Priyanka Chopra in news - Latest News

priyanka chopra marriage
Priyanka Chopra the most famous Bollywood actress with a lovely smile is in news again. A foreign man proposed Priyanka Chopra to marry. Now a days Priyanka was in news about her marriage. The  latest news reports says that Priyanka neglected the proposal with a smile as she wish to marry an Indian person. Her also said to media that the days in Rio De Janeiro for shooting were memorable with the Brazilian marriage proposal.

There was news that Priyanka Chopra the busiest actress in Bollywood will marry soon.

Orkut attacked by Bom Sabodo virus -latest news

Google's social networking Orkut attacked by computer virus named Bom Sabado. The news reports says that 1000s of Orkut accounts were hacked by the virus. Bom Sabado virus spreads through links coming in Orkut scraps. The news reports says that the Bom Sabado is dangerous than Love virus.

Wealth of Commonwealth Games

The hundreds of blames about the commonwealth games village and security issues the works for the game and action plans were completing by Delhi government. The government of India is sharing the over all responsibilities of successful conduct of the international game. The Commonwealth games Federation chief executive officer Mike Hooper is in the opinion that India is struggling to make all arrangements and doing the maximum hard work for the game. Mr. Hooper said to the news reporter that the games will be held successfully as it was scheduled. After the meeting of heads of Commonwealth games federation and representatives of Government of India Mr Hooper said that the members and heads of Commonwealth federation are satisfied with the current arrangements. He also said that he keeps the good hope about hard works continuing for the games. 

Many of the countries who were about to boycott the games due to security reasons changed their attitudes. But all of them changed their decision to boycott the games. The counties Scotland, South Africa have informed that they have changed their decision to boycott the games and ready to participate in the games. The information about the willingness of there countries have boosted the confidence level of Commonwealth Federation heads. But the Canada and Kiwis have not changed their attitude and fear about the security problems. Meanwhile the channels like BBC are showing reports about problems in arrangements in the game village. They are continuously showing the pictures of stadiums filled with rain water and broken footpaths. Even the dirty bath rooms and non finished flats were showing in the news channels, the entering functions to the game village was held yesterday. 

138 number Indian athlete team and para sports members reached the games village and entered into their accommodation. Members from 21 countries completed the registration process. The Commonwealth games Federation Officials in the hope that more members will come and register in coming dates. Some of black remarks about the usage of funds are another problem. The Chair Person of Organizing Committee Suresh Kalmadi is keeping mum after the distraction of footpath. The Government authorities now understood that somewhere the wealth of Commonwealth is not common. Special news reports from latest news team of news vision from Delhi. Sports news cumming soon.

Mandir and Masjid -blog

What is the difference between a Mandir and Masjid. Before knowing the difference between Mandir and Masjid one must try to understand what are the things identical in Mandir and Masjid. What is called as a Mandir and what is called as a Masjid Both are for the humanity. We the human beings construct Mandir or a Masjid because we need the relief we have many things to share many sorrows to say yes we have many things as our needs. Searching for a god or a ethod power is unt only out of fear but it is our human nature to rise our fooling our wishes why we construct a Mandir or a Masjid is because we wish to keep the area as sometime ahead from our levels. It is because of our human heart human nature which separates the human beings from other creatures. We have consideration of others yes we must have that because we should not forget that we are human beings. There may be many moments which may bring all happy in ones life at the shoe time there is cent  percentage possibility for the ultimate sorrows.

Ayodhya verdict posponed - Latest News

Verdict of Ayodhya issue posponed by the supreme court. The State government of Karnatak canceled the holidays issued early on the ground of Ayodhya verdict. Many states were canceled the exams and many functions as security steps. Many of the states following strict security alarms and warnings to the public.

World Ozone Day 2010 - News Today Special

Today September 16 World Ozone Day 2010. The day for understanding about importance of preservation of ozone layer. Yes a right decision to protect the ultimate ozone layer which protects us from harm full ultra violet rays. Yes today is the day to decide to protect our greenish happiness and blessings and keep it for coming generations. 

A day to decide to protect our earth or do a best role in protecting our natural resources. Spend the day to understand about need of preservation of Ozone layer which absorbs 97 - 99 % of harmful ultra violet rays coming from sun. Better plan for a hearty move to plant a tree every year to keep the life in earth. Make natural umbrella to which biologically prevent the harmful rays. We can make the movement to avoid the genetic damages, skin cancer. 
And do something to prevent Ozone depletion . Yes keep hand in hand to keep the earth live

News Today Special - for World Ozone Day 2010.
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National Awards Declared - Best Actor Bigb

amithabh Bachan national award winner
anannya chatterjee-National award winnerThe National Film awards 2009 declared. The Malayalam film Kuttisranku was selected as the best film in 2009. The film Kuttisrank got total 13 award including the National Award for the best feature film 2009. The film Kuttisranku directed by Shaji N Karun got total of 13 awards. 

three idiots
kutty sranku- kuttisrankuAmithabh Bachaan the Bigb is selected as the best actor award 2009 for his performance in the the film Paa.

