Railway Budget 2010

Mamatha Banerjee first thank the employees and officials of Railway.

Railway as the life line of Indian economy there, there more importance in the Budget of Indian Railways. She said that the main vision and mission is more developments

She appreciated honorable members and all who help in the infra structure facilities. There are more than 5000 requests. With in the capacities more things are included so she made the Vision 20 20. there will be more things to do for the developments.

With in five years of this Government more connectivity will be given to major cities. there is only the increase of average 180 kms. After independence the population increase so much but there developments in the Railway section is still lagging. We can meet all the wishes with available funds.

Mamatha pointed some delays from the side of investors. There will be special task force. The policies will be investment friends. we will be the best. There 40 lakh employees we are not going to privatize our Railways. Our services generate more revenue. More multi level parking, domestic investing will be included. it will be a win win option for all. The Prime minister should guide for the Railway infra structure developments.

This is only beginning. There will be path breaking step of 180 kilometers with new 1000 route kilometer in one year. She seeks the support of whole members. there are some achievements during last 7 seven months. The gauge conversion is taking place in full speed. RRB has decided as English, Hindi, Urudu and local languages for Railway Recruitment exams. Railway decided to reduced the exam fee by 50% for the women candidate who comes below economy

There are tender process going on for new building process. The financial power of field officer has increased for giving priority to the security and passenger amenities. There will give more importance for the cleanliness. phase by phase the catering policies are under review. Anybody can give successions. Multi level parking complex and wold class stations as 8 million people traveling by railway. 6 bottling plants for water supply including Thiruvananthapuram. More facility for reservation, sms facilities will be strengthen more.

As there are many complaints, there will be system to monetize facilities. Ticket centers will be opened in Universities, district head quarters and High Courts aiming common people. There are some unfortunate accidents during the period. The new strategy will be adopting high and more quality systems for implementing safety. 17,000 unman level crossings, 3000 will be provided men. with in 5 years all un men level crossed will be covered with men

Railway will construct more under passes giving importance to the common life. Railway is facing and suffering with local problems. There problem of striking against the trains, the security must be provided by the concerned State government and policy as Railway provides economy to states for security. Women RPF will be started. as Nehru has asked Leta Mangeshkar to sing the song for the Jawans who killed in Indo China War, institutions will be started in Delhi, Chennai, Secondarabad and Mumbai. Indian Railway lead partner in the Commonwealth games.

40 lakhs employees the Railway have there much be Railway Culture board. A museum will be set at Howrah ib name of Rabindra Nath Tagore.
Mamatha proposed a new project of House for house less in connection with another Departments like HRD. More Diagnostic centers will be set up  through out the country, The modern degree colleges model schools and Navodaya school will be set up by the Railways. The Hospital spots are ready. There are 14 lakhs of lady staff, there allocation for hostel facilities increased. With discussion with the Employees Union, steps will be taken for voluntary retirement schemes. The Multi facility loco piolet learning center will be started in Jabalpur.  The center for Railway learning centers are proposed to start signing MOU with IITs. Mamatha said thai she had included all Employee unions in their policy making. The conditions of coach wagons are bad, more  coach factories will be started. If the land is available she is ready to start a factory in Chennai. Indegal coach factory will be more modernism. The wagoan repair center will be started at Amaravathi Mumbai. She stressed that all states are covering for developments. High Wagon Industry to be started at Secondarabad, Bhuvaneswar, Guwhatty. Western coredore will be started at Mumbai. For give importance to farmers Kisam Mission project will be set up. Land lossers will be given employment  during the land accuiring process for Railway.

More MPs protested while Mamatha reads about the Diamond Coredore projects as suggested by Prime Minister. The plans are made to increase the revenue from 150 crores to 1000 crores. As suggested by the Finance Department and guidlines of Prime Minister's office, more amounts are included for the budget estimates. Mamatha read the Million as Metric and she apologized.  Ordinary expenses has increased.

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