Team Hazare rejects Delhi Police conditions

Anna Hazare
A confrontation has been building between the government  and the Team Anna Hazare and today they decided to go ahead with his indefinite fast from August 16 for a strong Lokpal rejecting the conditions  that the protest should be limited to three days and 5,000 people. Mr. Hazare accused the government of deceit by putting conditions on his agitation and sought the intervention of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking him to show courage and protect his fundamental rights.

Anna Hazare while addressing to a press conference  after the Delhi police sent a letter carrying 22 conditions, he made it clear that he was ready for any eventuality in case the government decides to crackdown to disrupt his protest. He also added that for this he does not even mind to go to jail or being beaten up by the police. Mr. Hazare affirmed that the fast will take place in Jai Prakash Narain Park and said that they will continue with the protest beyond three days and the government is scared that its corruption will be exposed. The government has introduced the Lokpal Bill in the Lok Sabha which has been referred to a Standing Committee of Parliament and is expected to be taken up in the Winter Session.

The legislation excludes Prime Minister, higher judiciary and conduct of MP's inside Parliament but Mr. Hazare want these to be covered under the Bill besides the entire bureaucracy. Team Anna member Shanthi Bhushan said they agree with almost all the conditions laid down by the Delhi Police for the protest but would not give an undertaking that the protest will end up by three days and the number of protestors will not exceed 5,000 people terming it as unconstitutional.

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