Kiran Bedi to return excess money to organisers

Team Anna member, Kiran Bedi on Monday said that members of her trust had instructed her travel agent to return the excess amount to the hosts, following the allegations that she had inflated  the travel expenses when invited by the NGO's for seminars.
The trustees of Bedi's India Vision Foundation have further asked her to strictly travel as per the invite.
Controversy erupted following  a report in a newspaper that she sometimes charged business class tickets while travelling economy class.
It claimed to be in possession of bills, invoices and copies of cheques which shows that the former cop, who is entitled to rebate on Air India tickets as a gallantry award winner, pays discounted fares but charges her host institutions the full fare.
Bedi said that she has not got any personal gains from it.
The organisations voluntarily pay him for business class tickets but save money for travels which are  for good causes but cannot provide any remuneration and there is no personal gain.
News reported by  AR

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