Party Spirit

It is obvious that organized party spirit in one of the greatest dangers of our time. In the form of nationalism it leads to wards between nation, and in the other forms it leads to civil war. It should be the business of teachers to stand outside the strife of parties and endeavor to install into the young the habit of impartial inquiry, leading them to judge issues on their merits and to be on their guard against accepting expert statement of their face value. The teacher should not be expected to flatter the prejudices either of the mob or of officials. His professional virtue consist in readiness to do justice to all side, and an endeavor to rise above controversy into a region of dispassionate scientific investigation. It there are people to whom the results of his investigation are inconvenient, unless it can be shown that he has lent himself to dishonest propaganda by dissemination of demonstrable untruths. 

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Impact of Gandhism in Europe

Gandhi's moral sense had various aspects that are strange to most modern European. Matters of diet had an importance to him which is a little puzzling. In the midst of events of most enormous important, it would occur to him that he ought not to eat salt of pulse, and he would feel about this with the same earnestness that he felt about the fate of India. For example he took a vow against milk, but when he was very ill, the doctor said he would die unless he took milk. His wife pointed out to him that the word he had used in his vow applied only to the milk of the cow or the buffalo, and did not include the mink of the goat. It was therefore permissible for him to drink goat's milk. He was aware that his death would be a loss of India, and this ground he allowed himself to accept his wife's argument, although it appeared to him somewhat sophistical.

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Modern City Life

Nowadays life in cities has become dangerous for various reason. First of all, it dangerous to walk about in cities because always various kinds of vehicles keep moving at terrific speeds. The smoke released by them poisons the atmosphere, and consequently it is dangerous to breathe in this polluted air. The food that we get in cities is also lacking in purity. Nowadays, everything is grown with chemical fertilizers which may cause danger to the consumer of fruits vegetable and other things grown thus. We do not get anything that is absolutely pure. The water also is sometimes contaminated. Hence, it is better to get out of cities at least for someday every month, and to eat food which is not contaminated to breath in fresh air which conduces to excellent health.

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Best Persons in History

Most of the people who appear most ofter and most gloriously in the history books are great conquerors and generals and soldiers. Whereas the people who really helped civilization forward are often never mentioned at all. We do not know who first set a broken leg, or launched a seaworthy boat, or calculated the length of the year, or manured a field: but we know all about the killers and destroyers. People think a great deal of them, so much so that on all the highest pillars in the great cities of the worked you will find the figure of a conqueror or a general or a soldier. And I think most people believe that the greatest countries are those that have beaten in the battle the greatest number of other countries and rules over them as conquerors. It is just possible they are, but they are not the most civilized. Animals fight : so do savages; hence to be good at fighting is to good in the way in which an animal or a savage is good, but it is not to be civilized.

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Economic Development

Recently the picture of the Economic strategy is showing the trends of coming long period development growths. In the discussion about the prevailing best Human Resources in the world by country wise and continental base, India and some other Asian Counties showed a good rank. Even most of the Expert opinions about the Available best Human Resources , India and some Asian countries have scored a best rank, when comparing to other developed countries, a good percentage is being still not utilized successfully. Globally there was very much initiations were done in the field of Information Technology and Electronics Area. The whole movements in this regards activated the co-operative marketing system also. The expert opinion cannot be considered as the ultimate prediction of Economic development . When measuring our Economic Growth with the analysis of growth in domestic production (GDP), the drawbacks of the measure is to be discussed in detail . GDP per capital is not the same this as earnings per worker. Gross in Domestic Production include all final goods and services in the entire country.

First of all we must discuss how the investments affects the growth of production or not?

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Freedom of People


The contributors of Indian constitution have given their good contribution aiming a better constitution and stressing the importance of equality to every citizens. The ultimate contribution of our constituent assembly and committee in constructing our constitution is really appreciable. As the complex conditions of our social system with number of caste, sub castes, communities, religions, customs and folkways the actual frame work of Indian constitution is amazing one. There was may members from different provincial assemblies. Apart from eminent member like Jawaharlal Nehru, B. R. Ambedkar, C. Rajagopalachari, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad etc, there was more than 30 member from scheduled castes. With all representations from Indian castes and sub castes there was Anglo Indian representative, Gorgha community representative etc. Even women representation was also given preference and participative and contribute roles. The committee covered the best constructive methods and areas. Another important thing we have to accept is about the period of creation of our constitution. that is it was during the year of 1946. Now how many decades passed, how many reviews made ? is we do not have eminent personalities to cover the timely revision of our constitution?. If we read our constitution alternatively, can we live calmly and sleep sound fully?. We must thing we are lucky enough that our youngsters are ignorant in our constitution. Or the situation may explained as the creative or bloodfull persons have already selected the field of Engineering and Science, do they can claims as a perfect Indian or Indian citizen?

