Pawar asked Modi to resign

Reports shows that Sharat Pawar asked IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi to resign from the post. The only support to Lalit Modi was from Union Minister Sharat Pawar. Now with this movement from Pawar Modi have no other option than resigning from the IPL commissioner post. Meanwhile the letter send by BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla to the president Shashank Manohar leaked today. In the letter the vice president has detailed that Lalit Modi has signed many important contracts with out any knowledge  and sanction of IPL ruling committee. The letter was send in last January. The details in the letter are very harmful to Lalit Modi. Day by day the allegations against Lalit Modi is increasing. So Modi will be compelled to resign from the IPL Commissioner chair. Most of the reports shows that Lalit Modi will be resigned on Monday after the IPL Meeting.

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