Regional comparison of Mood of Election

When the comparing different region or states of India the Election moods and atmosphere are different. Recently few videos are shown in prime channels about the Money and materials Offered Election campaign. The process took place in a northern district of India. These type of issued are not seriously discussed in norther region where it is common phenomena during all elections. During the Election campaigns the candidate and his workers distribute money, materials like cloth, electronic goods etc directly and very openly. The time of Election means everybody will be happy because they will get a lot of money, and such goods from Election candidates and campaigns. As this kind of process took place in most of the elections everybody will be expecting more. In southern states, like Tamil Nadu there were many similar incidents in many election. In last election few election candidates supplied money and offered a gold rings to everybody if he is elected in election. But in many literate states, the mood of election is up to the conflicts and fights for seat distribution only.

How the state of offering money, gold ornaments, and living materials by the election candidates taking place ?. By the motivation of getting power to rule the people the politicians are playing such kind games? How these persons are spending cores of rupees for their victory in election?. Any common man can think their hidden aim behind spending cores of money for getting the MP seat. If we think about the scenes played in the Greatest Indian Parliament during last few years, anybody can understand how profit motive the MPs are.

News reported by AR for News Vision - Online News Paper

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