Why collective movements are not arising for the timely revision of our Country Guidelines or our Constitution ?

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The Election activities started all over the country as most of the parties have published the list of their candidates. In few of the cities new trends are regarding the selection of candidates. Most of the selection committee meetings of political parties finalized the candidates after a long discussion of the chances of their victory. There are many new candidates in this Loka Sabha Election. All selection committee discussions were controversial in decisions. Many conflicts and split were faced by most of the National parties. In the case of National parties there was a big stress for selecting young candidates from the party itself. But the National committees of those parties were interested to include famous personalities so that they can win the election with their popularity in their fields.

Like in all political movements the popularity will play a particular role in this coming election.

Popularity Made many political leaders and minister. According to Indian Political History there were many leaders came from Film field. In the case of film stars the support they gain from their fans and audience achieved their victories. The process of selection of election candidates who have a good support from common people worked out many times in the state of Tamil Nadu. Followed by Tamil Nadu many Northern states of the country adopted the same and gained the seats. When comparing the case of persons from film field, there also a history of address less defeats of academicians, nationally and intentionally familiar personalities.

Do the current discussion for the selection of candidates, assuming the sure victories in the coming election will work out?

Do the most modern speedy elections with Voting machines and other latest facilities will change the past election situations and Election Results ?

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Caste, Religion and Politics

In India the Caste and Religion plays a role in every elections. Even we live in a most modern developed age, the barriers made by the caste and religion remains very strong and unbreakable. The Mandal Commission was established in 1979 by Janatha Party Government under Prime Minister Shri. Morarji Desayi with a mandate to identify the socially and educationally backward. According the social condition of the country to protect the democratic ideology, special considerations are needed for the socially, economically and educationally backward society. The Mandal Commission was set up for the uplift of the backward people. In 1980 the Commission's report affirmed the affirmative action practice under Indian Law where the backward people were given eclusive access to certain portion of Government services slots of public Universities. L. R Naik only Dalit member of the Commission refused to sign the Mandal Commission recommendations because of his fear that well-to-do Other Backward Caste people would corner all the benefits of reservations.

During another Government period lead by Viswanath Prathap Singh, the prime minister at the time tried to implement the Mandal Commission recommendations in 1989. A massive protest were held against it across the country. From the time many politicians have been using the caste-based reservations in their election campaigns. In 1989 Rajiv Goswami, student of Delhi University threatened self-immolation in protest of the Government's action. His action further sparked many self-immolation incidents in many University campuses and led to a formidable movement against job reservations for Backward Castes in India.

During 1990s many political parties adopted the strategy of claiming caste based votes claiming that they are representing the backward castes. In 2006 Arjun Singh cabinet Minister of MHRD of UPA Government was accused of playing caste politics when he introduced reservations for OBCs in Educational Institutions.

In Tamil Nadu, Dravida Munnetta Kazhakam (DMK) attained the power by playing a game named Brahmin Oppression resulting in reverse discrimination against the upper caste Brahmins. After all many Tamil Brahmins have left their state due to this hostile atmosphere created against the upper class people in the State.

Can we claim or call as our Country "The Democratic Social Secular India" ?

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Regional comparison of Mood of Election

When the comparing different region or states of India the Election moods and atmosphere are different. Recently few videos are shown in prime channels about the Money and materials Offered Election campaign. The process took place in a northern district of India. These type of issued are not seriously discussed in norther region where it is common phenomena during all elections. During the Election campaigns the candidate and his workers distribute money, materials like cloth, electronic goods etc directly and very openly. The time of Election means everybody will be happy because they will get a lot of money, and such goods from Election candidates and campaigns. As this kind of process took place in most of the elections everybody will be expecting more. In southern states, like Tamil Nadu there were many similar incidents in many election. In last election few election candidates supplied money and offered a gold rings to everybody if he is elected in election. But in many literate states, the mood of election is up to the conflicts and fights for seat distribution only.

