celebrities to support cricket final

cricket world cup 2011
Whole celebrities of Bollywood coming to the stadium of Mumbai to support Indian team in the world cup cricket final match with Srrilanka. There were many film actors, actress, and important personalities of  different   fields to watch the India vs Pakistan match held at Punjab Cricket association stadium. There was Indian Prime minister and Pakistan Prime Minister in the same row to view the semi final match of cricket world cup. The final match will be colorful with celebrities of Indian cinema and important political leaders. 

In the semi final match, Congress leader, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi were present in the stadium. So in the final match there will be a long row of political leaders as the state election days are coming very near. So it will be highly influential publicity among the common people who watch cricket match through TV channels.

In some places like Cochin, Kerala, the political leaders approached for house to house election campaigns with followers wearing the dress of Indian cricket team.

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