In the prractice match of World cup tournament 2011 India score 130 runs from 26 overs. Virat Kohli the future hero of India cricket has contributed 57 runs from 63 balls. Among the youngsters in Indian cricket team Virat Kohli is the brilliant cricketer. He much better to contribute more runs for future Indian innings. Recently he changed his attitude of attacking batting. Now he is the number one batsman of Indian team. Kohili can contribute more in the world cup tournament of 2011. He is more than a Rahul dravid and more than a replacement of Sourav Ganguly. If we analyse the innings of Virat, we can defenitly find him as a combination of talent and performance. He is like a combined form of Ganguly and Dravid. Defenitly he can be the future hero of indian cricket and a safe match winning batsman for Indian cricket lovers.

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