Alone at home, woman raped and robbed

A home-alone woman from HAL II Stage was allegedly raped, robbed amd almost killed when she resisted three robbers on Friday. She had to part with her ring and Rs.4,000.

She later lodged a police complaint of robbery, rape and attempt to murder. The complaint said the culprits had knocked at the house door around 2:30 am, when she was asleep. She thinking that it was someone whom she knew and opened the door where she found three men standing menacingly infront of her.

They barged into the house and threatened her with the knives and asked her to give all the money which she had in the house. When she resisted, they stabbed her and raped her.

The complaint said that so as to save herself from their capture, she offered them a sum of Rs.4000 and a golden ring. The police said they are checking on the veracity of the complaint as it is of a serious nature. She had complained around 8:30 am.

A senior official said that she had been badly beaten up by the culprits and hence was undergoing treatment in a hospital now. He added that though she has sustained minor injuries but they are taking up the case for attempt to muder.

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