Nokia Launched Dual SIM Mobile

After a long tough competition from the companies like Micromax, Spice, Karbon and Sky, the most dominated mobile company, Nokia compelled to launch a Dual SIM mobile hand set. The main domination in Indian mobile market was by Nokia, Samsung and LG. The Nokia is currently lounching two models with duel SIM facility. Nokia Executive vice president of Mobile phones Mary Mc Dowell reported to the media that the company is trying to launch new hand sets with more features in an affordable price.

Reports says that the dual SIM mobile usage is highly increasing in India.

Maoists killed 10 cops in Bihar

Patna, Bihar:10 cops were killed by Maoists attack in Gohrahut Kanimoi village of Lakhi Sarai District in Bihar.10 police persons were killed in the attack and 10 were injured seriously. The attack held on Sunday morning and came in news on Monday. The attack continued for 6 hours. The police military force were searching for the hidden Maoists activists as got a secret information. The activists including many ladies were in military uniform. About 35 rifles were taken away by the Maoists from the police force. 
Five military persons were killed in the attack held at Chathisgarh on Sunday.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is considered as most ugly disease due to its problems forms in human body. One funny and important thing about the diabetes is that it is not a single disease. There will be hyper tension of high blood pressure and heart diseases. The diabetes is called as silent killer as the affected persons may die due to heart attacks with our more pains.

The diabetes treatments are various. As the disease starts due to some problems in cells of pancreas. Intake of insulin as tablets will be prescribed by the physicians. There must be strict food control to reduce the glucose level of blood. Studies have proved that the diabetes disease is passed ancestrally. Exercise and complete control in food items with glucose and starch are advised commonly. The Diabetes Treatment included injection of artificial insulin. As the affected persons will have high blood pressure, chronic heart diseases will follow. The most difficulty in diabetes treatment is the wounds will not burn timely. So heart surgery and other surgeries are very difficult one for the patients. The affected persons will have high sugar level in blood due to the insufficiency of insulin production.

National Topless Day - Newsvision

The hot topic in the internet currently is National Topless day. The stories regarding this hot topic are many more. Some persons may have viewpoint of simplicity. The ideology of free life nothing to hide. Some sort of philosophy that they are the most frank person. No nothing to hide including the nudity of own body. A broad mind or an extreme position of social thoughts. The philosophical thinking came out from their broad mind.

In another ways the National topless day can be said as a disorder caused by to individuals who have a mental feel of exhibitionism. The relevance of nudity is very low in most socialized communities. The ideological social thoughts of some ancient philosophers and some kind of religious groups follows such mode of behaviors. In Jainism group known as "Digambaras"  (followers of Jain who do not wear cloths)

Observe Indian independance day

The August 15 the celebrating and observing the independance day of the great India. The messages will be given by the great personalities through various meda. The schools and colleges will be observing the independance day with various programmes. The functions will be colourful with the great patriotic songs. Most of the programs and functions will include singing of national song Vande Matharam, composed an Bankim Chandra Chatterjee The national flag will be hosted in every important places. The programs will include patriotic song competitions , seminars about Indian independance and awareness programmes to observe the day of freedom in a great manner. The functions will be included with distribution of sweets, visits of freedom fighters, and important noonents and other places related to freedom fight. The programmes and speech of important personalities will be ended with the national song Jana Gana Mana composed by Ravindra Natha Tagore.

Yes Hopa Rocks...

Hopa Rocks with the white board. The simple white board writings teaches the 100 of lessons simply. The remarkable advices in the form of white board, Hopa is well. Very nicely the lady explains well with the white board. It teaches not only the lessons of patience, but also says about the freedom we got when we works with self employment. There was a saying " No body wants freedom, everybody want only security". Now the white board of Hopa says the freedom is the best one than security. Here Jenny the dry-erase Hopa teach everybody soundlessly.

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