Election scenes

The first step election shows an amazing change from former elections held. When comparing to previous elections, situations and atmospheres were changed much and more in this election. In the case of personal gains in the elections, there are many personal gains for the common public people in previous elections. There was a huge rush in the roads with free auto rikshas service for the voters only towards the poling booth (not back from booth). There were big crowds in temperory counters oppened by all political parties. Most of the workers will be dranken and very active in campaining programmes with all voters providing elction slips with numbers. But in this election most of the gains were achived by few news reporters and small type publishers. Many small scale news papers earned bux from all candidates by providing main view coloumns and providing headings in their new papers about the biodate achievements of candidates. The liqure shops were closed due eleciton so some sort of gains were achieved by black dealers of liqure with their pre stocked brands with a good margin. Few incidents were reported about the technical falure in the voting machines. After the news about the wrong marking of voting machines most of the voters are doubted about the accuracy of voting machine. The opposition parties are blaiming against the election officials aiming the governement as responsible for the mistakes. On eleciton day, most of the political leaders tried to best among as be shown or published.

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