Half centurey for Davon Smith Cricket score

  • 1st Innings
  • WI 99/0 in 16 overs
  • Cur RR: 6.19

Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle *38 (47)
6 x4, 0 x6, 80.85 SR
Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith53 (49)
9 x4, 0 x6, 108.16 SR
99 runs in 96 balls
B Loots3-0-22-0
T Cooper1-0-4-0

Tharoor requested Kiran Bedi to spport Janlok Pal bill

Former Minister and MP Tharoor requested KIran Bedi to support Janlok Pal Bill in the Parliament. Sashi Tharoor send his request via his tweet to Kiran Bedi

good start for West Indies cricket team

  • 1st Innings Power Play 2
  • WI 88/0 in 14.2 overs
  • Cur RR: 6.14

Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith *45 (43)
8 x4, 0 x6, 104.65 SR
Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle35 (43)
6 x4, 0 x6, 81.40 SR
88 runs in 86 balls
R ten3-0-24-0
Stadium End
B Loots2.2-0-15-0

Power play 2 by WI innings - Cricket

  • 1st Innings Power Play 2
  • WI 81/0 in 13 overs
  • Cur RR: 6.23

Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle *30 (39)
5 x4, 0 x6, 76.92 SR
Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith44 (39)
8 x4, 0 x6, 112.82 SR
81 runs in 78 balls
R ten2-0-17-0
B Loots2-0-15-0

World cup cricket score

  • 1st Innings Power Play 2
  • WI 74/0 in 11 overs
  • Cur RR: 6.73

Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith *40 (34)
8 x4, 0 x6, 117.65 SR
Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle28 (32)
5 x4, 0 x6, 87.50 SR
74 runs in 66 balls
R ten1-0-15-0
B Loots1-0-11-0

WI with good run rate - cricket news

  • 1st Innings Power Play 1
  • WI 63/0 in 10 overs
  • Cur RR: 6.30

Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle *19 (27)
3 x4, 0 x6, 70.37 SR
Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith39 (33)
8 x4, 0 x6, 118.18 SR
63 runs in 60 balls
M Bukhari5-1-21-0

Cricket score : West India vs Netherlands

  • 1st Innings Power Play 1
  • WI 54/0 in 9.3 overs
  • Cur RR: 5.68

Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle *10 (24)
1 x4, 0 x6, 41.67 SR
Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith39 (33)
8 x4, 0 x6, 118.18 SR
54 runs in 57 balls
M Bukhari5-1-21-0
Pavilion End
R ten0.3-0-6-0
Stadium End

Cricket score World cup 2011

  • 1st Innings Power Play 1
  • WI 48/0 in 9 overs
  • Cur RR: 5.33

Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle *5 (22)
0 x4, 0 x6, 22.73 SR
Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith38 (32)
8 x4, 0 x6, 118.75 SR
48 runs in 54 balls
M Bukhari5-1-21-0
B Westdijk4-0-27-0

  • Over 9WI 48/0
    Devon Smith* 38(32)Chris Gayle 5(22)

Cricket score : WI vs NL

Player photo Devon SmithDevon Smith *38 (30)
8 x4, 0 x6, 126.67 SR
Player photo Chris GayleChris Gayle(22)
0 x4, 0 x6, 22.73 SR

sachin out for 120

In the world cup cricket match aganist England, indian master blaster lost wicket after scoring 120 runs from 115 ballsa. India scored 236/3 from 38.3 overs.

century for sachin tedulkar- cricket

Master blaster got another century in world cup cricket match aganist Englsnd. Sachin scored his 47 century from 104 balls. India scored total of runs 20 from 34. overs. Indian batsmen Gautham Gambhir and Yuvaraj supported sachin scoring his 5 th century from world cup matches.

cricket- india lost second wicket

India lost the wicket of Goutam Gambhir India reached 181/2 in 30 overs. Sachin Tendulkar batting on 88(91)

cricket match india lost first wicket

India scored 46/1 runs from 7.4 overs. india lost the wicket of sehwag 35 runs.

