Chlorine leak in Mumbai - hospitalized 90 persons - current News

90 persons hospitalized due to the chlorine  leakage held at Seri region near to Mumbai Port. The reports says that condition of 8 persons among the hospitalized are serious. The hospitalized include 14 students of Maritime Institute.

The official reports says that the chlorine leakage held from the the port trust region, and there will be a detailed investigation in the incident. The rescue are continuing by plumbing water  to the gas cylinders to reduce the intensity of chlorine gas spread. The gas leakage took place at 4 am near to Lal Bahadur Shasthri College. Initially the near by people felt some problems for respiration. Later by the information by the resides the fire force team came and started the rescue. The Chief fire officer Uday Thakkary said that 4 fire men are hospitalized who have took part in the rescue activities.

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