BigB - Amithabh Bachan in Kerala

Amithabh Bachan and Rasul Pookkutty in the function of launching Jeevarogya Medical welfare campaign, a new dream venture of Oscar winner Rasul Pookkutty

The Great Legend Amithabh Bachan with Lf. Col. Mohanlal and Oscar winner Rasool Pookkutty at at Cochin, Kerala

The great Big B address the audience in the function, Cochin

Wow nice to see Shri. Amithabh Bazhan in Dhothi and Shirt... The traditional dress of Kerala

Amithabh Bachan in Cochin. Amithabh Bachan reached Cochin to attend a function of honoring Rasool Pookkutty, the Oscar winner for Slum Dog Millianair Sound mixing... BigB present in the function wearing the Dhothi and Shirt with an attractive Keralite look.

Before Mr. Bachchan formally launched the Jeevarogya medical welfare campaign, set up under the aegis of the Resul Pookutty Foundation and Lakshmi Hospital, Divans Road Ernakulam.

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