Lashkar-e-Taiba Al Alami Claimed Pune Bomb blast

An unknown Let group called and introduced themselves as Al - Alami International claimed the responsibility of Pune Bomb blast. In the same time one person among the injured died thus the total number of died persons in the Pune Bomb blast become 10. The intelligence reports about the contents identified as used in the bomb shows several similarities with the bomb blasts held at Bangalore. In the Bangalore bomb blast also the Ammonium Nitrate and RDX was used. Few years before a double blast occurred at Kozhikode city of Kerala State is similar to the Bangalore blast and Pune blast. Later the intelligence agents identified few Indian Mujaheddin workers who were earlier SIMI members. The investigators found Muhammed Halim arrested in the double blast case of Kozhikode had made the bombs used in the Bangalore bomb blasts. The intelligence agencies also found that Muhammed Halim and two persons died in Kashmir attacks were trained for terrorist attacks later. They were SIMI members earlier after the ban of SIMI these groups are still active with new names. Abu Jindal who had called Hindu correspondent and claimed about the Pune bomb blast and told about new organization name AL- Alami are new forms or renamed forms of Al-Qaida. Pakisthan based terror groups are giving training to these sub groups and they are made informed that they are doing the holy war for Islamism. Abu Jindal who introduced as spokesperson to Al Akami group by phone said that they carried out the Pune blast to with the help of sleeper cells of groups in India to protest against the refusal of India to discuss about Jammu & Kashmir issue in the Coming meeting with Pakistan.

The recent arrest of two foreigners held in Delhi Airport with so many pictures of important places, airports and with high power binoculars the intelligence agents are in the conclusion that the terror groups are using foreigners as sub agents for the arrangement activities attackers to Indian cities. Most of names suspected in the recent terrorist attacks including Hadley are foreigners. In the attack of World trade center also several foreigners were trained as pilots for the attacks.

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