Nithyananda's New Vedio

Swami Nithyananda whose sex videos telecast in TV Channles 

Media reported Swami Nithyananda'a new Video. A Private Tamil Channel Telecasted Ninthyananda's new video in which Nithyananda speaks about the recent sex scandal video which was telecast few days before in Sun News Channel. In the new video Nithyanada from an unknown place says that he had nothing done against the law. The issue of sex scandal case of Nithyananda hit very widely in the internet and other media. Nithyanada become the most searched person in the internet after his video has telecast and spread the news about it. The Tamil/ Malayalam film actress Ranjitha also called as Ragasudha. In the recent video Swami Nithyanada did not denied anything shown in the video. He told about hos thousands of devotees and their supports. But he said that he did nothing illegal. In the video uploaded in his organization website, he said that he and his organizations are facing many allegations. The police department of Chennai said that the issue took place at Bidadi which comes under Bangalore so the Bangalore police is responsible for arrest and tracing the hidden swami. The swami video is till super hit in the internet. The developer of swami Nithyanada video game Lenin Karuppa approached Police for protection for his life. The co actor Ranjitha is hiding. The is another reports that Actress Ranjitha attempted suicide due to the swami Nithyananda video game issue.

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