Anannya Chatterjee was selected as the best actress 2009 for the film Ambo Homan.

Most popular film award goes to Three idiots 

Film Dilli was selected as best National Integration film

Prabhu Deva and Nayan Thara in news

nayan thara and prabhu deva
The Tamil film actor and director commonly called as Indian Michel Jackson Prabhu Deva and the most glamorous actress of South India in news again. There was several news these celebrities that they are in love. The Prabhu Deva - Nayan Thara stories were famous when the sexy actress Nayan Thara became the permanent heroine of the films by Prabhu Deva. Early Nayan Thara reported to news that their relationship is only friendship. As Prabhu Deva is already married and don't like to do a marriage again. But now the news reports says that the super dancer Prabhu Deva is about to marry Nayan Thara.

Eiffel Tower | Bomb Threat was false | world news

Eiffel tower bomb threat
The news about bomb threat in Eiffel tower was a false alarm. The phone call came at evening of Tuesday was a false and suspicious one. The sudden action taken by the force in the Eiffel tower surrounding was in quick due the phone call about the bomb threat. The security forces tried their level best to find any explosives from the Eiffel tower or its compounds. By a quick response by the police force about 2000 people were evacuated and they combed the foot area of the tower which was about 324 meter the news media reported at midnight. People from all over the world was shocked to hear the news about bomb threat to the most popular tourist spot of France. The Eiffel tower got a record pf 6.6 millions visitors last year. 

The false news caused from the anonymous phone call made the entire head ache to French police and security forces - world news - reported from Paris.

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Preeti Desai in News

Preeti Desai, former miss great Britain in news. Preeti was the first lady of Indian origin who won the title of Miss Great Britain. Now the news media covers Preeti Desai in her dating with Abhay Deol. She was Abhay's girlfriend since 2009. Preeti Desai was Miss Great Britain in the year 2006. She was familiar as British model who born and brought up in UK. The London based model now settled at Mumbai after relationship with Abhay Deol Dev D fame

Cricket score -CL T20 CSL VS CEN

In the champions league cricket match held at South Africa Chennai Super Kings beat Central Stags in Match No. 3 group A Score: CSK 151/4 (20) CEN : 94/10 (18.1) Chennai Super Kings won the match by 57 runs Man of the match : Subramanian Badarinath By the victory of CSK in the 3rd match of group A marked the real presence of Indian cricketer in the champions league twenty 20 cricket match. The champions league (CL) is also getting popularity like Indian premier League (IPL).

Champions league cricket sports news

Sports news: Champions league cricket tournament about to start at South Africa. All of the cricket lovers are looking towards the inaugural match. News media are to cover the score and match reports online. Cricket score will be live on yahoo cricket. Another cricket begins today.

Internet Marketing- News

internet marketing
The marketing the products through Internet has achieve a new trend. The mechanism of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, msn, etc. gives the good opportunity to market products and improve business through Internet. The sale of a product or a successful business deal is so common today. The business websites, blogs and social networks like facebook, twitter, myspace, orkut etc are successfully used for marketing the products, for getting new business deals, improving the networks etc. These trends are very much in news

The real estate fields, hospitality, travels and tours efficiently uses the available resources in Internet very successfully. The advertisement through web sites and search engines about hot products and highly competitive search engine marketing includes in this. The process starts with the keyword research using various keyword tools. Once appropriate keywords are found next is writing a content for blogs or for websites. Less competitive which has more demands in the search engines are selected mainly for search engine marketing. Experts in SEO works and content writing can create more visitors for the pages. The web site must be able to convert the visits to successful business deals. Article submission and building back links are very important in Internet marketing and search engine marketing.

Actor Venunagavalli Died - Regional News

Thiruvananthapuram: Latest News: Venu Nagavalli, the famous Malayalam film actor and director passed away at 1 am on Thursday morning at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. His son Vivek and wife Meera were with him in the hospital. Venu Nagavally was in treatment for some Liver deseases for a long lime. The dead body is now kept at his house at Kowdiar and will be bring to VJT hall for public after 12 noon. The funerials will be at 4 pm at Sandhi Kavadam, Thycaud.

Venu Nagavally was an excellent part of Malayalam film world. He started his career as announcer in All India Radio. Later he shifted to acting field. His first film was Ulkkadal. Salini Ente Koottukari, Chillu, Lekhayude Maranam Oru flashback, ente ammu ninte thulasi avarude chakki, devadas, minnaram, bhagyadevada were his famous films. His first direction was Sughamo Devi one of a super hit in 1986. The story of Sughamo Devi was also written by Mr. Nagavalli. Later he directed many super hits which includes Sarvakalasala, Kizhakkunarum Pakshi, Eay Otto, Lalsalam. The script of the every super duper film in Malayalam, Kilukkam was done by Venu Nagavalli.

