Sunanda Pushkar's body injured, unnatural death: AIIMS doctors

AIIM's doctors revealed that the death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Sashi Tharoor was an unnatural one. The doctors of AIIMS found injury in dead body of Sundanda Pushkar.

Here are some recent tweets made by Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Shashi Taroor, Union Minister of India.

If we analyze the twitter account profile of Sunanda Pushkar, she was seen very active during every previous days excluding 17th. Sunanda Pushkar was very active in her twitter interaction during 10- to 16th January. She had made more than 25 interaction in twitter on January 10th. But on 11th January 2014 she had made more than 50 twitter interactions.On 12th January her twitter interactions exceeded 70. On 13th she had made more than 25 interactions with her twitter profile. On 14th she had only made 19 interactions. On 15th the number of twitter interactions made by Sunanda Pushkar was just 8. On 16th January she had made 25 interactions.

The following are her latest twitter interactions. It includes her tweets, replies made to tweet message came to her. Deleted messages are not included here.

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