India 44/0 (7) crcket score wc 2011

The first ball of seventh over was hit for a boundary by virender Sehwag and crossed 1000 runs aganist England. Sehwag hit a four runs angin in the 5th ball of 7th over. india scored 44 runs from 7 overs without loosing any wicket.

score wold cup cricket

The first ball made by James Andreson was a shot delivery Sehwag played it for single runs. 4 th ball was faced by sachin and just escaped from a wicket and added 1 run to score board. The next ball was used for another four by sehwag. India scored 33runs from 6 overs. Vierendra sehwag 23(16) sachin 9(21)

cricket score India

the first of forth over was faced by Sehwag and 1 run and second and third and forth balls were faced by sachin and no runs scored. Sachin got 2 runs in the fifth ball of forth over. India scored 21 runs from 4 balls.
Sachin Tendulkar played the first ball of third over and got 2 runs. The second ball was deffended by master blaster. The third ball of third ball was beatan. Sehwag scored 15(11) and sachin 2(7) Total 18 runs from 3 overs .

cricket score

The second over bowled by new bowler Ajmal Shahazad. The first ball of second over was hit a boundary by sehwag. 2 balls after 4 the ball of the second over was beautifully hit by sehwag for a four runs. india scored 16 runs from two overs.

India got the toss started bating

India won the toss and started batting in the cricket match held between India and Englnd. Sehwag scored four runs in the very first ball bowled by James Andruson. India scored 8 runs from the first over.

cricket match Ind vs Eng

India crcket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is so confident with his team members. Dhoni remains cool about the match with England. Excluding Ashish Nehra all other members are well and fit for today's match. Dhoni is happy with the service of Virender Sehwag. The captain is in the opinion that India team scoring will be ok if Sehwag can remain in the crease upto 30 overs. Dhoni prefer Yuvaraj than other middle order players as Yuvaraj Singh can bowl well than others. M.S Dhoni is looking importance to the victory with best performance than the importance of matter of team selection.

India vs England world cup cricket

India will play aganist England in the world cup cricket group B match. The match between India and England will held at Chinnaswamy stadium of Banglore. The cricket match Ind vs Eng will start at 2.30 pm. The Indian team members are in the confidance of lighning performance showed in the previous match held with Bangladesh. But the England team are just got a victory in the match held between not much stronger team Holand at Nagpur. Both the teams are aiming the highest points in the group B. Most of the crcket experts are in the opinion that the pitch and team structure will be the most important factors in today,s match. One important problem the cricket fans fearing about is the weather reports. There was rain in last few days in Bangalore during evening times. The weather reports says that there is high chance for a rain fall today. There is high competition among the middle order batsmen in the Indian team. Sehwag will play todays match so the
chance for including Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Goutham Gambhir, and Yuvaraj there will be some sort of competitions. According to the form of players, Yuvajaj Singh may not be included in the playing elevan. Another interesting thing is these three batsmen have good perfomances aganist England team. If the recent forms will considered by the selectors, Yuvi will get least chances.

cricket score

India scored 360 from 50 overs loosing 5 wickets. Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored 108 from 64 balls. The Indian captain became fire in the crease. virat kohli, Goutham Gambhir scored their half centuries in the same innings. In the world cup warm up match New zeland have to score 361 runs from 50 overs. M.S Dhoni remained unbeatan with his century. The form of Indian batsmen in the warm up matches can increase the confidance level of Indian camp.


In the prractice match of World cup tournament 2011 India score 130 runs from 26 overs. Virat Kohli the future hero of India cricket has contributed 57 runs from 63 balls. Among the youngsters in Indian cricket team Virat Kohli is the brilliant cricketer. He much better to contribute more runs for future Indian innings. Recently he changed his attitude of attacking batting. Now he is the number one batsman of Indian team. Kohili can contribute more in the world cup tournament of 2011. He is more than a Rahul dravid and more than a replacement of Sourav Ganguly. If we analyse the innings of Virat, we can defenitly find him as a combination of talent and performance. He is like a combined form of Ganguly and Dravid. Defenitly he can be the future hero of indian cricket and a safe match winning batsman for Indian cricket lovers.

