Cash for votes: Congress dismisses allegations against Ahmed Patel

Congress on Monday dismissed the allegation by Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh's counsel Ram Jethmalani that senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel was the source of the money in the 2008 cash-for-votes scam.
Party spokesperson Renuka Chaudhary told reporters that they have nothing to do with it. They have decided to take the challenge of vote of confidence. They were not going to start cash for vote in the midst of the process after all.
She claimed that Congress leader Ahmed Patel was the source of the money allegedly given to three BJP MP's as bribe ahead of the trust vote by UPA government in 2008.
When Renuka Chaudhary was asked whether she feels that Amar Singh was responsible for the scam, she snapped that "she's not the judge'. When asked on whether the UPA government was benefited from the cash for vote scam, she replied that she do not know who got benefited out of this, probably the country got benefited.
She also ridiculed Jethmalani's submission in the court, recalling that he had put the blame for the scam on BJP a few days back.
Chaudhary also added to wait for three more days and said something else would come out.
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