Parliament block for Anna's August 16 fast

Anna Hazare will not be able to move ahead with his proposed fast against corruption at Jantar Mantar from August 16th as prohibitory orders will be in force as the parliament will be in session. Section 144  will be imposed in and around the Parliament during the monsoon session of the House.

Delhi police has also raised its objections over Anna Hazare's indefinite fast as that would amount to suicide.

Sources revealed that the Delhi police officials are in talk with civil society members and  have advised them to undertake the fast at either Burari Ground or Ajmal Khan Park.

Hazare, who had undertaken a fast against corruption and strong legislation to deal with the menace, had declared on Thursday that he would undertake fast at the same venue.

Hazare is likely to procure a court order seeking permission to go ahead with his fast.

The anti-corruption Lokpal bill which was approved by the Union Cabinet on Thursday, will be tabled in Parliament on August 3.

Hazare and his team mates have called Lokpal Bill as a joke on the country and claimed that the legislation will not be able to tackle the menace of corruption.

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