Venu Nagavalli was a short spanned creative and committed personality of Malayalam films. His strong and feelful language, simple style of presentation made him a naturally and divinely bless artist. His contributions for the Malayalam film world were great.

Tamil Actor Murali Passed Away

tamil actor murali died
Famous Tamil Actor Murali known as "Iravu Sooryan" died of heart attack. Murali the pleasing actor had clear image in Kollywood film world. He was 46 year of old and and had acted over 100 films.

Murali was son of famous Kannada film Director Siddalingaiah  who made his debut in Tamil film in 1984 playing the lead role in Poovilangu, directed by Ameerjhan. Murali was more familiar actor  in Tamil film world during the 90s. Most of his moves were hits among the common people. His notable films include 'Idhayam', 'Pudu Vasantham', 'Porkalam' and 'Sundara Travels'. A song starts with Semanthi Pooveduthe Athil un mugham parthirathe.. was a super hit song in Tamil Nadu and even in Kerala. His latest film 'Kavasam' is slated for release this week, his relatives reported. Murali had worked for campaigning for the AIADMK in the year 2006 during assembly elections.

Chapels banned in Rahuls's programme

rahul news, chapel bannedLatest news, Nagpur: Chapels banned by the security agencies in the campus programme of Rahul Gandhi, General secretary, AICC. The new security measures are on the basis of continuous attacks on politicians with chapels recently. In the programme held in Deshmukh Agricultural University of Panchavravu of Akola in Maharashtra, the security officials of Rahul Gandhi did not allowed the persons came wearing chapels. Only those wearing shoes were allowed to the programme. 

Many of the students of the university participated in the debate with Rahul Gandhi reported that they were compelled to wear shoes first time in their life to meet and debate with Rahul Gandhi. At last to solve the issues some of the University authorities allowed some students to enter into the auditorium wearing chapels. Early before starting the debate programme there some conflict between students and security staff when they did not allowed the students came wearing chapels. News reports says that about 500 students of Deshmukh Agricultural University participated in debate with Rahul Gandhi for 75 minutes. The media persons were not allowed in the programme.

Rahul Addressed the first public rally in Kolkatha

Kolkatha News: Rahul Gandhi, the new generation leader of Indian national congress addressed the youth congress public rally in Kolkatha. The young handsome INC general secretary addressed the public rally in Kolkatha for youth congress membership drive. In Bidhan Bhavan, the congress youth wing office of Kolakatha Rahul Gandhi met the congress party's student youth wing. Rahul's presence and active participation in the congress membership drive can get a good percentage of impact in the coming election.

Stephen Hawking in News -The Grand Design

Stephen Hawking the world's most famous thoratical physicist of United Kingdom again in news with strong argument about creation of the universe. Hawking in his new book The Grand Design jointly written with US Physicist Leonard Mlodinow says that the Bing Bang is the real cause in the creation of the universe. He says that God is not the creator of the Universe. The lines specified in the book as 'Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist' bring out by the media eyes. The most accepted work of Mr. Hawking 'A Brief History of Time', - an account of the origins of the universe which specifically illustrates about black holes, cosmology and quantum gravity- was globally accepted by the eminent physicists. 

By the news arguments of Mr Hawking the theological thoughts were broken and it passes the meta physical stage now reached in the most modern thought. In his work 'A brief history of time, he said 'If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason - for then we should know the mind of God.

Iraq is independent : Obama

The American president Obama declared Iraq as an independent country. Obama said that Iraq is now an independent country and it their responsibility to keep their independence. Their main objective and aim must be the economic improvement of the country.

The American army leaving Iraq after a long time of 7 years. The Iraqi prime minister Noor-IL-Malakki said that Iraq will the an dependent sovereign country after the declaration of US president as independent.  The military forces camped in Northern Iraq camps have started moving with their weapons. One year before the USA have reduced the force strength to 50,000. According to the news reports, the remaining 6 military brigades will remain in Iraq for emergency advises and helps for Iraqi Government. America has offered all helps as follow up to the Iraq government. Obama said to media that America have fulfilled their promise as "Iraq for Iraq people" .

The fights between Shia and Sunni communities will be the most challenging threat to the Iraq Government.

Four companies will get 3G today

Government of India to sanction 3G license to four private mobile service providers. The News reports says that the Government of India earned more than 67,000 core rupees in 3G Auction from the private mobile service providers.

The Government will sanction the 3G spectrum to Bharati Airtel, Relianace Communications Ltd., Vodafone and TATA. The company authorities  reports to the news media that they will launch the 3G spectrum service in the year last after getting the sanction for 3G spectrum service. The mobile users are in the thrill to use the 3rd Generation mobile service facilities which include wide area voice telephone, mobile internet access, video calls and mobile TV through a mobile set device.