Gujarat government expresses happiness over Supreme Court order on Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi
State government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas on Monday expressed happiness at the Supreme Court's order on Zakia Jafri's petition sending the entire matter to the trial court for the onward process of law.
He added that through the entire course of events leading up to the setting up of the Special Investigation Team by the apex court, its investigations and also its subsequent report of the amicus curie, and not a shred of evidence has emerged on the involvement of the chief minister or that of a political conspiracy.
Vyas said that it effectively gives a lie to the misleading propaganda which is being initiated at the behest of some of NGO's seeking to defame the government  and the chief minister.
He added that if the NGO's had not created a commotion on the issue, the victims would have already got justice.
Vyas sought to make it quite clear that it was the earnest desire of the state government  to see that justice is done to the victims  and they shall help in every measure posible to this end.
Earlier Zakia Jafri, a widow of Congres MP Ahsan Jafri, expresseed her happiness who was among the 69 who perished in the Gulberg society massacre in Ahmedabad following the Godhra riots.
She said that she has faith in the Indian judiciary, but is not satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court. They said that they a lot of expectations from the apex court. She added that if it cant give proper justice then how can they ensure that the lower court will render them the required justice.
The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a tria court would hear the petition by Zakia Jafri, who alleged deliberate inaction on the part of the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in preventing the killing of her husband Ehsan Jafri and dozens of others in Ahmedabad's Gulberg Society during the 2002 riots.
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