World cup cricket - England vs Sri Lanka

In the Cricket world cup quarter final match England vs Sri Lanka will played at Colombo. There is high pressure on batmen of both side. But Sri Lankan team are much more ready to defeat England under the leadership of  Sangakkara. The players of Sri Lankan team are some more confident than the England cricket team members as the 4th and last quarter final match of cricket world cup 2011 is playing at the home ground of Sri Lanka. In the previous quarter final match between India and Australia, there was also high pressure for players of both teams, but Indian players finished their game perfectly as there was better ground support from the stadium. In today s match between England vs Sri Lanka, there are many things which make the batsmen and bowlers frustrated. The Sri Lankan captain Sangakkara are much more confident about his team mates. He expect a better performance from his co players. He is in the opinions that the ground support will be another factor which can contribute a lot of confidence to the playing eleven members of Lanka. When looking back to the past, Sri Lanka has a good world cup records than England. In the last cricket world cup tournament held at West Indies in 2007, they were they reached final and become runner up. In the current world cup match also, Sri Lankan batmen and bowlers are in good form and they are able to fight any kind of tricks developed by the English players. But in the case of England, they were defeated by weakest teams like Ireland and Bangladesh in the running tournament. England was forced to meet a tie with India in their first match and just happy things are about their victories against South Africa and West Indies. When comparing the team strength and recent forms, Sri Lanka will be get sum plus points as their ever master spin bowler Muttiah   Muralitharan has recovered from injury and he is ready to deliver the magical spin bowling.  Another interesting thing is that like most of the batsman of every teams, England also fear the unpredictable bowling of Murali. 

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