South African lesbians fear corrective rape

The daily threat in the townships of South Africa has been grown to a very great extent and the Lesbian South Africans are living in a fear of rape and murder. It has been reported that, a number of women have faced death in such attacks and the number of victims were 31 in the last 10 years. The latest victim of series of violent attacks against the lesbians is Noxolo Nkosana, who is 23 years of age. While she returned from work one evening with her girlfriend, she was stabbed a stone’s throw from her home in Crossroads township, Cape Town. Two men started screaming insults, out of which one was living in her own community.

Ms. Nkosana stated that, the two men were walking behind, swearing and screaming at them, as well as insulting them with awkward words. She again added that, she was on the ground before she knew that a sharp knife had entered her back. She was then half conscious and felt like twice more the knife sink into her skin and sure that they would kill her. Noxolo Nogwaza, who was 24 years of age, was raped by eight men and murdered in Kwa Thema Township near Johannesburg, in the month of April. Her face and head were disfigured by stoning and she was stabbed several times with the broken glass. The attack on her is believed to have commenced as a case of what is known as “corrective rape”, in which the lesbians are raped by men. These men consider it as an attempt to ‘correct’ their sexual orientation. This practice appears to be at a very increased rate in South Africa. 

According to Ndumie Funda, the founder of Luleki Sizwe, which is a charity which helps women who have been raped in the Western Cape, more than 10 lesbians are raped per week on gang rape in Cape Town alone. And she adds that, many of these cases are reported as the victims are in fear that the police would laugh at them and the attackers would follow them. Hence these women suffer everything in silence. And again she said that, two people who reported such rape cases dropped their cases because of their treatment by the police.

Attackers rape more than 170 women in raids on Congo villages

The villages in the far East of Democratic Republic of Congo were robbed by the attackers. The medicines from the local health center, goats from the farmers, cell phones, motorcycles and other properties from residents.
Also, they raped and beat more than 170 women before they escaped from the spot.
The attacks took place in the villages of Nakyele and Abala.
It was reported by an official of United Nations that, those women who were raped were as young as 17 and as old as 90. The official did not reveal his name as he was not authorised to speak to the media.
It was stated by the humanitarian group Medicines San Frontiers on Thursday that, its medical terms in Fizi area of Sud Kivu province had treated about 100 women for rape, abuse and trauma. This was the most recent among many incidents that had taken place here and earned Congo the embarrassing title of “rape capital” of the world.
A spokes man for U.N. Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, Martin Nesirky, said that the global body has received several worrying reports about the incidents of an unknown number of alleged rapes and looting.
In order to make an investigation on the incident the United Nations mission in Congo dispatched peacekeepers to Fizi.
From the nearest U.N. base, Fizi is eight hours by foot and is difficult to access like other town and villages in Congo, because of the harsh terrain and lack of infrastructure.
It was said by Amnesty International that, the Government’s horrific failure of justice was the main reason for the happening of these latest rapes and also supplemented that the members of the same armed group were previously implicated in rapes in the same area in the month of January.
Also Amnesty mentioned about the local sources saying that a senior officer of the Congolese army, Col. Kifaru, Niragiye, had recently learned that he was to be demoted and left a military training center on June 9th with 150 soldiers.
Amnesty said that the group went on to raid the two villages near Fizi.
For the crimes against humanity for the rape of at least 60 women in the January attack in Fizi, the military court convicted Kifaru’s deputy and eight other men.
An extensive study conducted between 2006 and 2007 found that more than 400,000 girls and women were raped during a 12th month period.
The United Nations documented 7,500 cases of sexual violence against women and girls in North and South Kivu over the first nine months of 2009.

Another teenage girl raped in Uttar Pradesh

A teenage dalit girl was raped by two men in Anjrauli village of the district. The girl, who had gone to attend a religious function in her neighborhood on Wednesday was alleged to be abducted and raped by Ramesh Yadav and Mahesh Yadav in Khandasa area of the district, as per the police report.

They took her to the outskirts of the city and raped her, who was a class 10 student and her father is a laborer in Delhi. An FIR has been registered against the accused.
There has been another incident where a 16 year old girl was allegedly raped by a owner of photo studio in Fakharpur area in Bahraich. The Superintendent of Police Shailendra Pati Tripathi said the studio owner was absconding.
The state had witnessed an alarming increase in the rape cases in the city early this week, and prompting the Union Ministry to seek a report from the Uttar Pradesh government on the prevailing law and order situation in the state.

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