How the state of offering money, gold ornaments, and living materials by the election candidates taking place ?. By the motivation of getting power to rule the people the politicians are playing such kind games? How these persons are spending cores of rupees for their victory in election?. Any common man can think their hidden aim behind spending cores of money for getting the MP seat. If we think about the scenes played in the Greatest Indian Parliament during last few years, anybody can understand how profit motive the MPs are.

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Hike in Price for Essential Commodities

As all Economic ares are facing the Financial Crisis, in order to survive there will be a pressure to reduce the prices of goods. There are many factors which decreases all type business transactions. The Globally affected Financial crisis have created a condition which will always affect all types business activities. The total transactions are mostly affected by the crisis and the same time the all type of financial investments will also be affected by the conditions. The trends in the IT field acts like a sudden action of avoiding excess expenditure. These type actions are explained by Financial Experts as the trends developed by the fear the whole Global Financial Problems.

According to the experts, the current Financial problems were mostly affected in the areas where the investments are made mostly in Private Sectors. The wide publicity of the crises made a high pressure in all financial investments.

When comparing to other developed countries India is continuing a secure position. The Financial experts are in the view of point that the crisis affects Indian Economy very less when comparing with other countries. Experts are in the opinion that the security of Indian Economy is due to the secure Economic investments of India. Except the investment trends of 2008, a good percentage of investment is in public sector.

But another amazing matter taking place in India is the fluctuating price of Essential Commodities. In the case of Indian Economy, there was more influential factors in classic view points. The Economic graphs were all compared with the crud oil price, gold price, and dollar value. We can find that the concept of the above considered and believed affecting factors of Indian Economy is false. The Government have lowered the oil price recently but the Hike in Price of Essential Commodities. And the same time Government have no control over the Hike in Price at all.

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Power Politics

Any Political leaders claim their identity or familiarity as Social Workers.....?

Whether the Elected Representative in our Democratic System acts for their interest of the voters or the people who elected him?

What is the role of Political parties in a Democratic World?

How the harmful involvement of political parties can be controlled?

Any favorable changes in our Judicial, Legislative & Executive system can effectively influence the growth and development of the whole country?

Is the running Political System is appropriate for this Most Modern Global age?

New Age Group persons and youngsters are satisfied with the cheap political plays ?

Please send your comments...

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Election is coming

As Loka Sabha Election is coming the politicians began to appear in public places. Today I saw a lady wearing ordinary green color sari at Railway Station. She came by the same train i came, As the face was so familiar, i thought and I realize she is the siting MP of Indian Loka Sabha, yes i was right first i wondered oh she traveled in local ordinary compartment. At the same time i watched other passengers who were passing through the railway platform. I find most of people were watching her and everybody was knowing her, but no reaction in most of the faces. Suddenly i thought oh Election is coming there is nothing in that sight, is a common factor

All of the Candidates are present among the crowds

As it is festival season now, every politicians are concentrating in the festival grounds. Now a days supplying free food is prestigious program of every religious places. All of the political leaders and Loka Sabha Election candidates are concentrating to find more and more festival places, aiming common people attending the free food distribution sections.

Do all Common people plays the role of idiots ?

I do accept now that I am idiot because the person I have given my vote in last Election become an MP in Loka Sabha..........

If we analyze last election, we can remember the faces of candidates and team members canvasing us for votes. Election campaigns conducted at Government Schools, Libraries, and such public places. Most of that Government schools are no more now... May they are searching for working schools now to conduct their conventions and massive campaigns. If that representative or candidate face difficulty to find working Government School to conduct their party meeting or party convention now ? Will they do any simple things to retain the Government schools in working condition and facilities? Do they have simple common sense to know the importance of schools?. Do they know how the common people live here? If they can neglect the importance and interest of a Fellow Human Being, in which he is to be called?

I request the readers or visitors of this blog to take a photo of the Election candidate asks for your votes with your mobile camera so that you can see your MP when ever you want to see other wise you have to wait for next Election to see them in a close view.

Please try to make a comment here

thank you for your visit

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Action News

How to act with news

Here in Kerala there are news. But i am saying the truth that there is no new news.

I must say all news are new but about the old silly matters.

Group ism in all politics. The followers of all political leaders are very busy with new political dramas of their leaders. Nobody can blame the fellow beings or the followers of so called political leaders. Most of the political parties have a part or chapter deals with ideology of Group ism.

The amazing thing behind all political plays are the leading factors in splitting of a political party into groups. The power motive and material oriented cheap games are played with very lowest range in order to reach a political position. The individual interests or personal interest behind the political actors are seasonally accepted by the common people in every election with votes.

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