First the international consortium should accept. The technical committee of International consortium must approve the new symbol.
-news Report by -Ashwany Metha - current news - Delhi

Tere Bin Laden - Review

Tere Bin Laden is new comedy film by Abhishek Sharma. The movie is now very widely discussed matter. Pakistan banned the release of the film Tere Bin Laden as they fear terrorist attacks. Better it should be said as Pakisthan fear Osama Bin Laden. The film world is considered as Tere Bin Laden coinciding film like Newyork, Kurbaan, My name is Khan etc.

Tere Bin Laden is completely comedy film which shares a story of a Pakisthani news reporter who is always dreaming about USA. When the visa and primary initiatives of the news reporter fails to visit America, he plays another game with a village man who resembles Osama Bin Laden. It is only a story of a journalist.  The movie Tere Bin Laden is also banned in the Middle East.

Chlorine leak in Mumbai - hospitalized 90 persons - current News

90 persons hospitalized due to the chlorine  leakage held at Seri region near to Mumbai Port. The reports says that condition of 8 persons among the hospitalized are serious. The hospitalized include 14 students of Maritime Institute.

The official reports says that the chlorine leakage held from the the port trust region, and there will be a detailed investigation in the incident. The rescue are continuing by plumbing water  to the gas cylinders to reduce the intensity of chlorine gas spread. The gas leakage took place at 4 am near to Lal Bahadur Shasthri College. Initially the near by people felt some problems for respiration. Later by the information by the resides the fire force team came and started the rescue. The Chief fire officer Uday Thakkary said that 4 fire men are hospitalized who have took part in the rescue activities.

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Deepika Padukone Hits Again

Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone again hit in the news corner. She got more acceptance when she appeared in the cans festival wearing saree. Now in the news by her dressing for Avatar. The team she lead wears nicely dress with kersey and black shorts,

The Bollywod Actress said the the media:  "The energy spared by the place on race weekend is something else. I am here to cheer for Force India who have been my favourite,"

HIV awareness may be improved

HIV, the one of the most dangerous issue in the modern world should be considered as a serious issue. As it is a wide thread to the all humanity, the awareness about HIV and AIDS can be improved. There are many projects by the initiative of World Health Organization. But the proper monitoring for the funds and initiatives taken by the WHO should be properly regulated. The successful working AIDS control societies are to be appreciated also. If necessary steps can be taken in collecting the current status about the absolute number of victims, mostly affected areas, reasons for it. The HIV and its thread to the coming generation can be easily handled.

The rehabilitation process of HIV affected persons and supply of medicines for them are another very important steps to be taken by the various responsible agencies like WHO, IMA, and the societies.

If proper awareness about the danger behind the Human immunodeficiency virus can be given to all of the people by health campaigns or volunteers, will be the clear cut step by the Authorities. 

Click here for more about HIV - from wikipedia

Achan kovil the beauty

Achan kovil the blessed beautiful place in Kollam is a forest hilly place. Lot of tourists were attracted by this place. Any type of travellers can enjoy the core beauty of this place. The recent news about sexual harassment news may be a thread to the development of this place.

Achan kovil the beauty

Achan kovil the blessed beautiful place in Kollam is a forest hilly place. Lot of tourists were attracted by this place. Any type of travellers can enjoy the core beauty of this place. The recent news about sexual harassment news may be a thread to the development of this place.

Jaganatha temple tragedy

Jaganatha temple retha yathra dips in the tragedy of one death and injury to 3. 65 years old lady named Bijayayyalekshmi Mohanthi of puri dead during the ratha yathra. The tragedy took place during pulling the cheriote by the devotties. 3 persons injuired in the incident and rescued by the volunteer. According to the news reports the injured 3 are not seriously hurt. Thousands of people participating in the ratha yathra of puri Jaganatha temple.

Why Octopus Paul Select Germany & Spain

 The logic behind the selection of flag by the octopus

only the color sense Germany' s flag contains Black, Red and yellow

When the Germany's fag is compared to countries like England, Uruguay, their flags are very light colors. So Octopus Paul will simply select the high colored German. Bu in the case of Spain, The flag color is Red, Yellow and again Red, with reddish emblem inside the yellow. It is more colorful than German so the Germany failed in the eyes of Octopus Paul......

Octopus paul to select Germany

Octopus paul the world most successful predictor in world cup football 2010 to pick the german flag next. The octopus surely select the container with german flag. Simple logic in this prediction is the color sense. The german flag is more colourful than that of uruguay 's. The german flag contains red and yellow. That colour combination will surely influence the attention of octopus paul in a great extend. Most of the tv channels in the world are about to show live the prediction of octopus paul about the third position and for the final winner in the world cup foot ball 2010.

Octopus paul prediction way

Octopus paul's prediction about foot ball matches were in a very interesting manner. The german people are to fry the octopus paul. Two plates with food for the octopus and flag of each countries will be dipped into the tank of octopus. The country will win in the foot ball match whose flag containing food the octopus eats first.

Octopus paul became famous by his wc predictions

Octopus paul became more famous by his predictions made about the world cup foot ball matches. His latest prediction about the defeat of Germany team in the semi final against spain made him more popular in the news articles. He is the hottest searched words in last 10 hours. Octopus paul is about to make his statement about the result of world cup foot ball final. Many of the media and tv channels are curiously watching about his next prediction about the world cup final.

Octopus paul's prediction hits

Octopus paul's prediction news hits the internet. The news about octopus paul's prediction in the world cup football matches made a new hit in the search queries. The prediction of defeat of Germany in the world cup foot ball semi finals made a new record in searches.

Octopus paul may predict final result

Octopus Paul 's prediction about the defeat of germany in the world cup foot ball semi final became true. Yes octopus paul may predict about the final result also. Octopus paul' 6th prediction become an amazing true.

Earthquake in South of California - World News

The southern areas of California shaken terribly with a richer scale reading of 5.9 Earthquake. The United States Geological Survey Department reported it took place in a wide area across Southern California. The Earthquake hit at 4.54 pm. The centre point of the quake was reported as Borrego Springs which is about 30 miles away from Palm springs. No major damages or injuries were reported till. People fear due to the continues shakes held. As the Earthquake took place in the evening, the night was sleepless one for the Southern Californians . Warning messages were given by the authorities in the Evening