India vs Newzland cricket score

India score 15 runs for no loss of wicket from 3 overs Sachin batting with 8 runs from 10 balls and sehwag batting with 7 runs from 8 deliveries. For world cup cricket score : regional sports news report of newsvision.

sachin will play today

Master blaster Schin Tendulkar will play today's match between India and Newsland. The practice show cricket match between India and Newsland as part of ICC world cup 2011 will start after 2 pm. The bowling sect will be lead by Indian pace bowler Ashish Nehra. The presence of Sachin in the bating side will increase some sort of confidance to the indian cricket camp. Live score will be updated timely in the blog - www.cricketscorenow.blogspot.com.

310 crore dollars US aid to Pakistan

310 crore dollar financial support for Pakistan from America.

India 142/8(30.5) cricket score

In the warm up match between India and Australia India lost 8 wickets while scoring 142 runs from 30 overs. veerendra sehwag scored 54 runs. australia yet to bat. India is near to the big failure in the warm up match of world cup 2011 againist Australia.

PM Inaugurated Vallar Padam project

Ernakulam, Kochi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated the international container transshipment terminal. Manmohan Singh his inaugural address stated that the first phase of the Vallar Padam project is dedicating to the industrial development of Kerala and Keralites. Buy the Vallar Padam project, the possibilities of transportation of more goods from western Asian countries and European countries will be boosted. The Prime Minister remembered the inaugural function the construction of the whole project before 6 years. He also sated that there are so many opportunities to be utilized by the people of Kerala from the project of Vallar Padam. Kerala is being the pioneer model for all other states he included in this speech. The Chief Minister of Kerala V S Achuthanandan thanked the public who have given their properties and land for the fulfillment of the Vallar Padam Project. He recommended the people to Union Ministry for giving jobs in the project place as a compensation. He also requested Prime Minister to took part in the fulfillment of Metro rail to Kochi and the proposed Coach factory of Palakkad.

Kerala Governor R. S Gavai, CM VS Achuthanandan, Defense minister  A.K Antony, Union Minister for Shipping G. K Vasan, Union Minister for Road Transportation, C. P. Joshi, Professor K. V Thomas, Mukul Roy, K C Venugopal, Mullappalli Ramachandran  were present in the Inaugural function of Vallar Padam Project held in Ernakulam. Chair person of DP World and Dubai Port,  Sulthan Ahammed Bin Sulayam and his team members were also present in the function.

1 year imprisonment for R Balakrishna Pillai

R Balakrishna Pillai
New Delhi: In Edamalayar case, Supreme court of India found R. Balakrishna Pillai, former Electricity minister of Kerala guilty and imposed one year imprisonment and 10000 rupees fine for R. Balakrishna Pillai. The court order says that if the fine is been paid, there will be one more year imprisonment. The Supreme Court of India ordered to pay the fine with in 8 months. Early in the same case R. Balakrishna Pillai was declared as innocent by the High Court of Kerala. The latest order from Supreme Court was on the basis of case filed by V.S Achuthanantha, Chief Minister of Kerala. The case was considered by the Division Bench of B. S Chouhan and P. Sambasivam and the apex court  fount that there was some fault happened to High Court of Kerala. The two other persons involved in the Edamalayar case, contractor P. K Sajeevan, Former KSEB Chair person Ramabhadran Nair were given same punishment. The main guilty found by the Supreme court was miss using the official power for giving contracts to co-related persons. The lower court found the guilty and sentenced for their punishment but later the High court of Kerala made them innocent. VS Achuthanandan Chief Minister of Kerala has approached Supreme Court later and he once again proved to giving punishments to those who are doing illegal practices. The main illegal activities conducted in the Edamalayar case was the massive malpractices done was making the tunnels and shafts for Edamalayar Electric project in 1982.  The Division bench of Supreme court found that persons involved in the case were eligible for 2 years punishment, later in conclusion it was reduced as the crime was occurred before 20 years. In the court order issued it is cleared that there is no chance for appeal in the case. But in the same time they can try for a review request. But the scope request for review of the case is very low as the case will be considered behind the same division bench. The best option in the from of R. Balakrishna Pillai is to present before the court and accept the punishment of imprisonment. R. Balakrishna Pillai the former Electricity minister and Transport minister can not nominate for Election for next 7 years as he got punishment in anti corruption act. The Edamalayar case was one of the important war made by V.S Achuthananthan against the corruptions made by the elected persons and minister.  

