Obama unveils 33 billion job opportunities

Obama unveils 33 billion job opportunities

19 killed in Heavy fighting at Somalian Capital

It is reported that heavy fighting is continuing at Somalian Capital : 19 killed and several injured

MOGADISHU, Somalia — The heaviest fighting held in the capital in months Friday 29.1.2020, By launching simultaneous attacks on government forces and peacekeepers that killed at more than 15 people, one of an official said.

A spokesman related Islamic insurgency reported that the attacks on multiple government bases and African Union peacekeeping troops were a response to a plan for peacekeepers and the government to wrest back control of Mogadishu.

62 Death Anniversary Mahathma Gandhiji

62 Death Anniversary of Mahathama Gandhiji is being observed

Australia Beats Pakisthan

In ICC under 19 world cup final Australia beat Pakisthan by 25 runs and become the under 19 world cup champions

Federer to face Andy Murray

Australian Open Tennins:

Federer to face Andy Murray

3 Americans killed in East Afganistan

3 Americans killed in East Afganistan by an attack by Taliban

Australia win ICC under -19 world cup

Australia wins the World cup Under 19 cricket tournament

Biggest Brightful moon of 2010

Biggest Brightful moon of 2010 can be seen today. The amazing beauty of moon can be viewed today night.

Began to earn at Home

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Earn while you study

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Earthquake in California

Earthquake in California buildings sway

Twist in Ruchika case

Veena interrogated by SIT probing Ruchika Girhothra case

Veena to SIT : married SIT Girhothra in 1990 and separated in 1995

SC Girhothra had said that he never marred veena

Sheikh Hasina came to India

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina begins her 3 days visit to India.

Bail Denied for Rathore

SPS Rathore's application for anticipatory bail denied by the Session Court

In Ruchika case as SPS Rathore's anticipatory bail application rejected by session court he will again apply for bail

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Tharoor loses cool

Sashi Tharoor guns for the media.

Congress sources said that SM Krishna to tackle Tharoor over remarks

I demand a correction - Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor, The Union Minister for External Affairs said that he was misquoted by the media. Tharoor loses cool at media. First Tharoor takes on Nehru now media. Tharoor disowns what he said. Remorseless Shashi Tharoor shifts onus.

Congress will take action soon

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Tharoor Demands Apology

Shashi Tharoor, Union Minister for External affairs demanded Apology. He said that he was misquoted by the media about his comments about Nehru.

Gajendra arrested

Gajendra was arrested in Ruchika Case

Live cricket on DD and Neo sports

Todays match Sri Lanka X India is live in Dooraresan National and Neo Sports

click here for Score card

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5 Wickets lost to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka lost 5 wickets for just 70 runs in 16 overs
Sandip Thyagi got 1 wickets

Srisanth got 1 wickets

and Zaheer Khan got 2 wickets

Kandamby run out by Dinesh Karthik

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Sri Lanka loss 5 Wickets

In the One Day International Match against India Sri Lanka lost 5 wickets

Sri Lanka scored just 70 runs in 1n 16 overs and loose 5 wickets

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Sree Lanka Wins Toss

In the one day match with India Sri Lanka Wins toss and elected to bat first

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One arrest in Ruchika Case

Police arrested one person in Ruchika Case

Jyoti Basu Health improved

CPM leader Jyoti Basu's Health condition improved marginally. Doctor said that Central Nervous system is slightly in problem. His Thorasic Vascular system is responding to the medicines. He is continuing with partial ventilator support

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MEA Calls applications for Kashmr Tour

MEA Calls applications for Kashmir/ Manasarovar Tour

Marathon Torch reached Mumbai

Marathon Torch reached Mumbai

Bomb Blast in Athens

A bomb blast took place in Athens, Greek, no reports as injury. Government suspects internal militants


Sheike Hasina will reach Delhi today. Shake Hazeena visit India for 3 days



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I WAS MISQUATED- Shasi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor, Union Minister of External affairs said that he was misquated. He demands for correction. He said that it was a inaccurate reporting.

He says that Media misquated him on Nehru. Shasi Taharoor denied Nehru Comment

Congress may take action soon


In Ruchika Media brings more national attention as the crime is done by the VVIP of the Hariyana State. The importance of the twists in the Ruchika case invites the attention of public all over the country as the crime is done by the former DGP, SPS Rathore. He is being well protected by the cheap political plays. More political games should not be played in this case as it is main cover story in every News Channels and News papers. The recent involvement of High court by issuing notices regarding the case, are by the support by the Media. As Hariyana Government has not been seriously involved for the justice of Ruchika case, attention of higher political leadership and notice issued by High Court of Panjab and Hariyana is the latest movement.

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Abha Rathore said in the court today that SPS Rathore has been falsely implicated. Abha Rathore also said that FIR is not legal.

Fresh FIR has been registered due to media hype.

Interim Bail to SPS Rathore in Ruchika Rape case ends today.

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Interim Bail of Ruchika’s molester SPS Rathor’s ends

Hariana Government will oppose Rathor’s bail

Hariyana Government not to seek custodial interrogation of SPS Rathore

Abha Rathore in Court

Abha Rathore said in court today that there is no evidence to prove Asha Girhotra was tortured.

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In the 2 days lasting gun battle in Srinagar, 2 killed and 10 persons injured.

The Jamiat-Ul- Mujahiddin Claims the responsibility of the suicide attack.

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Terror siege at a hotel in Lal Chowk, Srinagar since last afternoon. It is almost more than a day the Gun battle is being going on.

The terrorist uses AK 47 rifles in attack and using grenades occasionally. According to the situations and military intelligent, the terrorist involved in the Srinagar attack is well trained as they are using the weapons very carefully and cleverly.

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2 Cops kills, 1 civilian killed. 10 injured

Gunbattle for more than 20 hours

2 terrorists hold upside in a hotel of Srinager

Security forces rescued 10 people from the hotel and people from the nearby buildings

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