Charge sheet againist Sufiya Ma Adaani | Regional News

Sufia MadaniThe National investigation agency NIA submitted the charge sheet against Sufiya Ma Adaani. The NIA agency investigation team identified the Coimbatore bus burning  case as a planned Anti National activity conducted in the leadership of Sufiya Ma Adaani and and Majeed Parambayi. The charge sheet submitted to special NIA court says that the Coimbatore bus case was a planned attempt after conspiracy of Sufiya Ma Adaani and Majeed. In the Coimbatore bus case the terrorist Thadiyantavida Nazir is first position in  the charge sheet and Sufiya is 10th. NIA found that Sufiya used to contact Thadiyatavida Nazir and other terrorists who was having relations with Leshker E- Thoiba. The case sheet says that the bus incident is also a part of their terrorist activities. NIA found that the planned Coimbatore bus incident was a warning to Tamil Nadu Government by the terrorist team worked under the leadership of Sufia, Nazir  and Majeed. 

Abdul Nazer MadaniThe incident took place in 2005 September 9th at Kalamassery. The team headed by Nazir made a terror situation at Kalamassery showing guns to the passengers and they burned the bus as a warning to Tamil Nadu Government for releasing Abdul Nazer Ma Adaani was in Coimbatore jail during the period in Coimbatore bomb case. Abdul Naser Ma Adani and the first person in the case Thadiyantavida Nazir are in remand in Bangalore bomb case of 2008. The NIA blames Sufiya Ma Adaani as she had took part in conspiracy with other terrorist persons  and worked against the country.

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Judges Vs Judges | News review | Regioanal News

The news development in the 2 G case the former Chief Justice of Madras High Court, H.L Goghkale came out with his words in public. H.L Goghkale blames the former Chief Justice of Supreme Court as he had handed over the complaint of Justice Reghupathi about practice by A Raja to influence the Judiciary. The public opinion of Justice Goghkale came out as a reply to Justice K.G Balakrishnan's saying as he did not got any complaint from Justice Reghupathi. Early Justice K.G Balakrishnan reported that he did not got any complaint from Justice Reghupathi regarding the practice of A Raja, former Union Minister to influence the Judiciary. 

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Actress Jayamala charged third in Sabarimala Case | Regional News

actress jayamalaIn the Sabarimala case the the first class judicial magistrate court charged  case against actress Jayamala. In 2006 the famous astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panicker had predicted that there was presence of lady in Sabarimala temple premises. His prediction about the indecent of  touching the idol of Lord Ayyappa invied controversial issues. Later actress  Jayamala had sent a fax to executive office of Sabarimala temple. But the investigation team had later identified that Jayamala had send the fax claiming that she was the person entered into the temple and touched the idol of Lord Ayyappa was a planned action as part of a conspiracy held with a person named Raghupati who was based in Bangalore. Now case has charged on actress Jayamala as her action intended to outrage religious feelings under section 295 of Indian Penal Cod. Regional News report: Kerala, India