2 schoolgirls raped by 15 men in MP

Another shocking incident has occurred where two teenaged school-going girls were allegedly raped by atleast 15 men in broad daylight in a deserted farm at Betna, near Indore. One of the accused is the son of a corporator in the local municipal council.
The incident took place on February 10, but the girls revealed about it to their parents only on Saturday, following which the parents approached the police.
A secret meeting that one of the girls had fixed up with one Javed sparked the ordeal that is bound to haunt them their entire life. Javed reportedly persuaded the girl to meet him, threatening to consume poison in front of her house if she failed to do so. Panicking, the girl decided to meet him at an isolated place, but took her cousin along. Javed and the girl later on decided to go elsewhere for a chat, and as they were leaving, a gang of ten men interrupted them. According to police inspector D.S. Baghel, the men dragged the girls to a deserted field nearby where they took turns to rape the two. And Javed, who has since been arrested, too joined in the act.
The ordeal of the girls, who hail from very poor families and are a student of local government school, didn't end there. Some men working in neighbouring field's landed up in the farm after hearing the commotion. And instead of rescuing the twosome, they too allegedly raped them. Baghel said they were still to ascertain if more than 15 men were involved in the brutal incident.
According to the girls, some of them men also took pictures of the girls on their moblies and warned them not to reveal anything. For a week, the shocked victims remained mum, but on Saturday morning, they gathered enough courage to tell their parents about the incident.

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