South India at the Door of Poling booth

The first step Loksabha election will be held on tomorrow 16.4.2009

Most of the candidates are in rest today. Recording the last days, the continuous campaigns and convention programmes made the restless candidates and workers weak. All media are behind these political games. There was a amazing record in the malpractices and crimes held all of the states. The crimes and illeagal activities held within last two weeks are not at all notices by the public and even by media. Thousands of loads of river sand has been illegalally transported and dealed by the river sand mafias. Many tanker lorries with laks of litters spirits were illeagally delivered by most of the notorious distleries. If we just place a simple gaze among the third rates or low classed cenema theaters, most of them are illegally showing blue films aiming their election profit. The authorities are silent as part of the election process.

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