Valentine's day

Valentine's day is very near to you. What you wish do as a Valentine's day special gift for your partner and what do you expect from your sweet heart. The day comes in every year for celebrating love affection of lovers. The Valentine's days when it started practicing in initial days of 500 AD, most of the lovers or loving couples used to present flowers to express their love affections. Later the flowers give way to greeting cards, known as Valentines cards. But the practice of presenting heart shaped symbols widely used by the lovers especially among youngsters.

New Motorola xoom tablet

Motorola xoom tablet
Motorola xoom tabletMotorola Xoom, from the hands for mobile pioneer, Motorola will hit the mobile market. The new Motorola xoom tables is built up with super fast dual core processor with the Google's golden mobile software Android 3.0- Honey comb. The combination of dual core processor of Intel with Android 3.0 of Google is able to create a new epic in the world of mobiles and tablet users. The wide screen HD display of Motorola xoom and its front and rear facing cameras  are already hit.

Cute super bowl commercials

Super bowls scored new records in Internet. The keyword remains at the top of hot searches continuously making news records in all  marketing events held till date. The experts in online advertising and marketing explain as it a bigger event achieving millions of audience all over the world. On coming days, the Valentines Day will be the top most one among the hot searched keywords in internet surfers.

Mushraf accused in Bhotto's murder

Mushraf accused Bhotto murder
Former president of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf's name accused in Benazir Bhutto's murder. The terrorist special court of Rawalpindi pronounces the order against Parverz Musharraf and submitted the FIA to investigation agency. Early 5 members of Thehric -E- Taliban were arrested in the case of assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The prosecution is being going on with the 5 persons in Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto was brutally killed during the election campaign during 2007 by a suicide terrorist group. Early the commission of United Nations blamed as Musharraf has not given enough security to Benazir Bhuto during the election campaigns.

Packers packed the Super bowl

Packers won the super bowl beating Steelers for 31 - 25. Everybody wishes a great season for packers for winning super bowl. The victory of super bowl by the Green bay packers are watched by people of all over the world. No more exclamations for the Green bays newest super bowl hit. The team managed till the victory even there was some injuries for the players The Pittsburgh Steelers are not happy with their performance

Super bowl is stronger

Super bowl is stronger like any thing in internet marketing among the most influential advertising explosion held in recent times. Super bowl has rooted very strongly than any other evens held in 2010. The researches says that average of payment will increase in a good percentage. The hike is much more now as compared to the event screened in October 2010. Some simple analysis gives the picture that the anticipated internet audience for super bowl will cross 100 million in the year 2011. Experts in the advertisement and marketing fields says that if some more same advertising events happens continuously the percentage of investment in marketing from the whole business giants will shifted to Internet marketing or search engine marketing from leaving traditional media as it gets a high volume of audience with in a short period.

Film News- Mammootty in Doubles

Mammootty in Doubles
The latest film of Mega star Mammootty, Doubles directed by Sohan Seenulal ready for show.

Pakistan blames India

Pakistan blamed  India  regarding the case of explosion of Samjodha Express. Pakistan claims that India is not at all ready to reveal the role of Hindu terrorist activists. The strong blaming came out from the spokesmen foreign affairs of Pakistan Abdul Basith. He claimed that the Sangha Parivar has direct role in the many terrorist activities like Samjodha express. He quoted the recent saying of RSS leader Aseemanand in a Court. Abdul Basith has also said that India has not at all completed the investigation about the Samjodha Explosion held on 2007 and unnecessary saying Pakistan as a terrorist country. He asked that how many days to be waited for getting justice for the kins of 68 persons died in the Explosion in which 42 persons were from Pakistan. The news reports says that the words from the Pakstani external affairs spokesman is not suitable as there is already a meeting of secretaries of External affairs of both counties proposed to be held today. The news media and reporters are now about to hear what will happen to the meeting proposed between Indian External Affairs secretary Nirupama Rao and Pakistan Foreign affairs secretary Salman Basheer. There is new reports that the meeting agenda will included the recent terrorist attacks including Mumbai attack.

