Salma Hayek Calls Harvey Weinstein Monster and Reveals His Forced Lesbian Sexual Scene

On Wednesday, Salma Hayek became the latest woman, who came forward with allegations of harassment and bullying against producer Harvey Weinstein. In an op-ed for the New York Times, he wrote, "For many years, he was my monster" and in detailed manner he allegedly offered him repeatedly.

Salma Hayek and Husband
Harvey's Machiavellian anger came with every prohibition, "he wrote." I do not think he hates something more than the word 'no

But his attempts to come to power on Hayek were beyond mass appeal and sex. When he was making his dream project, the 2002 film Frida, Weinstein, insisted that Star added an uncut sex scene with another woman, which is full with full-nudity nudity. Hayek believed that it was the only way that the film was made, and since it was five weeks in production, then it was called "talented people" Was concerned about disappointing, whom he called Ashley Judd, Edward Norton and director Julie Tymore.

So he agreed and with that, Weinstein saw every person who prepared a witness to his misbehavior.
Salma Hayek in Film FestivalFor Hayek, there was a nightmare to shoot scenes. He was hyperventured on the morning of filming and could not stop crying; All its tension made her vomiting, and she had to take a tranquilizer to get through it

As long as the filming of the film had ended, I was so emotionally troubled that I had to remove myself during postproduction.

His story is enough to think again to a viewer how and why nudity ends in films - and does it feel the right to reject the producer of those products whose demands are in comparison to the product of their own fateish Decreases with quality.

Wenstein had a history of trying to have sex in his movies, a habit that never seemed that unless the women's knees started coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment, harassment and rape. For example, "The Night They Never Met", producing romantic comedy, for example, Waynestein attempted to threaten director Warren Lite, to become an actress for "Show Titt", Leight told

Leight refused, and in the Hollywood tales of actors, sometimes it is the same. Actress Amelie Blunt was considered inadequate in one scene in Cicciero, but she refused, because she said in an interview with Howard Stern, "We did not agree with it" (clarifying that "we" Breasts had referred to)

But Blunt is a lister with the power of bargaining, and at that time Hayek was depicting Frida, he was not. They thought they had no choice

There are many things about the imbalance of power in Hollywood and the needs of women, not to mention the decision makers. Traditional knowledge goes that more female directors mean that some women say something. However, the story of the hack reveals that a woman's brain-biting movie did not even mention the instructions written by one another - still a man had mixed. He insisted on an unnecessary sex scene, he wrote, which was not with an actress but had a power play, but also a part of a pattern that makes no nudity normal.

Salma Hayek in FridaNow that we are floating in allegations against people in the industry and beyond, it is impossible to not see their work in a little different light. Have Amazon Studios canceled the good girls uprising if the alleged prosecutor's opinion is not in charge of programming? How should the "Wonder Wheel" be about Woody Allen's latest film, which falls for the stepdaughter of her boyfriend? New York Times reviewer Manohar Dargis wrote in the review of the film, "I think that putting a movie on the couch is a bad habit, but what if he climbs on the couch and then starts?.

Hayek mentioned in her op-ed that Fida had met an audience and despite the unbearable conclusion of Weinstain, she received praise for not mentioning two Oscars and lacking in her aid. Success has paved the way for women-led facilities. It was not, but, for a while, it was a Deepavali of hope. Hollywood makes movies about such wonderful women - especially by talented women, we now know that the fad of the sick person can also be the standard of gold standard of development.