Re Marriage of Zardari

Tanveer ZamaniNew reports from Islamabad revealed some stories about Asif Ali Zardari's re marriage. The news reports that the Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has secretly married Dr. Tanveer Zamani, aged 40 year belongs to Pakistan who is now working in America. The PPP party of Asif Ali Zardari neglected the news. The PPP spokesmen said that the news is manipulated one against the party and the President. 

Former president Benazir Bhutto was was the wife of Zardari. When Benazir  died in the terrorist attack in 2007, the PPP party selected the then co-chairman of PPP party as President. 

Mubarak has 7000 dollars of earnings

President Mubarak
The world news reports says that the 30 years ruling president of Egypt, Mubarak has more than 7000 dollar earnings. The economic experts of Egypt are in the opinion that the president has illegally earned these much money through military contracts. The news reports says that Mubarak has transferred all his earning to his family members in 1981 when he came in to the crown. The reports also says that all of his earning are in banks of Britain and Swiss. Mubarak was Air force official before he became the president of Egypt. The world news reports says that Mr Mubarak has Luxury houses in all important world cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Dubai, Washington, New York.

Thein Sein Elected as President of Myanmar

Former military general became the President of Myanmar. Thein Sein aged 65 who was retired military general and who was later the Prime Minister of Myanmar is now elected as the Civilian President of Myanmar. So it is clear that the military will rule in Myanmar in the name of Democracy. Thein Sein got 408 votes. Thiha Thura TinAung Myint Oo and Sai Mauk Kham got 171 and 75 votes respectively and will hold the chairs of vice presidents. The world will have to see the acceptable face of old military leader. He will be remained as the Myanmar's real boss.

1500 year old church found in Israel

Archaeological experts of Israel found a 1500 years old Church near Judean hills which was well constructed using mosaic in flooring with pictures of lions, foxes, peacocks.
 The archaeological experts are in the opinion that more ruins were plundered by thieves who belongs to Israel farming communities. The reports says that the church and its building were of the period of Roman times. Later the settlement was inhabited by the Jews.
World news reports of News vision

Raja in CBI Custody

Raja in CBI Custody
Former Telecoms minister A Raja who was arrested in 2 G spectrum scandal, was sent to CBI custody for 5 days by the Delhi CBI Court. Early CBI officials asked for getting Raja in CBI Custody. The former Telecommunication secretary Sidhardh Bahuria, Personal Secretary of A. Raja, R. K Chandolia were also sent in CBI custody as part of investigation about 2 G spectrum scandal. CBI reported that there was about 22,000 crore Rupees loss for Government sect due to the 2 G spectrum scandal. The news reports says that CBI has reported to Delhi court that A Raja had helped the companies of Swaan, Unitech by making a huge loss to public sector.

Machan varghese passed away

Machan Varghese
Famous Malayalam comedy artist Machan Varghese passed. He was 50 years old. Machan Varghese was came into Malayalam movies from the world of Mimics. He in to the Malayalam film world in 90s when a majority of Mimicry artists were migrated to films. He was a great comedy artist in Kerala film world. He was a shining star among the then famous mimicry artist Siddique, Lal, Jayaram, Dileep in Kochi. So his entry to film world was so easy that time. Machan Varghese performed his mimicry in Kalabhavan and Harisree before he came in to the Cenema. His first film was Kaboolivala in a small role. Later he acted in Mannar Mathai Speaking. His name Machan was given by Siddique in the film set of Mannar Mathai Speaking. 

Machan Varghese acted in about 40 films. Punjabi House, Thenkasippattanam, Meesa Madhavan, CID Moosa, Thommanum Makkalum, Thilakkam, Rasikan, Hitler were the famous films in which Varghese performed his comedy roles. He was a more familiar and favorite artist to the Ernakulam film lovers.